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Fiverr Like App Development

Build your Fiverr clone application with us!

Offering innovative and robust freelancing app solutions for iOS and Android platforms.

Our Fiverr Clone App

Being the leading freelance marketplace app development agency, our experts curate premium freelance marketplace for you, with the following benefits.

  • Encourage a massive audience to join your community, and offer valuable freelance services. 
  • Drive profitability by bridging the skill shortage gap for the buyers.
  • Excite users with multilingual support and multiple payment integrations. 
  • Attract more audiences by hosting offers and additional perks from time to time.
Fiverr Clone App

Solution Offered

Turnkey Solution

Our experts understand your objectives closely and design the best tailor-made app experience for you. Resonate with your industry and user expectations, and turn all your ideas into reality with our proficient team.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Monitor the app's performance and metrics from a single place through our interactive dashboards. We integrate admin-level dashboards in all our Fiverr-like app solutions for a better admin experience.

Scalable Product

Our scalable offerings stand firm in the rapidly changing landscape. We keep integrating next-gen features in your freelance marketplace app, edging your business digitally.


Our Fiverr-like app development services are feature-rich yet cost-effecting. Let’s develop the advanced freelancing app by collaborating with our workforce.

Native Mobile Apps

We design separate marketplace apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Such distinct applications work better on smartphones, offering a world-class experience to all users.

Whitelabel Solution

Our team provides you with the finest freelance apps, comprising your business name, logo, and other identifiable entities at all places within the app.

Features Include

Trust, Safety & Security

From payments to user privacy, practicing a safe community is our priority. We keep supporting your app with the latest security patches from time to time, robustifying the app further.

Easy to Use

We assure you that both buyers and sellers can use your app comfortably. With interactive features and dashboards, even the admins will find using the app super easy.

Find Job

Sellers can meet with the best recruits across the globe, and get premium gigs easily using your app.

Multiple Language

Our app allows you to target all users from different parts of the world with multilingual support and local payment gateways.

OTP Verification

The users should register themselves to use your freelance marketplace app. Right after registration, they need to confirm their authenticity through OTP verification.

Out Office Mode

Our app lets the sellers in your freelance community switch to the 'out office mode' when they aren't open to work. Also if they have multiple projects in the queue already, they can turn the mode on and restrict incoming projects.

What We Offer in Fiverr Like App

Mobile App
Our experts edge your company with robust and scalable solutions that work on all mobile platforms effortlessly.
Web App
Engage more audience and impress them with mind-boggling and feature-enriched websites for your freelance marketplace business, developed by our team.
Admin Dashboard
We provide the admin with the most comprehensive and interactive dashboards in our application. Invigilate app working and supervise the operations using dashboard buttons directly.
100% Customizable
We integrate preferable changes in our default Fiverr-like app solution to meet your expectations fully. Our 100% customizable solution remains open to anytime tweaking and upscaling based on your requirements.
Shagheel Options
We integrate multiple payment options for your app users to process hassle-free transactions. Establish supremacy in the industry by allowing cards, net banking, and other Shagheel gateways for your users.

Freelancer/Seller Application Flow


Splash Screen

We know that the first impression is the last impression for your users. Our developers integrate creative and impressive splash screens right when the freelance marketplace app opens.



Users can begin their freelance journey by registering themselves with the app. Our app solutions acknowledge their efforts and send them a congratulations message even.



Users can log into your app with LinkedIn ID, email address, and phone numbers. After initiating the login process, they are asked to verify the OTP received via email or SMS.



At the very beginning, all users should set up their profile to fully use the application. From personal information to services offered, they should feed in everything on the profile setting page.



Our app allows your users to set the parameters according to their convenience. From notifications to languages, users can adjust each feature to their liking.


Choose Option

Once the users get into the marketplace, the Fiverr clone app will ask them to choose from two given options - Seller and Buyer. A freelancer will go with the Seller option while the recruiters will choose the other one.



Our team does everything to enhance the payment processing experience for all your users. Freelancers can receive transactions directly into their connected bank accounts through the app.



Our developers make searching gigs easier for your users in the app. Buyers can choose from a gamut of freelance categories and pick a suitable one according to their objectives.



We design the homepage of your app in such a way that all relevant gigs appear right in front of the user. Furthermore, we integrate convenient options like sorting and filtering in the homepage itself.

Recruiter/Buyer App Flow


Splash Screen

Attractive yet engaging splash screen in our Fiverr-like application.



Users can register as a ‘Recruiter’ with social media links.


Recruiter Profile

Add personal details such as name, company logo, or contact details.


Accurate Filters & Search

The recruiter can filter freelancers by job title, experience, location & skills.


Easy Job Posting

Project or task description, responsibilities, requirements, complexity level, deadline.


Instant Chat Option

Seamless communication between recruiters and freelancers to make the process easier.


Interactive Reporting

Allow recruiters to check reports: work progress bar, time, transaction details.


Review & Ratings

Recruiters can easily put their experience with freelancers as ratings & reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Fiverr app work?

    Fiverr working scheme revolves around buyers and sellers. Sellers are freelancers, selling any freelance service like content writing, graphic designing, and videography. On the other hand, buyers are the freelancers’ clients who wish to avail their freelance services.

  • Is the code customizable?

    Yes, code is open source and allows designing a wide range of customizable solutions.

  • Will I get the app according to my requirements?

    Our team realizes all your requirements initially and curates the best freelance app covering all your targets.

  • Will I get post-developmental support?

    Support and maintenance are the primary goals for our company. Our experts will assist you in troubleshooting all your app issues even after the delivery.

  • Does your app offer multilingual support?

    Our Fiverr-like app solutions can switch between multiple languages, and comprise several local payment options to facilitate all users belonging to diverse geographies.

  • Where can I go for more information about Fiverr like app development?

    To know more about our Fiverr like app development services and to hire dedicated app developers, contact us at admin@auxanoglobalservices.com or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.


The above page is written for informational & reference purpose. We do not intend to infringe any copyright policy or do not possess any third-party material.

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