With the increase in the trend of the technology healthcare industry is also speeding up to adopt these latest trending technologies. Immersive technologies such as AR, VR, Blockchain,  IoT, etc. are providing a new direction to the medical field.

Are you sick? Going to visit a doctor or to a hospital. These are old school ideas.

We are in a fully technological era now. The gap is just that we are not aware of the facilities and technologies which are already in use for our ease.

Yes, there are various revolutionizing technologies and healthcare software solutions available that brought a major change in our healthcare industry and took it to a whole new level.

let’s have a glance at the unprecedented trending technologies that will improve your perspective and experience in the medical field.

Bringing Virtuality into life: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Technology is changing the way we do everything. Be it booking a cab, able to do video call anywhere in the world, or dating as well. These are a few fine examples of how we are adopting the technologies. Augmented reality and virtual reality are also transforming the old practices of the medical field.

Now you can visually see every single bone of your body without operating through virtual reality and can feel them through augmented reality.

There are many beneficial usages of both these technologies in the healthcare industry such as:

  •  Medical Learning
  •  Remote Surgery
  •  Pain Management
  •  Psychiatric Disorders
  •  Diseases Detection

Let’s dive into the live examples of VR and AR in the healthcare industry:

Get your Personal healthcare assistant: Artificial Intelligence

Have you watched Avengers? I bet you loved Iron Man. What if you also have an assistant just like Jarvis. I know what you are thinking and the answer is yes you can also have an AI assistant now.  Jarvis is termed as just a rather very intelligent system which is shown as the finest example of AI.

AI is becoming the nervous system of the healthcare industry. The adoption of AI in healthcare is on the rise and solving problems of patients, hospitals and the overall medical industry. AI and the intelligent system is a game-changer for health in healthcare management.

Applications of AI

  •  Managing Medical Records and Data
  •  Treatment Designs
  •  Healthcare assistant
  •  Digital Nurses
  •  Medication Management

The live example will give you a more lifelike experience:

Wear it and Gear Up: Wearable Devices

By connecting human senses to sensors wearable technology has made a quantum leap and unlocked a number of opportunities in healthcare. It continuously monitors heart rate, respiratory rate, energy expenditure, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc. and if any of these is not measured as normal it also warns you.

The technology of wearable devices reduced the need for physically visiting doctors for common diagnostic procedures. These devices are helping in the healthcare industry as:

  •  Health Monitoring
  •  Disease Management
  •  Clinical and Biomedical uses
  •  Rehabilitation

The popular wearable devices which are in trend nowadays are JawBone UP, Samsung Gear 2, Fitbit Flex, NuMetrex Fabric Chest Strap, Google Glass, etc.

Connecting Everything: Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT holds the unparalleled potential to transform the healthcare industry.   

In research, it is found that 87% of organizations will adopt IoT in the medical industry. Apps that can measure pulse rate, blood pressure, mobile blood glucose tracking devices at home all are Perfect examples of IoT. IoT interconnects the resources to provide reliable, effective and smart healthcare services to the patients. You can also opt for a top mobile app development company to create your own healthcare app now.

This doesn’t end here as a result of IoT hospitals introduced smart beds that can sense when the patient wants to get up and it also supports the patient in his desired position.

Interconnected health devices add multiple dimensions to the monitoring capabilities of patient’s conditions. Machines don’t forget to check for the factors that may slip from a doctor’s and patient’s mind.

Overcoming Distance Barriers: Telemedicine

What if your doctor is not available for 7 days and you are unable to reach any other doctor? Then telemedicine is the right choice for you. It will provide you primary care. Telemedicine is transforming our healthcare system by providing initial care doctors and specialists, by reducing costs and by improving health outcomes.

Now doctors are no longer confined by the borders of their cities or towns.

In the medical scenarios, it becomes an asset in treating a patient who lives in a remote area, not able to visit clinics or hospitals. In our complicated healthcare system, this definitely seems like the start of the significant transformation.

The statistic displays the forecasted growth of the total number of telehealth patients worldwide from 2013 to 2018. The source prophesies the number of telehealth patients to rise to around seven million by 2018.

Secure your Medical Records: Blockchain

We’ve all heard about blockchain, which underpins the most hyped cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Blockchain can be defined as ‘ a public ledger or also known as distributed database’ records data and transactions in a distributed manner.

Blockchain has the power to revive the healthcare industry by reorganizing operations, generating new business models and integrating patients’ medical records.

There are many cases in the medical records which show the deaths of patients due to medical errors. The blockchain technology provides instant and complete access to a patient’s medical records which can reduce medical errors. Blockchain promises security, trust, traceability, and control.

This statistic represents the predicted distribution of healthcare blockchain adoption across healthcare applications worldwide, in 2017, 2020, and 2025. It is estimated that 55% of healthcare applications will have adopted blockchain for commercial deployment by 2025.

Does Trending Technology Have The Potential To Transform Healthcare Industry


Now you can treat yourself in a go. You can know about your disease in detail, can interact with a doctor without physically visiting and many more.

We have all these technologies present in our healthcare industry. Time changes and so is our health industry is changing.

From surgical robots to smart hospitals the technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. These are a few examples of how the trending technologies that transformed healthcare management.

Does Trending Technology Have The Potential To Transform Healthcare Industry

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