Education is a never-ending industry which is now on top because of the technology. These days possibly everyone is using their smartphone to gain knowledge and to study anytime. The education market has become very popular for tech innovations and a significant niche for businesses. A lot of big companies are investing in the education and e-learning industry.

As per the report by Technavio, the education market size is expected to grow by over $46 billion during 2020-2024.

The first way apps find their way to teach the children through the games, and it worked great. The gamification trend in education introduced foreign learning apps and projects related to programming and digital education.

So if you want to jump into this vast and never-ending industry, you will require to create an education app. In this guide, we will talk about the type of apps you can go for, what do you need to build an app, and how much does it cost.

Types of Educational Apps

Before concluding anything, you may first decide what kind of educational app you want to create. There are two types of apps one is for students, and one is for teachers. So let’s discuss in-depth what kind of you will need and subtypes of the apps.

Educational Apps For Teachers

Grab Current Market Opportunity By creating An Educational App

Educational apps for teachers are not that different from the learner’s app. But these apps make the teaching process more convenient. A bunch of apps can be used to track students’ progress and share grades with parents to keep them posted. Also, there are educational apps for teachers to schedule classes.

Teach with gaming fun

These education apps make learning fun and exciting. Usually, the teacher uses these types of apps to make learning easy. There are various games available on stores where questions are represented as a game, and you have to find the answers. Monster Math game is on the same basis where mathematics is taught through cool game riddles.

Progress Tracking App

You can go for an app that monitors student progress and shares their progress report with parents. These apps help parents to understand their child’s progress and achievements. Also, here, students can share their significant works. You can include the features of notes and attendance also in this kind of app.

App for learning material

You can also go for cloud-based platforms that allow sharing learning materials for students. This kind of app is an excellent solution for both learners and tutors. Google also has created an educational app Google Classroom. This app enables working with Google Documents, making a copy for each learner, and creating folders on Google Drive.

Educational Apps For Students

Grab Current Market Opportunity By creating An Educational App

When we talk about educational app development, we think about learning apps for students that serve various purposes. And nowadays, kids and adults accept these apps wholeheartedly because they make learning fun.

Let’s take you through a few types of learning apps for students.

Specific subject or language learning Apps

These apps are created to help students learn a particular subject or new language at a time. These are apps that offer driving lessons, teach you to write code, learn a new language, and excel in mastering a single musical instrument. This category accounts to be a top-rated educational app.

Apps for kids to help in their development

Nowadays, kids learn using gadgets at an early stage. Hence, some skills can be learned with the help of these apps. Educational apps for kids are very important as they help them learn things that they haven’t got the chance to learn and make the learning fun.

Apps that offer reference materials

These apps include dictionary apps, encyclopedia, a catalog of documents, or audio or video lessons on a specific topic or from a number of topics.

Online course apps

An app like Udemy, Coursera, and Linda offers online courses with a full set of features and enables students by providing lectures by renowned specialists, graded homework assignments, feedback on the assigned work, certifications, etc. The difference is that the student chooses the time, course, topics as well as the tutors. These apps have become very popular in the current era.

Exam Preparation Apps

A few apps are solely designed to help you focus and cover your exam syllabus to get you good grades and to help you push in the learning. Such apps that help learners for preparing the SAT and for TOEFL etc. These apps help you clear competition exams by providing needed support and learning materials on a single platform.

Apps for kids

If you are creating an educational app, you need to provide a solution for kids. Kids love playing games on smartphones and tablets; this is an opportunity that you can utilize by making a game app that helps them in learning and makes games useful. Through these apps, kids can learn how to read, write, or count with apps’ help.

Must-Have Features For Education Apps

Features For Education Apps for Teacher

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Features For Education Apps for Student

Grab Current Market Opportunity By creating An Educational App

Required Team For Educational App Development

If you want to create an educational app for both iOS and Android, you would need a mobile app development team. To build your education app, you would need these specialists:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • 1 or 2 Android developers
  • 1 or 2 iOS developers
  • 1 or 2 Flutter developers (If you want to develop an app in Flutter)
  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers
  • QA engineer

There are two ways you can do it either by hiring a reliable mobile app development company to outsource the project or by hiring an in-house team. When you hire an in-house team, your expenses can go even higher than the overall development because of the office rent, equipment for them (Hardware & Software), and training. On the other hand, mobile app developers from outsourcing destinations like India offer affordable rates while delivering a high-quality product. Hence, it would be better to hire mobile app developers from a region where the charges are affordable.

How much does it cost to make an educational app?

The cost of mobile app development can vary based on various reasons. In the case of the educational app, the most critical thing is time and cost for features.

Time Taken For Educational App Development

Let’s figure out the time to develop the MVP features first. So let’s find out the time developers need to build each feature for iOS, Android, and web. In this, we have also included the Flutter estimation to give you an overview.

Time to develop MVP features of an educational app for student:

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Now let’s figure out the time to develop crucial features for the teacher’s side of educational app:

Grab Current Market Opportunity By creating An Educational App

Besides these features to make your app stand out in the crowd, you can also include below advanced features into your app.

Grab Current Market Opportunity By creating An Educational App

Now, as per the timing that we figure out the cost factor depends on the region you choose for mobile development. We recommend you hire a top mobile app development company in India because you get experienced developers at affordable prices in that region.

To have a further discussion or to discuss the scope of the project, you can contact experts of Auxano Global Services, the best mobile app development service provider in India that helped fortune 500 clients to thrive in their business.

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