If you’re reading this blog means currently you’re using WordPress.com and have plans to migrate your blog to WordPress.org.

Everything would have been fine till now but now it’s the time to go extra mile i.e beyond WordPress.com. You want to enhance your site by installing a new attractive theme and feature-rich plugins to beat your competitors and avail monetary benefits.

Before exploring the entire migration process let us make ourselves familiar with the prime differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

There are many limitations in terms of features especially in WordPress.com compared to WordPress.org. Technically speaking they both are altogether different web application development platform.

Newbies are usually baffled when it comes to making a choice between the two. Users usually question which one tends to be best, to briefly answer this question we have represented the differences in a well-structured tabular format.


From the above comparison, you would have come to know that WordPress.org is highly feature-rich compared to WordPress.com. Many existing users are absolutely unaware of these differences and when they are enlightened about its features they plan to switch to WordPress.org.

Here is the elaboration of everything you need to know to move your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. With this step by step procedure, you would be able to transfer the entire content along with the images too.

Before you start the transfer process, acquire a good domain name and an experienced web hosting company who are well-aware about all the nitty-gritty of WordPress.

Step 1: Exporting Data from WordPress.com


Export data from WordPress Step1


Export data from WordPress Step 2


Export data from WordPress Step 3


Export data from WordPress Step 4

Enter the valid login credentials in your WordPress.com account and navigate to the Dashboard section of the blog. Now click on Tools -> Export from where you would be redirected to Free or Guided transfer.

Now choose the Free option, after that a pop-up would display stating which data you want to export. Here select the “All Content” and then click the Download Export file button.

This will initiate the download of an XML file containing all the multimedia components like images, music files along with the content which includes web pages, comments posted by the user, product/service categories, menu, and other useful information.

Step 2: Setup the WordPress

The entire process of exporting data from WordPress.org is over hence the next procedure is to install WordPress. WordPress installation process comprises of few easy steps involving couple mouse clicks. Once the installation process is successfully done, the next

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step is to import the content into your new WordPress website.

Step 3: Procedure to import content into WordPress website

Here is the step by step procedure to import your entire content from WordPress.com to your website WordPress.org.

Click on Tools -> Import -> WordPress

Now you will receive a prompt stating you to install the WordPress Importer Plugin. Once the plugin is successfully installed run it. Now a screen will be displayed with the message telling you to upload your WordPress.com XML file.

If the file size of your XML file is greater than 2MB then you need to consult your hosting company to increase the limit. The other viable option is to split the single file into two parts.

Step 4: Import the list of blogs


Import data to WordPress Step 1


Import data to WordPress Step 2


Import data to WordPress Step 3


Import data to WordPress Step 4


Import data to WordPress Step 5


Import data to WordPress Step 6

.OPML ( Outline Processor Markup Language one of the .XML format ) format in which all

the links of the blogs are exported. The location path of the OPML file in your WordPress.com would be something like http://www.demo.com/qp-links-opml.php. The OPML file will be displayed in the browser window and then save it your local computer. Now import the file to your WordPress.

Now click on Tools -> Import -> Blogroll to initiate the installation process of the OPML importer. During the installation process, you will be asked to upload the OPML file that you have saved before. This will import all your links and sub-links categories stored in your OPML file and the progress bar will be displayed along.


The above steps will help you to successfully migrate your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. There are myriad benefits of converting your blog site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org which includes a facility to use a custom domain name, access to various attractive themes, able to install third-party plugins, run your own advertising campaign, set up a web store and many more to count.

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