Every industry has experienced the importance of mobile solutions in streamlining their business processes. This scenario has proved to be advantageous for the health-care industry too.

The rising medical requirement has forced the entire health-care domain to get its process mobilized. Years before, the prime focus of the health care sector was to manufacture high-end medical equipment for hospitals and doctors.

Now, this trend has almost taken the new face, wherein medical organizations are switching to the development of customized feature-rich mobile apps which are simple to use. The main objective of the development of healthcare apps is to reduce medical expense and deliver real-time medical services to patients.

Let’s explore how integrating mobile solution in the healthcare industry helps to serve the patients better.

Paperless Management of Patients Health Record

Looking for a particular record of a patient from a bunch of files is a very time-consuming task and a delay in that can prove hazardous for the patient, in case of a medical emergency. Here the need to store the patient’s health record in digital format arises.

Blood count report, past consultation, prescribed medicines, and many other details when stored in the hospital’s central computing system, facilitates doctors to anytime access the record on a real-time basis.

Quicker access to patient’s medical record proves advantageous in times of emergency consultations. Not only access, even the process to modify the record of the patient is simplified.

Research conducted by the World Health Organisation revealed that digitization of health record has declined the death rate by 20%. Maintenance of this record is successfully accomplished through the usage of medical health record software or electronic medical record software.

Digitally Managing OPD and IPD

Mobility in healthcare solution simplifies the record maintenance of OPD ( Out-patient clinic) and IPD ( In-patient clinic). Multiplicity Hospitals are implementing electronic medical health record software for easy analysis of a patient’s past and present health record, in order to diagnose the exact underlying illness.

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Medical apps help patient to gauge their blood pressure, diabetes/sugar level in the blood and many more within a fraction of a second.

Health care mobility software has proved to reduce the overhead cost by eliminating the mere and unnecessary procedures involved. Certain medical calculator apps help the doctor to determine the involved risk level through the input of certain defined medical parameters.

The Simplified Duty Allocation Process

The care of a single patient is taken by a doctor, nurses, and compounders and each of them has been allocated tons of routine task to be performed. In times of emergency, the operational duties are interchanged among the co-workers, in such cases, a real-time system comes to rescue.

The task becomes tedious when you’re supposed to search an appropriate or relevant health record from a pile of files. Hence, adding a data recorder simplifies the management of past record history. Of course, this will simplify the task of a doctor as well.

Easing The Consultation Process

There are various wards in the hospital like an emergency ward, operation theater, clinics, medicine dispensary unit, all of which need to be mutually interconnected. Many mobile application development companies are building medical apps that strengthen inter-communication among the different wards of the hospital.

Time is consumed more while transferring the physical report of the patient from the laboratory to doctor, in such cases digitization seems to be fruitful. This reduces the time period taken by medical assistant personnel in order to speed up their decision in cases of emergency.

Hospital Locator

Incorporating a GPS ( Global Positioning System ) in healthcare apps helps patients to easily locate the nearby hospital and blood bank in case of a medical emergency or at the time of the accident.



Development of medical apps has revolutionized the entire healthcare industry and has altogether transformed the way patients are treated. Apps have resolved many technical challenges that health care industry used to face a decade before from now. Many multi-specialty hospitals have experienced a surplus amount of profit by mobilizing their business processes.

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