The number of transactions conducted through mobile devices is increasing day-by-day, with the sole purpose to deliver quality customer service.

Organizations who have embraced mobile devices to simplify and speed-up their business transactions have noticed a surge in their annual ROI (Return on Investment). In this digital world, where competition is at its summit, the deliverance of next-level customer solutions becomes highly imperative. Customers love the services which are based on next-generation technology, which in turn consolidates the relationship between customer and enterprise.

The e-commerce industry is flourishing at a fast pace which has dragged the attention of customers from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping. Customers have switched themselves to online payment services wherein memorization of banking credentials like username/password, credit/debit card number, etc becomes mandatory, in order to conclude the online transaction.

Memorizing all this confidential information is really tough and unlovable, by customers. Considering this situation, various mobile app development company have initiated their endeavor towards mobile wallet application development.

A mobile wallet is used to store the details about multiple credit cards and confidential credentials related to a customer’s bank account. It is also termed as e-wallet, digital wallet or m-wallet.

The aim of the introduction of a mobile wallet in the market is to ease the online goods purchasing process. It eradicates the hurdle of typing the sensitive financial credential thereby speeding up the live payment process.

Now, you would have recognized that a mobile wallet app is not less than a safe locker. Hence, its development process should constitute various trendy technical and security parameters, in a steadfast manner.

Here we populate the list of considerations to be kept in mind while building a perfect mobile wallet app.


Mobile wallet is a storehouse of highly confidential and sensitive financial data which includes internet banking username/password, credit card number/password, digital currency, etc.

Hence, it is the core responsibility of the developers to implement and integrate stringent security parameters in the source code of the application. Among all those security parameters, encryption comes at the top of the list.

Encryption is the process to convert the human readable data into an unreadable format. Other security parameters include authorization, automatic check-out, session expiration/time-out, etc.

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Inclusion of a Reward/Loyalty Point Scheme

The most efficient methodology to retain existing customers is to periodically add reward points into their account.

Reward points can be redeemed for gift vouchers or gifts. Customers remain stuck to apps which include such reward functionality. Apps which lack reward-related feature is immediately discarded by customers from their device.

Customers should be provided with the facility to view the collection of their reward points with the facility to redeem it, as an when they want. Also, during the development, you need to keep in mind the target audience and their purchase behavior.

Auto Digital Invoice Generation

Whenever the user goes for a transaction, they should be ensured whether the transaction has successfully executed or not. Digital invoice is the only solution to it. Every transaction should generate a digital invoice, irrespective of the number of a transaction taking place. The app should be able to automatically forward this digital invoice to the customer’s registered email address.


The notification feature in the app, helps customers to periodically receive promotional content. This promotional offer can be delivered to the customers even when there is an absence of internet connectivity. This is one of the biggest advantages of notification feature and the only medium to keep the customers engaged forever.

Advantages of mWallet App

  • Online payment flexibility

  • Round-the-clock accessibility

  • Minimum transaction turn-around-time

  • Extensive discount and bonus option

  • Three-tier security

  • Function able on multiple mobile platforms

  • Support for a wide range of payment tools



Mobile wallets have become an indispensable asset of any organization. The development of an m-wallet application is escalating upwards day-by-day, as digital and e-commerce technology has become the driving force behind the enlistment of the global economy. The success of any m-wallet app absolutely depends upon the number of trendy technological and m-commerce features incorporated into it. Integrating your app with third-party e-wallet API like Google Wallet, Apple Pay and MasterPass increase the efficiency of the app.


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