Everyone likes having options, but too many options can lead to confusion.

Can cause stress too!!

Yeah!! What you do when you have too many options??

I just go with the comparison, it makes me choose what I exactly want.


So fellas today I am here to help you in the most crucial decision of choosing accurate CMS (Content Management System) Platform.

Picking the best CMS platform is the most significant task of building a website and I know how much it can affect your website. I can feel you guys.

The key piece of the Business Puzzle is the right Content Management System. Writing long HTML code gone and makes lives easier for a developer. It’s the era of dynamic sites which makes your website more appealing and customer-centric and that what a business demands.

The key features of CMS are the excellent tools for indexing, searching and retrieving the info as well. In the laymen terms, it makes it easy for the end-users to search for and find the content they are looking for.

It enables you to update and edit your content even after publishing. The templates that are available also assists you in creating the exact look and feel of your website.

So dive into the detail CMS comparison.

Magento – Unleashing Your Superpower

Magento – Unleashing Your Superpower

Magento technology proffers amazing functionalities that help the developers in making a perfect store for the clients. Magento is fully armed with tools which resolve all the problems of eCommerce such as online transactions, showcasing the products, etc.

Magento is the most versatile e-commerce platform fully armed with features that combine the MYSQL database and PHP script. It enables a lot of functionalities that help the developers build the best eCommerce website design for their customers.

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It powers the developers and merchants to create a site that provides a spectacular shopping experience.

It adds the wings to your business by providing responsiveness and enables mobile support. It not only helps you heightening your business but also raise the traffic with inbuilt SEO tools. It gives you an advantage of custom CMS development.

This platform is completely scalable. If we talk about the designs, it caters the customer requirements in a very efficient way. A jewel in the crown is that it also gives you a broad range of payment options.

Since it’s both charismatic and simple to use, it is suitable for marketing organizations and the clients they serve.

Drupal – Dragon is on Fire

Drupal – Dragon is on Fire

Want an ambitious digital experience that reaches directly to your audience across various channels?

I know everyone wants this and Drupal is one of the best CMS for websites. Drupal has a vast range of plugins and popular with enterprise-level websites.

Originally Drupal was developed as a student community solution but this platform is now available as a fully-fledged open source CMS.

We all have different needs for our businesses, Drupal enables you to create a unique space in a world of a cookie-cutter solution.

This platform offers wide opportunities for customization with its modular layout. The central application of Drupal is the layout of social publishing and community platforms.

The CMS Drupal claims a modular, flexible system for highly-dynamic platforms based on customer-generated content.

This is also the most technically advanced CMS of the pack. However, like the other candidates, its central technology is PHP and it is also an open-source and community-run software project.

Drupal was mainly made for fast performance. As a result, it is less hardware hungry than its rivals which is great news.

It comes with the sheerest learning curve and needs the most knowledge.

Joomla – Hidden Sword of Website Creators

Joomla – Hidden Sword of Website Creators

Introducing the Runner-up of the race- Joomla.


It’s the second most popular CMS platform on the web. The software is aimed at taking care of both beginners as well as advanced users, but it is more complicated than WordPress.

A bonus for non-experts without a professional IT background is the good documentation in the form of community-supported online handbooks as well as active user forums.

It has templates, features extensions, and a vibrant development community.

The quality that sets apart Joomla from other CMS platforms is its high-level security features. This is the reason why most companies use Joomla CMS in their web development services.

It allows you to create a site with more content and structure flexibility with fairly simple, spontaneous usage, Supports eCommerce, social networking and more.

As the second-largest open source CMS platform, it has a good support structure. Joomla has a good reputation in the market concerning performance. The reason behind this is Joomla has built-in performance-boosting functionality.

It also has default abilities to manage multilingual content so you can start creating content in another language immediately.

WordPress – Ruling the CMS World with Pride

WordPress – Ruling the CMS World with Pride

In the CMS market, it’s the shark of the sea with the highest market share and still climbing high.

Since its origin, WordPress has undeniably the best run of all the CMS. If you are aiming for stable website operation, it places a comparatively high demand on the server.

Originally invented as a blog system, now it is fully functional CMS. WordPress is a great option to create a website in low budget. It is the best CMS of 2018, which can fulfill all your business needs.

The strong point WordPress has for its success is the ease of use. It also has a very simple UI which makes it user-friendly.

The best reason to choose WordPress is it is fully customizable. There’s nothing you can’t change. It fits according to all your requirements.

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WordPress can be molded in any type of website you want.

It allows you to build your website even without any coding experience. This CMS platform is highly customizable, secure, SEO and mobile-friendly, easy to localize.

It is well said that WordPress is only limited by your imaginations. So let your imaginations travel beyond the world and it will make that happen.


Perfect CMS Development Partner

Finding the perfect CMS that satisfy all website requirement is a futile task. These CMS have a lot in common such as how they approach creating a website. Simultaneously there are a lot of differences as well.

A good CMS not only makes your site faster to manage but also makes it more worthwhile to grow your team and make more of the innovative ideas as the successful web application development companies do.

While I personally like Magento, the choice is up to you. You just need to take a look at the features and capabilities of each CMS and then decide which is most fit for your particular project, site or requirements.

The benefits compound as you go, so the perfect time to get started with your chosen CMS solution is right now. If you want a professional touch to your website then you must hire CMS developers with good experience.

So, what’s your opinion of this CMS comparison??

Who wins the debate??

For me it’s Magento.

What about you?

Feel free if you wanna add something to this comparison.

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