The speed of technological advancements is rapidly increasing with the breakneck pace respect to time, society is looking to create and develop simpler ways to live and lengthen lives.

technological advancements

With modern technology, the way of doing regular things is also changing. Let’s get to the point.



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Everyone loves it, whether we talk about males or females. But I know what you are thinking that ladies just love it more than guys right. According to a survey it is observed that every girl love it either it is their hobby or their stress buster.

Shopping is also becoming a need these days. There are many style bloggers, fashion experts to tell you what to shop or whatnot.

What will be your reaction if I tell you, let’s go shopping?

Are you ready?

Maybe you will say no because you need to get ready first and have to decide what to wear.

And this hassle will make your mood upset.


I have a solution now you don’t need to take the fucking pain of deciding the place or about the outside temperature. The best thing is I am gonna save you from traveling issues as well as traffic.

I know now, you love me.

Forget the stores, just grab your VR Headsets.


Yes! Virtual reality is not constrained to games and healthcare industry, it is covering every industry like fire.

The reason is the Life-Changing experience in VR shopping.

Still trapped in thoughts that how it is gonna work, what’s the advantage and what will be the disadvantages??

Huh!! Take a chill pill.

Let me give you a tour and I hope in the end you will get all your answers.

What It Is Now – Present

Truly said by Frank Biocca that Virtual Reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the Imagination.

I can bet you also faced the situation when you saw something online but wasn’t sure whether to buy it or not because you wanna see it personally.

Sounds similar!!

What if that product will magically come in front of you?


Virtual Reality shopping can make that possible and believe it or not, it can be done right now from your browser.

It’s true you can read it again, now the e-commerce industry is also taken by VR.

Do you know Virtual Reality was introduced in 1968?

And from then it is getting better and acquiring every type of industry.

From games to 360 degrees VR videos, there is plenty to dig into, there are also Gear VR apps that will leave you surprised by its results.

VR e-commerce is giving a different agenda to the customers from 2016 but still vendors and firms are not ready to take the advantage.

In 2016, Alibaba the Chinese e-commerce giant introduced a virtual experience that could be accessed with a VR headset knows as Buy+.

This allows users to roam in the store, look through the items and you can also add items to the cart by just staring at the product for a long time.

Yes, you know what after launching this 30,000 people had tried the platform in only an hour.

Shocking Right!!

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By this, I hope you can see how VR is setting goals for the online shopping experience.

This doesn’t end here there are many examples of VR in the e-commerce as it is improving customer experience by providing them lifelike feel.

Ikea also Opted VR to give a boost to their business. This version of virtual reality shopping feels like a more enveloping version of Google street view.

You can wander into the store and can design your furniture the way you like it.

The big firms such as Amazon is also in the race of adopting Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as their weapon to take over the market.

Audi does the same with cars at their showrooms other than this the e-commerce firm eBay also launched the virtual reality departmental store which is simulated by a web of floating objects rather than a physical store.

How can VR transform the shopping experience?

The answer is when the user shops with VR headset on they are given the opportunity to encounter the products from every angle with the freedom to move, rotate and zoom in on them however they choose.

It will end the barrier between ‘Real’ and ‘Virtual’.

VR transform Dance

When we merge AD and VR with e-commerce, the user gets an incredible ‘WOW’ factor as experience. These are the words of the people who tried to see the future through VR.

Virtual reality doesn’t completely replicate the in-person shopping experience, but yeah it’s reaching there.

It’s also getting cheaper and more accessible, now you just need a smartphone and a VR gadget to endure the best VR shopping.

I can say that soon AR will become increasingly desirable in any market strategy.

Don’t Just Dream, Do – Future

Different can be scary. It’s unknown.

But different is good and pretty incredible, really.

It amazes!!

If someone would have asked me what will be the future when I was 6 years old, I would have said some mystical things such as flying cars, robots as cops or might be something stupid.

But yeah all of that is happening right here in front of my eyes.

30-40 years ago the games were more of physical tasks and you also needed different things to play games such as football for playing football.

But now we have photorealistic, 3D, virtual reality augmented reality like technologies which changed the whole experience of gaming.

Imagine if you could be transported to Rome or you can feel the thrill of speeding Lamborghini by just slipping on VR headset.


You know what now I can’t say that anything is Impossible because VR and AR proved that now we don’t need to be physically available to endure something. We can encounter the same simulated feel at sitting home on our couch.

From PokemonGo till now the AR and VR totally changed the perspective of looking at the market.

These technological trends are covering every sector and getting the attraction of people in retail e-commerce.

Might be after a few years you just need a phone and VR gadget for merely everything from shopping to traveling or for all your thrilling desires.

Don’t speak anything because you can’t say what future withholds in it.

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Soon, the AR and VR technologies will rule over the future of e-commerce.

It’s prophesied that 200 million VR headsets will be sold by the year 2030.

I think until that VR company would do well to focus on enhancing the price, quality, and style of the VR glasses.

No matter what sector you belong to, VR absolutely holds a significant place in it. While technology is perfect yet, it does hold extensive potential for sales, marketing, and branding.

Though it’s future talk, it would be wise to jump on board now.

Otherwise, you could virtually get left behind.

Unexplored Feasibilities – Scope


Richard Ollier said it right that the future of real estate is the virtual tour, where you can change everything inside the property, repaint the walls, change the flooring, add your own stuff inside, and teleport yourself into your future home.

The whole world is accepting and acknowledging the concepts of VR but the scope and application are still unexplored.

VR is a magic stick same as harry potter had which is full of technology and has tantalizing potential and possibilities with promise for a brighter and a smarter future.

For those who still thought that VR was confined to the gaming well, it is already settled its feet in the market with innovative and brilliant uses.

In retail and e-commerce industry, VR is promising a way for shoppers to visualize and even interact with products before buying.

The AR and VR technologies come together can solve the fundamental challenge of e-commerce, it integrates the feeling of both being physical and emotional into the buying experience.

It is estimated that after two years these technologies will unite into a synergetic human man-machine.

Virtual Reality is full of possibilities! Yes, an immense amount of potential.

And while smartphones have taken the AR and Virtual Reality applications that fit comfortably in our hands, how much long-drawn will it until we start seeing ordinary wearable glasses that let us experience AR hand-free?

There’s still a lot to figure out, but as will all game-changing technology that was once newborn and untapped, it is only a matter of time until the world of tomorrow becomes today.

Start with a powerful vision. Have clarity on what you’d like to accomplish, understand the technologies that can make your vision happen, then recruit developers who can turn it into a reality.

And don’t neglect that virtual reality technology should be more about experiences than technology. No matter what type of VR campaign you have, make sure it offers value and gives users an experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Paint the walls according to your imaginations friends, maybe they will get a shape tomorrow.



Virtual Reality is maybe arguably the next step towards a modern era of development. The possible ground-breaking effects that rise behind these machines is incredible.

With the ability to save lives, act as a medium for business development and meetings, and provide its users with endless hours of entertainment, learning, and discovery, the world should be shifting for an increased presence of this technology.

This time around, our technology will have come far enough and will begin implementing virtual reality within homes, medical centers, and offices. The sky is full of opportunities, grab the correct one and see yourself flying.

There are a number of the virtual reality app development company that is still enhancing and making advancements in the field of VR. This technology is taking over all the sectors with different applications such as education, healthcare, gaming, e-commerce, marketing, military, etc. The vast scope of this technology is still under the water we are just able to see the upper part.

VR’s doesn’t just give people a distinct approach to shop. It also promotes brands to engage and entertain customers in ways that traditional marketing can’t.

Whoever nails down VR shopping has the potential to be the next to create a multi-billion dollar business.

This is just the beginning of a virtual era.

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