The advent of technology has forced entrepreneurs to offer promising results quickly. People use software to access and connect with different brands. The software allows users with a ton of options to avail of their services and offers feedback. But it is crucial that the companies cope up with fast-paced advancements. This is why hiring a team of dedicated developers seems to be the best option.

You can create software, mobile applications or a website for your brand. This helps bring in more customers, build engagement and increase conversion rates. An experienced team of developers will help create and maintain the software, for providing users with a smooth browsing experience. If you are looking to hire a dedicated software development company for your enterprise, here is our ultimate guide to help you with the process.

Why is it difficult to select a development team?

The answer is simple. When there are several options, the buyer is likely to be confused. If you go and have a look in the market, you will find several dedicated developers offering their services for your brand. To ease up the confusion, you have to shortlist the companies and the services.

First, you have to identify what kind of services you are looking for from your team. This will help to narrow down the choices. Other key prospects involved while making the decision are budget, timeliness, past experience, technical knowledge and a verified portfolio.

Confused with the terminology?

The term ‘dedicated developers’ can be a bit confusing initially. It simply refers to a team of developers who may work part-time or full-time with the company, depending on their contract. Generally, these developers are hired for a project basis. This means they work for a specific project and once it gets completed, their job’s done. There are three categories for this class.

1. Freelancers

This term is used for individuals or groups working for firms from their house or a small office. They directly get in touch with their recruiters.

2. Dedicated Development Outsourcing Model

This model tells that the project is outsourced to a dedicated team of developers, which is selected by the outsourcing company.

3. IT Staff Augmentation

The enterprise hires an expert from the IT Staff Augmentation Services to create and develop the software. The developer has to work at the company’s office. You can imagine the professional adding value to the existing IT staff of the company. You can hire a dedicated software development team for your project from a top software development company in USA  such as Auxano Global Services.

Understanding A Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated team refers to a team working solely on an individual project for an individual brand. The tasks are completed according to the client’s instructions. When you work with a dedicated team, you take over the control. It allows the team to understand how your company works, its values and expectations.  They solely focus on attaining promising results for the project.

Once you work with dedicated developers, you will notice an increase in the productivity of your employees and the emergence of teamwork. These developers believe in working with full transparency and communicating everything properly. You can assign tasks, schedules and ensure everything is done properly. You can offer feedback which will help the specialists improve their work performance.

When Should You Hire a Dedicated Development Team?


dedicated software development team

Long-term projects

If you feel that the software project would take a long time to complete, you can consider working with a team of dedicated developers. Since it’s a long-term project, it can be difficult to get an estimated budget or know how much time it would take. Offering a fixed salary every month to the developers will benefit you for managing long-term projects.

Skilled workforce

You should hire dedicated developers when you are looking for a skilled workforce. Studies show that 52% of the recruiters opt for dedicated developers due to a lack of skills and talent in their existing workforce. It’s not always possible to find the right talent locally. Outsourcing your work may give you just the team you’re looking for.

Lack of clarity

Often companies are unable to clearly identify the scope of the project. This means that there can be confused while deciding on a budget. Hiring a dedicated development team would let companies make decisions freely. You can withdraw or extend the project at your leisure. This is an advantage for your brand. You can hire the developers until the period the project goes on.

The Agile Development Method

The millennials seem to be utilizing the Agile Development model greatly. It means an iterative development strategy in which the coding and testing are done at regular intervals. This helps the enterprise regularly check if the project is being developed as per their requirements. For this, dedicated developers will be the best fit. They put in all efforts, work hard and are much connected with the process. One should hire dedicated developers team to fuel their projects.

Why should you hire dedicated developers?


If you are wondering, why should I hire a team of dedicated developers? Well, the reasons are listed below:

dedicated software development team

Work With Professionals

Now that you know hiring dedicated developers is one of the best options, you should check for some reliable companies. Auxano Global Services is one of the leading software development company offering extensive and resourceful software development services. Our team of dedicated developers work completely immersed in a specific project, giving it a full priority.

We are committed to managing your long-term projects. Our team is flexible to cope up with the required changes in the project. We use the latest tools and technology for optimum results. At Auxano Global Services, we work to build a relationship of trust with our clients. We believe that every brand deserves a reliable and experienced team. This is why we are eager to work with you. Get in touch for immediate assistance.