Hiring programmers can be a nightmare, sometimes, if you are not a technical person. But this is not the end of the world. Yes, we have your back, yes, as a web and mobile app development company; we know all the details you must ask before hiring programmers to work on your idea.

Your unique idea should be implemented by the experts, not by noobs that you accidentally hire without probing. There are so many details to consider that even professional headhunters sometimes make hiring mistakes.

According to Statista, various programming languages and a variety of tools can confuse even the technical person, so it’s fine to consider tips or to search for some tips to find a programmer’s professional background before hiring.

So, let’s help you with hiring programmers without failing.

In this post, we’ll describe all critical moments connected with hiring, how to reveal the skills to focus on, and explain all the hiring options you have. Let’s get started.

What Should You Do Before Hiring Developers For Your Project?

Do remember you just need technical expertise; you should also think of other prospects before hiring a computer programmer. Before you start searching for developers, you must precisely define the requirements for your project and set clear purposes. You must do market analysis, user research, and try to finalize your feature list in detail and give a perfect vision of your product.

Let’s get a closer look at each of these steps.

Market Research:

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No matter what niche you pick, you have to conduct detailed research. 

Try and figure your target audience, competitors, and everything that can come in your way. Compare your idea to existing projects to understand how unique your project is. If you don’t find uniqueness, do remember to add one because there’s no point in developing a complete clone of another project. Your audience will not use a product that is already there and is not known or famous.


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If you do the research properly, you will get to know which platforms are best for your idea. For instance, if your audience mostly uses Android, you can launch your product for this platform and begin on other platforms later. But do remember going for native app development means mobile application development separately for the platforms will cost you more.

Above all, different platforms use different languages means you will have to hire different programmers such as apps for iOS that require developers who excel in Swift or Objective-C.

And if we talk about Android development, then they must know Kotlin or Java. Web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript for front-end development, MySQL for databases, and Node.js or C# for back-end development.

Also, depending on the task, developers have to work with various frameworks and SDKs. So, when you create a job offer, make sure to specify the core language for your project. It’s better to hire a mobile app developer who’s skilled with a specific technology than someone who’s average with several tools.

Let’s give you an idea about programming languages that are used to develop projects on various platforms:

Programming languages for different platforms:

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Wearable OS is different from other platforms. Besides, the app on a wearable device also requires a mobile application to communicate and transfer it. While hiring, ask about the developer’s experience in building apps for wearable platforms.

Prepare Feature List:

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No matter the type of developer you want to hire, they will first ask you what kind of features you want. Feature lists let developers know what technologies to use during the project and what the software’s final version is meant to be.

But we would suggest you reach out to a software development company, or you can directly say, “I want an app like YouTube or Tinder.” However, these requirements don’t have any valuable information. But because of unclear requirements, you can face the trouble of getting what you want.

Besides, if you’re thinking of finding freelance developers for hire or hiring an in-house team, then specify your demands accurately because they usually don’t have business analysts who can verify what the client actually wants to help with requirements, so this responsibility falls on you. If your team doesn’t have precise requirements, then your software’s final version may differ from your expectations.

There are two types in which you can divide these features:

  • Primary features – Features that should be developed first and foremost.
  • Advanced features to make your software more sophisticated.

Though, you can directly go to an experienced software development company to get help without investing too much time on preparing all this information and can rely on them. Let us tell you what options you have while looking for mobile developers to hire.

Options To Hire Programmers:

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Now if you are clear with project requirements then, let’s proceed to hire options. There are three options that you can consider if you want to hire developers.

Freelance developers:

self-employed programmers who can work for you on fixed hourly rates or as per the overall task.

In-house developers:

Developers who work from your company’s office will require you to invest in hardware and office.

Outsourcing companies:

A company that develops your product from another country with their entire teams for specific tasks without bothering you much.

Which option should you choose?

As you see, every approach has its advantages and drawbacks. Hence, everything depends on your project requirements and plans. If you’re planning to make a useful and impactful app with future versions, go for an outsourcing company or an in-house team. If you have a small project and you’re on a budget, it’s better to choose freelance developers.

Below is the table where you can compare which option can be best for you to hire programmers. 

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