Planning to set up a bang with your start-up in the coming years? The app cost and build-up could give you the shock of a lifetime.

So here you are, with the most flourishing business plan in your head, making it one of a kind. Now as it seems to be the ideal concept, you want to come up with the best and the most innovative app designed exclusively for you; on the other hand, you also may be considering other beautiful and eye-catchy designs and but also referring to the pocket-friendly mobile app development companies can come up as a huge check on your budget and generate a big hole in your pocket. This blog serves you a complete platter for app developing costs and briefs you about it.

A Quick Sneak Peak Into the Real Costs of Apps:

You might have had come across advertisements referring to the development of apps with rates as cheap as $10.000. A startup or a small emerging business setup may plan to get their apps developed with rates as cheap as $50,000 ( which is easily possible these days with the help of freelancers or small scaled mobile app development companies),whereas there may be times you aspire to find a lustrous team of wonderful mindset of perfectly coordinating designers and engineers that generate the product with a Midas touch.

Considering such mobile app development companies might cost you to $75,000 or more and can even range to $1,00,000 or higher.

We, at Auxano global services Pvt Ltd, serve as the one-stop solution which design your apps in the most affordable rates and the specificity and originality of our designs remain intact. Thus, we ensure you with eye-catchy concepts and a sense of perfection.

Also, the cost of your app also depends on the category that your app falls into.

For example,

A gaming app or a dating app may cost you around $10,000 to $2,50,000 whereas a finance app can be as expensive as $6,00,000

Not only this, the app building has to go through a series of planning and often climbing up ladders of accurate planning will it eventually lead you up to a gorgeous end product.

But, just because it is available for free or at a minimal cost for download, doesn’t mean that it can be built up in an afternoon sipping down the coffee with the scintillating movements of its aroma around the air breeze.

Apart from choosing the right company for your mobile app development, the next step to be thought is the android, iOS or the Windows version of it and its designs accordingly.

This is an early phase decision because all of these have various software and designing schemes and mechanisms. “ Auxano global services come up to the rescue here,” says Aakash Soni, Operational head, of the firm; who believes that “ not only do we have a watch over your target audience and your concept, but we do plan your app launch accordingly, i.e. which platform has to be chosen first for the app launch and so we help you out strategist it accordingly and then we make up the perfect app for you.”

Thus, an app building requires a lot of zealous planning and an equal amount of money with proper planning. To consider this and millions of other factors as such, let us have a quick glance at various factors leading to the cost build of the app.

Various Factors Leading You To The Perfect Buildup For Your App:

We, as Auxano global services believe that a perfect team can get you to your desired app, and hence we do take the utmost care of all our employees and nurture your app with their unique talents and skills.

1. The Visionary Core Team:


Hence, the first and the most important thing that a mobile app development company assures you is a good core team. The core committee would consist of the following members and their associates:

  • A good Designer:

A designer is a person who decorates your stuff with his own artistic touch. His contribution to the app development is probably the most important one as he is the one that would make your app attractive for the wide range of audience.

  • Account Manager

An account manager who communicates with clients and works with their product managers and producers and coordinators to coordinate the completion of various tasks.

  • Developers:

An app developer isn’t the guy who sprinkles salt and pepper on your potato nuggets. Well, maybe he is, but an application developer is a person who creates, tests and generates applications software.

One also needs a perfect set of developers helpful for the optimization processes, which are these days the most crucial ones to reduce the load on the server.

  • Product Manager:

A product manager is a person that executes the functions of a director by overseeing the app.

A good sign of a healthy team is a number of developers in the team, along with product managers and account managers, and also a showman, the person who strategies and plans out the entire development.

2. The Method Used For The Development Of The App


The time required for the development of the project straightly depends on the method that is being used for the development of the software.

There are various methods used for the development of software, namely,

  • Continuous integration.
  • Prototyping.
  • Incremental development.
  • Rapid application development.
  • Agile development.
  • Waterfall development.
  • Spiral development.

Agile development and Waterfall development being the most common and widely popular methodologies, not only us, almost all the mobile app development companies use either of them. For all the beginners out there, here’s a brief highlight about both these methods:

  • Agile Development:

“Agile Development” is an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. The most popular agile methodologies are as follows: Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Lean Development, Feature-Driven Development (FDD) and Scum.

While each of the agile methodologies is unique in its specific approach, they all share a common vision and core values (see the Agile Manifesto). They all incorporate it & the continuous feedback that it provides to successively refine and deliver a software system.

They all involve continuous planning, continuous testing, continuous integration, and other forms of a continuous evolution of both the project and the software. They are all lightweight, especially compared to traditional processes, and adaptable.

What is more important about agile methods is that they all focus on empowering people to collaborate and make quicker decisions and in a better way.

  • Waterfall Development:

The waterfall model is a linear sequential approach for software development, in which progress flows in one direction downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, development, and maintenance.

The waterfall development model originated in the manufacturing and construction industries: highly structured physical environments in which after-the-fact changes are impossible or at least prohibitively expensive.

At that time it was adopted for the development of software, as there were and alternatives for knowledge-based creative work.

3. Development Time Duration ( Unending elaborate hours of hard work and preparation)


You can develop an app even in a day. Then what would be the durability and consistency of the app? How long would the app last? Not even a day!

It is rightly said that quality requires time. You cannot come up with the best version of yours in a moment. But, today’s era is such that it requires the best in a really short span of time.

Hence, quality within the given period of time is the one to be appreciated. Normally, here at Auxano global services, we take 2 to 3 months to develop an app. Moreover, the apps that target many features require more time to be constructed than the simpler versions

The increase in time would eventually increase the budget of the production. Hence, we at Auxano global services provide a highly disciplined team with effective knowledge, skills and ready to work anytime attitude in their mindsets.

The essence of a good team (both skilled and budget-friendly ) is a good multi-tasker. A person capable of handling more than one tasks adds on to the beauty of the team and leads on to smart working.

4. The Core features in the app


The Planner or the strategist Auxano global services, not only does he lays emphasis on the features that you want to be included in your apps, but he also considers all your situations and decides which ones are the most appropriate for you, and includes them in your app’s structure.

Because even a simple looking dating or e-commerce apps may have a lot of behind the scene work and minute unnoticed works too. Planning the scopes of core apps features might raise up the cash barrier a bit up or down, and this, in turn, would hit up the budget higher.

These were some of the raw materials to generate a fruitful app. There are also certain points to be considered that may catalyze the spoilage of the app and can adhere to the destruction of your mobile app development company to an epic fail!

5. What Are These Things And How Can They Generate The Downfall Of The Company?

  • Underqualified team!

A non-disciplined team leads to a miserable performance, which leads to a bad reputation in the market and thus eventually it gives your company a bad name. This situation can also be explained with another example.

If you want your app to have more complex of features added to it, then surely you wouldn’t prefer to go to that company which holds expertise in the development of simpler apps.

If you are planning to develop the app for the android as well as the iOS version, then you probably would prefer to go touch a team that holds an expertise in both these worlds. With the above two examples, the agenda behind choosing the right team is cleared.

  • Shortcuts in the developing process

Though Facebook, Twitter, and Quora may prove out to be the best websites you cannot create a replica of theirs, even if the client demands you to do so. Originality is the essence of the company, as if the company stays original with its concepts and generates a unique design on its own, then it imprints a vivid image on the customer’s mind and also leads to customer satisfaction that may want it to approach you every time it plans of making up the app.

Hence, without going for any shortcuts( just to avoid the cost a bit), the best part would be to design and produce something on its own, however time-consuming it may be, because eventually, this is the thing that lays a vivid impression on the clients’ mind.

A poorly structured plan is to bring the product to the market!!!

It’s not that easy to cop up with any plan and get it executed without any perfection because eventually that plan has been funded by nearly $50,000 worth of money.

Hence, plan without precision would surely lead to bad execution. This shows the importance of hiring a good team for a good development around the corner.

With these points to be considered in mind, we are done with the basic ideas behind how and what leads to a successful generation of the app along with qualitative time management and effective monetary planning.

We, at Auxano global services, aspire to generate the best app for you only after considering all these points and laying a strict check on the quality of the work and we also ensure happy and contented smiles on our customers faces.

But the next point after the planning and building up the app is the testing work. Once the app is made and ready to be used, the next important step is to have customers’ ratings and reviews and look out for various suggestions and work on it accordingly.

According to a survey, Auxano global services spends nearly 30% of its generated income on the testing phase. This is one of the most important reasons for getting great customer satisfaction with all our designed apps to date and having good ratings and reviews throughout

A great way to make sure your app is on the right track is to get external feedback through usability testing. Loads of tools are actually available to build a working prototype; the best can stitch together screens and actions using the same transitions (in/out slides, flips and so on) and user gestures (swipes, pinches, taps, etc.) as the real thing.

Additional testing can also be done through focus groups, crowdsourcing, even though family and/or friends who fit your demographic. The important thing is, do not be scared to go back and adjust your prototype as often as needed.

Again, it makes no sense to actually code the app until you’re sure it meets your users’ preferences, as well as their needs. Just as with the design phase, the success of coding relies on quality people.

While mockups are important, it takes pros to turn your prototype into a real, functional app. The experienced software engineers can keep delays and bugs to a minimum, while simultaneously making sure your app is optimized and scales in the long run.

How Do We Work?

Talking about the budget distribution and the times consumed for various activities, our working mechanism looks something like this:

  • We spend 50% of our time and resources in designing, developing and its byproducts.
  • We spend around 30% of our resources in the testing phase
  • Whereas, we spend around 10% for the purpose of the graphics
  • And the remaining 10% for the support purposes.

This is how an app is planned and build here at Auxano within the shortest time possible with all the features in the assured quality.

What Next?


Congratulations! You have finally made it to the climax of our blog. This shows your thorough interest to come up with your own app for your million dollar plan and execute it in the best possible way to get the desired results.

In that case, when you’ve dived into the ocean of app building and its effective cost management, it’s high time to float a bit higher and start saving to come up with your dream app. And also remember, the best version of ours is nearest to you.

With its headquarters at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Auxano global services have remained steadfast in delivering top-notch web and mobile application development service, including Android and iPhone app development services to several countries which include USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, and India.

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