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  • According to Gartner's report
    there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices by 2020. Imagine your business on 20.4 billion devices. This technology can disrupt the way of living by integrating IoT in everything around us.

  • Isn't it amazing! Do you still need another reason to grab this tech? Business Insider also predicts 75% of new cars and automobiles will come with integrated IoT technology.

  • It shows that the market will be all about IoT in the future. Join this massive run with Auxano Global Services, the best IoT development company that can thrive your business.

It is already there & you lack in it!

The world has already adopted it. Join this connected era with strong support and
robust product solution or application. Hold our hands to make you ready for the connected future.

Our Outstanding Solutions

Our ROI-driven IoT development approach can be your armor against the competitive edge.
Hire IoT app developers who have immense experience on how to solve IoT puzzles to fuel up your growth.

Technologies We are Working With

  • 1
    Application Development
  • 2
    Programming & Scripting
  • 3
    Framework and CMS
  • 4
    Mobile Platforms
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    Creative design
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    Custom Software Development

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    Web Development

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    Mobile App Development

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    E-Commerce Development

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    IoT Development

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    Enterprise App Modernization

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    Ruby on Rails

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    React Native

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    Hybrid & Cross Platform Apps

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    Web Design

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    UX/UI Design

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    Product Design

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    Graphic Design

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    Other Design

Our IoT App Development Services Include

Our IoT app developers are well-versed in trending technology to proffer comprehensive IoT development services. Savor the advanced tech strategies at a compelling price whether you want an app for a smart home or a product solution for robotics, our IoT application development services are proven to break the grounds.

Our Technology expertise makes us the perfect technological partner to collaborate with to flourish in the demanding market.

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IoT Technology Consulting Services


Development, Support and Maintenance Services


Wearable Technology Solutions


Cloud-based IoT solutions


Voice-Enabled IoT Solutions


Security Solutions in IoT

Industry-Focused IoT services

With the Introduction of IoT, businesses are emerging into nimble organizations. Our industry-specific IoT solutions assist you in creating a solid strategy that can address your challenges.

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Industry Solutions that make us Stand Out

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction


IoT has acted as a catalyst in providing outstanding healthcare solutions in the industry. Achieve a new level of efficiency and accuracy in patient monitoring as well as in other IoT healthcare solutions offered by us. Solve the complex health-related issues with our credible bespoke IoT solutions that can help you in mapping your fitness, essential data, and connectivity so that you get an amicable lifestyle. Get a glance at healthcare solutions provided by us:

  • Advanced Patient Care

    Internet of Things is making it feasible to connect patients, doctors pharmacies and devices to facilitate actionable insights that can enhance patient care. At Auxano Global Services, we empower you to monitor data by maintaining accuracy and patient privacy securely.

  • Monitoring Medical Assets

    Through our smart medical asset monitoring solutions, you can track vitals and monitor the health status of your patients remotely to improve outcomes.

  • Modernize Healthcare Solutions

    Revolutionary IoT solutions can bring various opportunities for healthcare. Unravel exceptional healthcare solutions with us such as wearable device solutions, track equipment usage and many other solutions to solve the challenges of the healthcare industry.


According to ITC forecast, the worldwide market for IoT solutions will grow to 7.1 trillion dollars by 2020 in Automotive Industry. Seize the opportunity in this industry with our robust IoT solutions that can drive your business success

  • Fleet Monitoring & Management

    Streamline logistics to optimize fleet monitoring and management through sensors that gather on road data about the vehicle and driver behavior

  • IoT in Vehicles

    Our innovative IoT solutions for vehicles transforms the customer driving experience and safety while drawing valuable insights. Build futuristic automated cars integrated with IoT technology and bring pace to your business.

  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

    Diagnose remotely mechanical stats, monitoring maintenance, comfort settings, and entertainment consoles through powerful insights provided by our IoT solutions.


Enhance the in-store customer experience, smooth-running operations, and optimize supply chain management with our intelligent IoT solutions for Retail Industry. Own powerful retail IoT solutions such as smart marketplaces, smart stores, etc.

  • Supply Chain IoT Solution

    Amplify profits and achieve competitive benefit by boosting customer retail experience by integrating IoT solutions implemented by our expert developers.

  • Smart Stores

    Grocery retailers strive to create a seamless shopping experience that drives sales and build loyalty with consumers. With our expert IoT retail solutions, you can achieve what you aspire. Experience the revolutionary outcomes IoT in retail by our solutions.

  • Connected Solutions Through Devices

    Internet of Things is a boon for the market as it makes devices as miraculous maneuvering that can boost your business. Through our IoT retail solutions, you get connectivity through devices such as Beacons, use of digital kiosks, mobile apps and many other connected devices to accomplish success.


We can assist you in renovating the energy management along with billing and other complex challenges faced by the energy industry through our comprehensive IoT solutions.

  • Asset Management

    Through asset management solutions you can maintain asset wear and tear, wastage of energy, transmission, distribution of energy and improve the energy generation across vast areas. Gear up your energy industry with our smart solutions.

  • IoT in Energy Distribution

    The network of connected devices enables you to manage, control complex energy grids from a single console. Maintain consistent energy delivery, foretell the peak times and prepare for the spare time through our outstanding solutions.

  • Intelligent Metering

    Eliminate manual inaccuracies in billing and consumptions which can save cost through smart IoT energy solutions. Through our captured data through meters, you can prepare energy grids for peak time.


IoT is bringing new opportunities to the manufacturing industry by enhancing operational innovation and excellence. Through connecting people, devices, things, process and data, manufacturers can gain better operational insights and can effectively alleviate the challenges in the industry.

  • Asset Management

    Through predictive asset management by integrating IoT, you can prevent wastage of inventory, workforce, and energy. This can also assist you in saving cost and maintaining your assets during the roduction period.

  • Performance Optimization

    No doubt IoT can improve operating efficiencies. With our manufacturing IoT solutions, you can get a system of connected machinery that works together collaboratively to achieve swifter and quality production at reduced cost.

  • Security Solutions

    IoT Manufacturing solutions by our specialists can improve the overall workers' safety and security of your factory. By analyzing the KPI of health and safety as well as by implementing sensors that work at the level of the manufacturing unit.


IoT is already transforming the construction industry processes. You can make the construction efficient by using IoT to develop building blueprints through the internet, connected devices, real-time information access, M2M communication, and many other ways. Check out our solutions to the industry:

  • Material & Resource Tracking

    Get real-time location info of your construction material so that you can plan your project efficiently. Along with this get super connectivity coverage for geographically separated construction sites.

  • Equipment Monitoring

    Our construction IoT solutions can help you in continuously monitoring valuable tools/assets to make sure supreme functionality. Get a fully IoT enabled construction site which can assist you in preventing accidents by frequently examining the sites from one console.

  • Remote Workforce Management

    Track your workforce with our IoT solution to make sure that they are safe and in case of any mishappening get emergency alert. Wearable device solutions with our network solution to assure network access regardless of wifi availability. All these solutions will help you to maintain your productivity.

Engagement Model

We offer three different types of engagement model for our patrons. These models come with various specifications, and let the client opt as per their demands, budget and project need.

  • 01

    Pay As You Grow

    This model provides you the opportunity to get your software first with MVP features due to lack of finance then after we can develop a fully functional product as you grow.

  • 02

    Fixed Bid

    We follow a process oriented engagement model that works solely to get your product efficiently in the market with our Fixed Bid approach.

  • 03


    In this model, we offer an alliance to the client, so they can get the desired professionals to work and join the clan. We cordially share the interest and work together.

  • IoT Consultation
  • Development Phase
  • Testing & Deployment

Requirement gathering & Encountering challenges

We understand your requirements and evaluate the problems after researching the pain points of the area. After knowing your desired product, we offer comprehensive IoT solutions that can flourish your business.

Get Future Ready

Merging the IoT solution for the long-term race.

Business Oriented

We analyze what will work for your business then integrate IoT strategy to boost the performance.

Value to the Customer

We render a seamless user experience by identifying customers pain points to proffer value.

  • What we offer
  • Challenges & requirements
  • Thoroughly researched Industry practices
  • Wireframe to map the entire project
  • Proposed Outcomes
Integrating IoT solution to generate and evaluate data.
IoT Integration

Embedding IoT in assets for sensing, communicating the data and building the network.

Build Platforms

Get Cloud-based platform to receive, store and analysis of data.

Data Evaluation

Integration of data analytics to evaluate the data that can help your business by refining assets.

  • Hardware selection & IoT integration.
  • Platform to store data & manage devices
  • IoT solution to analyze data.
Integrating IoT to give you the ultimate blend

The testing process includes usability, IoT security, connectivity, performance, compatibility, & rigorous testing.


We have the measured deployment approach ready for your business to render the best services.


Our maintenance team is abreast with the challenges that can occur in the future. With us, you will get a helping hand whenever you need

  • Report on the testing
  • Deployment Support
  • Fully-Functional Solution
  • Maintenance Support

Implementing IoT Solutions by Measuring Risks

Throughout the IoT application development process, we consider this framework which measures and eradicates the risk factor. These steps focus on tracking, displaying and understanding progress regarding software risks.

  • icon-implementing-validation


    Understanding the business context is necessary before jumping to the development phase. In this stage, our analysts identify the scope of your idea as per the market demand and how we can blend advance tech to grow your business.

  • icon-implementing-product strategy

    Product & Strategy

    After identifying the scope, we mold your idea if required to achieve your desired ROI. Our product strategy comprises the best practices that can make your idea stand out.

  • icon-implementing-build


    This phase is for the development, and before this, we take the measures to mitigate the identified risks. To accomplish the desired product with the supreme quality, we have the best experts.

  • icon-implementing-grow


    Just having a perfect product can't get you what you crave. You have to market it, and for that, we have the best marketing professionals that can let people know about your winning product.


Challenges We solved

Big Data & Analytics

Take advantage of our big data and analytics blended with IoT to help you in taking proactive decisions for your business. Explore the potential of your business with our IoT solutions.

Bringing Data Together

Bring all the data together and manage the data acquired from sensors such as wearables, maps, and connected equipment to make your everyday life better and secure.

Making Your Home Smarter

Monitor and control your daily activities by activating sensors of devices to make your home smart. Our solutions render a viable methodology that accomplishes whatever you desire.

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