So, you want to develop a technology project. The first checkpoint will be to find the right expertise for your job. If you look around, every business claims to be the best. But, you cannot trust anyone without concrete proof. Can you?

You cannot be fooled by a company’s profile, presentation, and market reputation. These entities don’t reflect their excellent process, after all. So, you need proof that verifies their operations and service quality.

That’s when ISO enters the horizon! It’s a quality standard across numerous industries, especially the technology arena. However, many customers and businesses are unclear about ISO. They consider ISO irrelevant or unnecessary. Unfortunately, such a mindset pushes the businesses behind others in the market race.

ISO has a lot to offer to businesses and customers. Let’s walk through a few ISO statistics to blow your mind.

  • There are over one million ISO-certified organizations worldwide.
  • Over 98% of ISO-certified companies admitted the certification to be an excellent investment.
  • Do you know? Around 60% (3 out of 5) of companies experienced better returns after investing in ISO certification.

Now you know that ISO is somewhat essential for businesses! ISO is a verification that your company chases excellence and strives to deliver high-quality results. Some of you might have a vague idea of ISO. This blog post is for you! Below we will discuss everything related to ISO certification, from its meaning to significance.

Let’s dive into the article and understand ISO more closely!

ISO certification – understanding its meaning

ISO certification verifies that a management system, operations, process quality, or documentation procedure meet all of the standards and quality control requirements. ISO is an autonomous, non-governmental international body that establishes guidelines to guarantee safety, product quality, and efficiency.

Many industries hold ISO certificates, ranging from energy management to medical devices and information technology. ISO standards leverage consistency across company processes and workflows. Each certification offers a set of standards, requirements, guidelines, and a numerical classification.

Being ISO certified implies that your company has been audited by an impartial third party and you have proved that your company meets the requirements of the International Standards Organization’s modern quality process standards. This accreditation confirms that your processes are efficient and effective and that you follow worldwide best practices in your industry.

This is advantageous to your business both internally and externally. Since you’re more likely to produce and sell higher-quality products that satisfy customers and arrive on schedule, you become internally sound. It helps you grow as you can now sell that fact to the rest of the business community, resulting in higher sales and a better client base.

As you saw, ISO can uplift your business tremendously. It can establish you as the industry leader and promote you among the user base. However, it’s better to understand the benefits a business gets by becoming ISO certified.

So, let’s jump into the benefits the ISO certification unlocks for your enterprise!

Perks of becoming ISO certified for businesses

ISO certification brings numerous benefits to businesses. More importantly, it establishes that you comply with industry standards across all processes and operations.

Here are some of the perks you can get by getting ISO certified.

Perks of becoming ISO certified for businesses

1. Verifies that you follow best practices

ISO audits your internal processes and rewards your company if you follow industry best practices. So, getting certified verifies your standard processes, leading to more customers and better business at your doorstep.

2. Makes you more productive

Following standards means your company needs to adhere to all processes and steps, from requirement specification to quality control. So, your team becomes more productive and excellence-driven after becoming ISO-certified.

3. Brings customer satisfaction

Customers cannot trust your company and its processes without proof. You can observe that they incline towards companies holding the ISO certification more than the ones without such accreditation. So, it’s better to get the ISO certificate for increased customer satisfaction.

4. Invites higher revenues

When you adhere to industry standards and follow all business processes, you can complete projects on time and take on new tasks quickly. Besides, you can impress more leads by becoming ISO-certified. These reasons hike your sales and invite higher revenues.

5. Unlocks more opportunities

Many third-party vendors prefer collaborating with companies holding an ISO certification. So, if you wish to explore more opportunities and hire external companies to expand your business, ISO certification is the best pathway.

6. Establishes teamwork

Adhering to ISO standards can help you foster a more productive, collaborative, and engaged workforce. The certification process brings together managers and staff to work toward common goals while following a set of procedures. As a result, considering ISO certification might help you reach high-end teamwork.

7. It’s for all businesses

Do you think that the ISO certification isn’t for you since you have a small business? If yes, you are highly mistaken! ISO certification is for all enterprises, big or small. You can refine your workflow and achieve the certification regardless of your organizational size.

Different types of ISO certifications and their significance

We have already introduced you to many aspects of ISO certifications. Do you know? ISO certifications are of various types. So, let’s review the different kinds of ISO certifications and their significance for a business.

Different types of ISO certifications and their significance

1. ISO/IEC 27001

The ISMS or international standard for information security management systems ensures that certified businesses protect consumer data to the greatest extent possible.

It defines 114 information security procedures to safeguard data from risks such as data misuse, theft, damage, breaches, cybercrime, vandalism/terrorism, natural calamities, and viral attacks, which are highly prevalent and developing with the growing use of the Internet. ISO 27001 is a framework for leveraging, regulating, and steadily developing information security management systems.


1. Risk management

Since the ISO 27001 certification provides businesses with a direction to handle risks and create dodging mechanisms, the certified companies can manage cyber threats and data loss issues more efficiently than ever. It can be a unique selling point (USP) for your company.

2. Better failure management

Resiliency is essential for your business to become successful in the long haul. If you want to excel in failure management, getting the ISO 27001 certification can benefit you.

2. ISO 14001

An Environment Management System is governed by the ISO 14001 standard (EMS). Its laws are in response to growing worries in modern society about organizations’ environmental impact, both locally and globally. Many executives in the IT industry undervalue their role in environmental sustainability.

However, we can see that the reality is rather different: activities in the modern world are tightly interwoven. The EMS is in charge of your trips, equipment supplies, cognitive factors, and other issues.


1. Create sustainable processes

The ISO 14001 certification encourages you to design sustainable development processes. You can get a proven path to lay eco-friendly operations for the planet’s benefit.

2. Showcase your care for the environment

You can showcase your sustainable processes and care for the environment by gaining the ISO 14001 certification.

3. Maintain working environment

These ISO standards help you upgrade your working environment and minimize operations that increase your carbon footprint in the environment. So, you can craft an environment-friendly workplace by adhering to the ISO 14001 certification.

3. ISO 9001

For businesses, this is the worldwide acknowledged quality management system (QMS) standard. Its purpose is to govern the processes that go into making a product and delivering it to a customer. The major goal of ISO 9001 is quality control, which is supported by the seven essential principles listed below.


1. Leadership

A business holding the ISO 9001 certification validates that it has the required leadership qualities. In the process of earning accreditation, the business workflows improve. So, your enterprise can quickly achieve leadership skill sets to excel in the industry.

2. Customer-oriented

One of the best benefits of getting the ISO 9001 certification is tweaking your business to become customer-focused. So, you can define customer-centric processes and lead the industry by possessing such a virtue.

3. A better approach to problems

Do you know? The ISO 9001 certification checks your overall approach to corporate problems. In the process, you can rethink your strategy and become better at solving problems. It can help you emerge as the industry leader in a short span.

4. Teamwork

Complying with industry standards is not a thing to be done alone. By the time a business achieves the prestigious ISO 9001 certification, all members come on the same page and excel at teamwork in their enterprise.

5. Better decision making

A well-laid process gives you more clarity into the operations. So, you can track the workflows and make more productive business decisions lying on concrete evidence.

6. Continuous improvement

You cannot overtake the competitors without improving the existing processes. As you get more clarity into the operations by following the ISO 9001 standards, you can understand the weaknesses in your workflows and improve them for better outcomes.

7. Satisfied customers

Having an ISO 9001 certification implies your company meets the above objectives. So, your customers will trust your enterprise and can collaborate with you without worries.

Should you choose an ISO-certified business?

The ISO certifications are hallmarks of excellence across all business aspects. So, is it better to choose an ISO-certified company for your projects? A big Yes! Going with an ISO-certified enterprise will help you pick the right expertise for your job.

Here’s why choosing the ISO-certified companies is the best decision!

Should you choose an ISO-certified business

1. They care for you!

The best aspect about an ISO-certified company is that they are customer-focused. These enterprises prioritize customer requirements and develop customized solutions for them. So, it’s better to collaborate with such organizations.

2. They have standard processes

Companies that follow standard guidelines and processes receive ISO certifications. So, you can choose these enterprises if you want to access industry-standard operations for your development projects.

3. They regulate quality

The ISO-certified companies have a razor-sharp focus on process and product quality. They employ standard operations and equipment to determine the quality of solutions and improve it before handing them over to customers.

4. They improve their processes

ISO certifications provide high transparency to the companies. They can identify process shortcomings and improve them from time to time. Everyone wants to access such services. You can get them too!

5. They adhere to timelines

Since ISO certifications enhance the processes, companies can maintain quality, embed all requirements, and roll out better than expected products without delays. So, you can say YES to these companies if you want everything to revolve around sharp deadlines.

6. They are industry leaders

ISO certifications mean that the companies have all features required to become industry leaders. So, they belong to the elite class in their industries. You can collaborate with these companies to minimize your investment and take away high-quality solutions in a short span.

7. They have eco-friendly development processes

Finally, the ISO-certified companies care for the environment. They alleviate their existing processes to reduce the carbon footprints in the ecosystem. So, if you care about sustainability, choosing certified companies over others can be an excellent deal.

Want to Hire ISO Certified IT Services Provider Agency?

These are the top reasons why you should choose an ISO-certified company for any project. These enterprises can deliver the best results in a given timeframe against minimal investments. Now, you might be intrigued to find out an IT service provider holding prestigious ISO certifications.

We have the perfect solution if something similar has been bothering you!

Is Auxano Global Services an ISO-certified company?

Auxano Global Services is the leading IT service provider company. We hold numerous ISO certifications making us the leaders in the industry. We prioritize all objectives mentioned in the ISO guidelines. Thus, we maintain high-quality, customer focus, environmental sustainability, and whatnot.

We are committed to improving our processes with the latest industry guidelines. Also, it’s our passion to encourage maximum team participation to deliver better and quick results to our customers.


ISO certifications are the best way to showcase excellence and maintain standards to impress customers. Do you want to collaborate with an ISO-certified industry leader? Get in touch with us and ensure that your investment goes into the right hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is ISO certification?

    ISO certifications are guidelines that regulate process quality and help companies establish standard processes to achieve desired business outcomes in a short span. It helps enterprises showcase that they follow industry best practices to the leads, customers, and third-party vendors.

  • 2. What are the benefits of ISO certifications?

    ISO certifications help businesses get a better perspective to solve problems and align their operations with industry standards. They allow companies to impress a massive clientele and stay at the top of the market competition.

  • 3. Why should I choose an ISO-certified company?

    Choosing an ISO-certified company ensures your investment goes into the right hands. The accredited firms are better at customer-focusing, adhering to compliances, sticking to timelines, and delivering productive results without increasing carbon footprints into the environment. So, choosing them benefits you and the planet in various ways.

  • 4. What are the types of ISO certifications?

    ISO certifications have various types each catered to addressing different issues. ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 have the highest significance in the industry.

  • 5. Is Auxano Global Services an ISO-certified company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best IT service company. Having years of experience in the industry, we have tweaked our processes to excellence and earned the prestigious ISO certifications. Our team can understand your specific requirements and develop standard and quality-regulated solutions in a given timeframe. Besides, we have a competitive price point that makes technology solutions reliable and comfortable for you.

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