In modern-day business development, JavaScript and Python play a crucial factor. They are used for app development, business tool integration, making video games, etc. These are the most commonly used programming languages that have helped developers in aiming ideas that were labeled impossible.

Are you in a dilemma about which language to choose that will be perfect for your project? You have come to the correct place. We have discussed in-depth details about both languages, their functions and shortcomings. Once you know these languages better, you can determine which will serve your purpose.


JavaScript History

1. This programming language was first published in 1995.
2. In 2022, JavaScript was used by 65.36% of respondents.
3. There are 2.1% websites using JavaScript


Python History

1. Whereas, Python in 2021 has reached 4.9 trillion users, which is expected to hike up by 50% by 2025.
2. Thus, by the data, these two languages will be the future of online business. It was developed in 1980 and then published in 1991.
3. 1.5% websites are using this language.

This article will help you keep both languages side by side and compare them so that you can conclude which will benefit your purpose.

JavaScript or Python?

Both languages are extremely important in building a business model. These independent technologies have helped organizations reach their business goals by making them eloquent in online portals. This post will delve deeper into both languages. Both languages are great performers and have many users. While some might choose JavaScript and have found it good for their purpose, others might find Python useful.

Let’s dive deeper…


Python is an easy-to-understand language with good readability and compact syntax. It helps a developer do a project in fewer lines. Further, its ability to run on iOS, Windows, and Linux adds to its user-friendliness.

Places where Python language use

The places where Python is used include the following:

1. Web development
2. Maths
3. Computing
4. Machine learning
5. AI applications
6. Data Science


JavaScript is a platform-independent language, you code it and then use it on various platforms. JavaScript was introduced in 1995 and since then it has been in the computing world, creating wonders. Compared to other programming languages, JavaScript is known for its speed.

JavaScript was used to develop the following:

1. Android mobiles
2. Big Data Applications
3. IoT
4. Web

It follows the programming paradigm based on the concept of the object. However, though it is slightly harder than Python for users, it has been the face of programming languages for decades. It is marked as the fifth most used programming language, after Python at fourth.

This was a quick brief about programming languages. Now, let’s move further to the advantages and disadvantages of both…

What Are The Benefits Of Python?

The year 1991 was marked by the introduction of the Python programming language to the world. Unlike any other programming language python is easy to read, thus making a place in the hearts of Python Development Company.

There is an interpreter, interpreting each line of the python code. It is easier to learn and uses simple syntax. Web developers use python for functional programming, object-oriented, and reflective.

However, have a look at the benefits of this language.

1. You can use python for free as it is an open-source language.
2. It has a huge library that helps users use common commands and perform tasks. Further, the common codes are also used for various purposes like unit testing, CGI, or generating documentation.
4. The programmers can develop the program easily and rapidly.
5. Python code is asynchronous and runs independently. Thus, it is easier for programmers.

What Are The Benefits Of JavaScript?

JavaScript has been the favorite of users due to its speed and efficiency. Apart from these, there are more reasons people opt for JavaScript year after year.

The benefits that JavaScript includes:

1. While Python runs one code simultaneously, JavaScript allows users to use multithreading. The user can run more than one thread at once. The sharing area increases efficiency and performance.
2. In larger projects, it is useful as it is object-oriented. Further, if any trouble arises, it is easy to solve the problem using JavaScript. It also supports the reuse of codes.
3. Due to the fact that it allows run-time security tests, it is considered the most secure programming language. For projects that are concerned with high security, JavaScript can be helpful.

What are the Disadvantages of Using JavaScript?

As said earlier, no programming language can be preferred. So let us have a look at the shortcomings of JavaScript.

1. JavaScript is versatile and can be used on any platform but if you are looking to build a UI network for desktops, JavaScript might not serve your purpose.
2. JavaScript can make a simple command complicated and in case of any glitch, troubleshooting the problem can get quite difficult.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Python?

Although Python has an array of benefits, we can not expect a programming language to be perfect. Similarly, python has some flaws, keep reading to understand the flaws:

1. Python uses a large memory. While developing a project using this programming language ensure that you will require a lot of RAM to support the project.
2. It might get a little difficult while you are working with a mobile. You need to get the correct library that will support your project.

Here are the major differences between the two…

Key Differences: Python And JavaScript

Key differences Python and JavaScript

There are some key differences between these two programming languages when compared side by side. We have compared their ability based on ease of use, syntax, performance and libraries.

Ease of Use

Python can be installed on any platform and used without any difficulty. It is easy to learn and user-friendly. At the same time, the learning process for JavaScript is not that easy. JavaScript is difficult to install and set up.


Python syntax is easier and resembles the English language. At the same time, JavaScript syntax is long and complicated. In order to understand JavaScript syntax, the developer has to attain OOP classes.


In terms of performance, JavaScript is much faster than Python. It is due to the fact that JavaScript uses static binding and python uses dramatic binding.


Both languages have huge libraries, but python is leading in this sector.

A Quick Recap Of JavaScript And Python Differences

JavaScript Python
The syntax is hard to remember The syntax is easy to remember
The code contains a huge number of lines There are fewer lines of code
High performance, Platform-independent and can manage self-memory Fast typing and rapid development
It is faster than Python Python is slower
JavaScript has a larger number of frameworks Python has fewer frameworks

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In summary, if you want fast-running and small projects, opting for JavaScript will be convenient for you. On the other hand, if you want to develop user-friendly software, web or application, Python will be your savior.

Both programming languages are great at helping business entities achieve their goals. JavaScript and Python both have huge libraries. If your project involves machine learning and data science, you can opt for Python. If you opt for mobile app development or embedded systems, choose JavaScript.

However, it is natural to be confused about which language to choose to complete your project. You can reach out to Web App Development Services to clear your dilemma. Tell us about your goals and project, and we will help you choose the languages that will serve your purpose the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Which Is Better: Python Or JavaScript?

    Both languages are leading, and there is no clear winner. Some users benefit from using Python while others are from JavaScript, making them both highly in demand.

  • 2. Which Is Easier To Understand: Python Or JavaScript?

    Python has an approach to English-like language and is easier to understand. Whereas, JavaScript is hard to understand and needs proper education and training.

  • 3. Can JavaScript Do All The Tasks That Python Can Do?

    Both programming languages have nominal differences and can almost do everything the other does. However, if you are going to develop a mobile app then opt for JavaScript and if you are opting for any data science, opt for Python.

  • 4. Which Will Be Convenient If You Want To Develop A Mobile App?

    If you want to develop a mobile app for your business, it is suggested that you choose JavaScript instead of Python. Contact us now

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