Who doesn’t like having everything on the fingertips??

Everyone does. Right!!!

From morning alarm, scrolling social media, scheduled task and what not.

Mobile apps have become one of the necessities of life.

I can hear the sound of agreement.

The world of mobile app development is enormously large. For developing a mobile app, you either go with the native mobile app which is specifically for iOS, Android or Windows, or you can choose between two different routes i.e. hybrid apps or cross-platform apps.

So let’s get to the point. In this post, I wanna talk about the two different development tools which are most popular in the development world.

Kotlin and Xamarin, I know both are different but I was very curious about Kotlin when Google announced it as first-class support on Android.

Kotlin – Becoming the Key Ingredient for the Application Development

At the last Google I/O conference, the tech giant declared that Android development now fully support Kotlin. This news made too eager to know what special Kotlin has?

This was the big news as it opened up the gates for the developers who wanted to build their own applications.

Seeing as Kotlin is highly popular and has a lot of unique features, it creates new opportunities for the present developers.

The amazing features which according to me can solve your many issues while coding are:

# Open-Source – Improve your learning by getting it for free.

Apart from being open-source, it doesn’t ask much when it comes to turning your current Java code, it’s just a matter of a click.

# Programming Becomes Fun

The best thing that Kotlin programs are much shorter. I know coding thousand lines makes us miserable many times.

In Kotlin, there is much less boilerplate code, specifically in the classes than in Java.

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Similar to Swift, Kotlin the Pascal order of variable declaration with the optional types, this makes it extremely easy for the compiler to use the inferences.

And relief from semicolons, yes. Semicolons are not necessary which makes the Kotlin program easier to understand.

# Debugging is way smoother

I know to be a developer, the pain of debugging. Kotlin let the developers define static objects and functions without needing to use a redundant class.

A developer can define all the objects and functions in one place. So, it’s a lot easier to understand which makes it simpler to debug. It’s way easier and makes sense.

#Eliminating The Billion Dollar Mistake

Kotlin’s system type eliminates the null reference from a code which is known as The Billion Dollar Mistake. The best feature is that it doesn’t compile a code that assigns or return null.

# Extra is Always Good

As its name symbolizes this adds some extra functionality to the existing component. You can combine methods to classes without making changes to their source code, you can also add methods on a per-user basis to classes.

Now let’s come to another one.

Xamarin- The Powerful Beast for Various Platforms

Do you know in early 2017 over 1.4 million developers across 120 countries worldwide were using Xamarin??

I think now you know how popular the platform is.

Xamarin is also an open source platform which uses C# for writing native User Interface codebase.

Xamarin was basically founded in May 2011. This software was created with an objective of solving the disconnection of the technology stack for native app development.

Microsoft backs Xamarin since 2016 after its acquisition.

Xamarin has the native experience and launch speed users get is nearly unmatched.

# A Shared Codebase – Sharing is less time-Consuming.

This means code reusability.


You don’t have to sit and write out separate codes for the different app platforms. Just create a single app base and you can use it across Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms.

# Get a 100% Native Performance

Xamarin offers complete access to the native APIs in various platforms to developers. There are a plethora of options to choose from. The APIs saves time as well as efforts for the developers.

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Xamarin helps in building apps that use a single code base and gives an exact experience as in several platforms.

# Easy updation and the might of C#

Apps are easy to update. One of its core benefits is the ability to make updates, improvements to the apps over the lifespan of an app relatively easy.

And the best thing is coding in C# provides a handful of benefits. Such as it’s very easy to learn, any purpose utility and flexibility.

# Cost Efficiency

Writing multiple codes for native app building in multiple platforms is trivial. It draws too many man hour without offering an equivalent result.

Though, with cross-platform mobile app development using Xamarin, the cost to create multiple apps for various platforms remains low. The same code can be reused to create mobile apps that function, perform and execute native UX.

# A complete Development Ecosystem

Xamarin comes in one package with whole development toolset, including its own IDE, SDKs, Xamarin Test cloud, distribution and analytics platforms.

Thus, you don’t require to spend on additional tools or integrate the third-party apps to create, test and deploy your Xamarin apps.

Wrapping it up

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Xamarin and Kotlin both are very different and have unique features. Both the languages have their own advantages, but it depends on the project’s requirement which one to choose. A reliable mobile app development company can suggest you a suitable platform. If you wanna build an application then look for a company with Best App Development Services with expertise.

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