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Twitter Like App Development

Providing a Progressive Twitter Like software solution

We provide smart solutions for your Twitter-like app, creating a robust app design with a powerful dashboard for both IOS and Android.

Twitter Like App Development Company

The spike in the usage of social media platforms is due to several technological advancements. Interactive messaging apps are continuously influencing entrepreneurs to develop their custom apps that work similarly to Twitter.

Auxano Global Services is a leading mobile app development company having immense expertise in social media app development. Our Twitter-like app solution is fully customized to meet your business requirements.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced team of app developers, then we have on-board expert developers and programmers to build Twitter-like apps. We ensure to utilize the latest tools and technologies to build your messaging app innovatively for both iOS and Android.

Develop an app like twitter

Why should you choose our Twitter Like App?

Twitter clone app

Marketing & Branding

Supports iOS and Android

Get Bug free app & Post-delivery maintenance

Effortlessly adjust several users' activity

Admin Panel to manage all the features of your mobile application

Robust Project Management with Agile methods

Developed by an experienced and renowned team of mobile developers

What makes us Unique and Diverse from other companies?

  • All-inclusive Customizations

  • Robust Admin Dashboard

  • Timely Distribution

  • Safe system installation

  • Performing scalable functions

  • Proper support and maintenance

  • Integrating Cloud technology

  • Cross-platform operations

  • Affordable solutions

twitter like app development


Login with Social Media

The app lets users sign up with their social media profiles. This will be a quick login method without manually entering all the information.


Users can easily set their privacy and other settings such as private profile, dark mode, theme, and groups.

Edit Profile option

Here, the users can build their profile to manage all the details like Name, age, gender, search history, and payment methods.

Add Images

User can add up to four images in a single tweet/post. This will help you drive more engagement.


Having an in-build filter option for editing videos/images will increase your app's popularity. Users can edit photos with tools like crop, rotate, color correction, and perspective correction; and post them to their profiles.


Get trending updates about what's happening around you, maybe in your friend's lives or celebrities.


This page lets users post their live videos instead of going back to the gallery and posting the old videos.

Activity Log

Here, users get information about their friends who have joined the same application and their posts.

Search Option

With the advanced search, users can find messages which originated in their locality, track brand mentions, do in-depth research, save previous searches and follow the right people in their industry.


Users can talk to each other with the Chat Option. We offer custom features here like image/video sharing, stickers, GIF, and more.

User Part Application Flow


Splash Screen

The app has Interactive and Visually-appealing Splash screens to engage more users.



After signing up, users can log in with their username and password.



If the user registers using their mobile number, an OTP would be sent for verification.



Before proceeding, the user has to enter the correct OTP to verify the mobile number they have entered.


Verification Complete

Once the number is verified, they will receive a Process success notification.



With this option, users can find and explore various pages and profiles.


Profile View

Edit your profile and fill in all the personal details in the Edit profile section.


Do Popular searches

Find popular channels, pages, or updates with the search option.



Users can post stories and view others' stories. Stories last for 24 hours and expire afterward.


Search Profiles

You can search for a specific profile and follow them.


Live Sessions

The live option lets users go live and chat with their followers.


Live Videos

Here a user can share a video from their gallery or record it with the camera.


Vacation offers

Users can get reasonable offers for vacation plans.



Users can comment on someone's post expressing their views. You can also comment on someone's live session and see other's comments too.


User Profile

View and edit your profile to keep it updated.


Turn on Notifications

You can turn notifications on/off for receiving alerts about messages and posts.


Invite Friends

Here users can invite their friends to join the app.


Profile View

Users can search and view their friend's profiles and follow them.


Additional Settings

Users get more options, like adding privacy to their profile.



Find information about the app and its developers.


Chat Box

The chat box lets you chat with your friends and keep a history of the chats.


Chat List

View all your chats with a chat list on the dashboard.



Users can view their friends or add more to their list.



Turning app notifications means that the user will be notified for follow requests, messages, like, comment and mentions.


Edit Profile

This section lets users edit their personal information and enter details that are visible to other users.



An in-app camera allows users to click pictures and directly send them to their friends via the chat option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SMS form in a Twitter-like app?

    Twitter-like apps focus on interacting with each other through short messages which works similar to microblogging.

  • Can you add videos on Twitter Like apps?

    Yes. You can stream videos for up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. This is the ideal video limit at present.

  • How do Tweets work in the form of messaging?

    You can write a message up to 290 characters and continue the same message in form of a thread for more characters.

  • What is the duration of the installation process?

    With the digital ocean server, the web installation would complete in 48 hours. For IOS and Android submissions, it takes 48 hours to upload the files, and then the store reviews them. The app goes live when the app store reviews it thoroughly.


The above page is written for informational & reference purpose. We do not intend to infringe any copyright policy or do not possess any third-party material.

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