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UberEats like App development

Bring the restaurant to your doorstep with an effective UberEats clone app!

Be rest assured about on-time and reliable delivery with the UberEats clone app and get 24/7 tech support from our highly professional developers.

About UberEats Like App Solution

Give your customers a treat by launching a UberEats like app. It is an on-demand food delivery app that not only meets the customer’s needs but can also bring good revenue to your food delivery business. UberEats clone falls under the list of a digital marketplace where a person can order the food by sitting in every nook and cranny of the world, just with a few simple steps in no time.

UberEats clone app is going to give relief to those who are busy with their hectic work schedules and don’t have enough time to prepare a meal every other day. The basic idea behind this app is to make customers comfortable in their daily routine and don’t let the food come into their professional lives.

Thereby, Auxano Global Services introduces excellent support systems and innovative solutions for your food delivery venture to compete healthily in this highly competitive market.

Services we offer in Food Delivery App

Control page

Signing up to the app needs social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sign up at your ease.


This feature will benefit both businesses as well as customers. Admin will receive notifications when they receive an order and folks will get notifications for every special offer or discount.


Ordering is quite simple for customers. You can order, cancel, or schedule the delivery slot at your convenience and with the acceptance of the restaurant.

Instant search

We offer advanced filter options and it becomes easy to look for the restaurant based on location, price, cuisine, etc.


Customers can easily find their favorite cuisines or restaurants under this feature. Order your food quickly.

Product page

The application will be wisely controlled by the admin and owners of restaurants will be given the power to manage their products.

24/7 global support

We offer a 24/7 support system to remove all the issues related to delivery and ordering of the food.

Lifetime license

You will get a lifetime license and a single payment revived license plan for restaurant vendors.

Free installation of the app

We do not charge anything for the installation services of the app.

Legally protected

Maintaining and protecting users’ information is the main priority while building this app. We will provide you the legally protected app.

Support after app rejection

We assure you to provide full support even if any rejection happens after app submission and bring you the new acceptable app.


You will get a secure app in terms of data safety, hack-proof, and source code protection.

An advanced app to simplify food delivery like UberEats

For businesses of all kinds
Make a profitable move by launching an online food delivery app. If you want to enter into business, then the Ubereats-like app is the best investment that can climb you up in no time. It’s high time to flourish your online food ordering business.
Food ordering and delivery agent management business
Opt for a smooth flow in the food ordering and delivery business. Give your users an extremely user-friendly food ordering app like Ubereats, that they will love to install and order the food.
Entrepreneur and government
Invest in your own food delivery app and grow your business. Whether for entrepreneurs or the government, an online food delivery app like UberEats is great to start with.

UberEats like App | User app features

Login using social media

Do you have any social media accounts? These are sufficient to login/sign up for the food delivery app.

OTP verification

An OTP is sent to the registered id or phone number of the user to verify the authentication.

List of products

This is the feature where you can see a huge list of cuisines. Choose the one from the list and order instantly.

Live order tracking

This is one of the best features of uber eats clone. A user can track the order, the exact location of the delivery agent, and the exact arrival time of the order.

Search by category

This allows the customers to select from the best restaurants. Choose the one based on high ratings and the best reviews of other customers.

UberEats like App | Delivery person features

Delivery person’s availability toggle

This feature is enticing for delivery valet. He/she can choose the time and serve the customers according to his/her convenience.

Accept/Reject the request

A delivery boy has the full power to accept or reject the order request based on his availability. It is possible for him to hand over the service to the other person if he is not present at that location or at that time.

Verified providers

All the food offering restaurants are trusted and verified so that users may never have to face the issue with the quality and delivery of the food.

In-app push notifications

This feature is to notify the admin about all the new orders from various users and to let individuals aware of all the offers and discounts that are currently running in different restaurants.

Delivery management

It is now easy for customers to pay for their orders in various manners either online or in cash.

UberEats like App | Restaurant features

Restaurant vendor’s availability toggle

Just like the delivery agent, restaurants will also have the power to show their availability at particular timings. They can switch off or on depending upon their desire.

Separate dashboard for restaurant vendor

There would be a separate dashboard for vendors so that they clarify the customers with all their queries.

Restaurant vendor profile

Under this feature, a restaurant will be having a separate profile to manage a horde of issues.

Order management

Customers may order any dish from any restaurant, but it’s their choice whether they want to accept or reject the order made by customers.

Booking for the scheduled time

It is completely in the hands of vendors to accept and manage bookings as per their scheduled timings.

UberEats like App | Admin features

Dispatcher panel to assign the driver

You will be having a dispatcher panel that can look over the order and can assign the driver for its timely delivery.

Delivery radius

Customers can choose the restaurants that are nearer. This ensures the fastest delivery and users can easily track their food without any hassle. Moreover, it is also good for the delivery person to deliver the food at nearby places.

God’s eye view

This feature enables customers to view the full map and find the exact location of the delivery agent.

Heat map in Admin

This is great to optimize the delivery route and to provide the quickest delivery to customers with the UberEats-like app.

Algorithm of the delivery person

Which delivery boy should be sent for the next order, it all depends upon the Admin panel. It can choose the nearer delivery valet to complete the food delivery.

Extra features of UberEats like app

Manage address

There can be a horde of restaurants or users’ addresses in the app. Admin can view and delete any of them whenever required.

Push notifications

Push notifications are for the ease of the customer. They may come to know about the driver as well as the order details through these.


The app will offer the option of filtering the restaurants based on the type of food. Customers can save their time in this way and can order the food quickly.

Book and cancel the order

Orders can be accepted or rejected depending upon the availability of the driver or restaurant.

Payment integration

Upon finalizing the food items from any selected restaurant, the app will take the customer to the payment page where the details of the total amount will be provided, as the cost of food, tax amount, delivery charges, etc.


This feature enables the admin to track the driver’s route after collecting the order and also aids customers in viewing the activities of the restaurant and driver.

Bill estimation

UberEats like app will come with numerous built-in discount offers or coupon codes to provide the best deal for customers.

Favorite restaurant

Pick up your favorite food from your favorite restaurant and enlist it under your favorites.

Custom notes

This feature helps the admin panel in making custom notes regarding all previous orders and payments.

Delivery person earning details

This app will definitely generate good revenue for you. Along with this, you can also earn profits from various other modes like user subscriptions, banner advertisements, etc.

History management

This feature allows the admin panel to keep a record of all the orders and payments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Advanced reports

Keep all your records like your daily orders, payments, profits made, and many other things in an efficient manner through this feature.

Delivery charge/tax/gst

Delivery charges, taxes, and GST, the details of all these can be kept in the invoice by Admin.

Advanced analytics

Through analytics, the admin can keep an eye on the traffic coming to your app. If needed to attract more users, then Admin can make respective changes to the app.

Reorder food

UberEats solution provides the feature of reordering the food. Sometimes, customers like the previous order and want to repeat the order from the same restaurant. So, you don’t need to look for the restaurant again and can simply click on the option of re-order.

List of products

There would be a list of products for the users to choose their favorite dish from a number of cuisines listed there.

Google navigation

This proves to be beneficial from a driver's point of view to locate and deliver the food to the right location.

Notice board

This notice board is for all the users, drivers, and restaurants, which shows the latest discounts or alerts.

Schedule appointment

Customers will have the authority to schedule the order anytime according to their convenience. However, orders will only be processed if restaurants would be available by that time.

Restaurant banners

The restaurant banners over the app are just to increase the traffic and drive more customers.

Referral earnings and friends invite

This feature enables users to get some discounts on their next order if they refer the app to their family or friends.

Email notification

All information related to various discounts, offers, or bookings will also be sent to the email address of users and drivers.

Customer support

All the queries of users will be sorted out in 24 hours with 24/7 customer support service.

SMS authentication

Not every individual needs to have similar tastes. So, users can let the restaurants be aware of some special instructions like less spicy or more to take care of while preparing the food.

Commission tracking report

It is easy to manage the commission report using the admin dashboard for each restaurant vendor.

Set restaurant vendor’s range

It is upon the admin to set the restaurant vendor’s range.

Internal chat between user/driver and admin

There is an option for an internal chat in the app as well. This can be between user and admin or driver and admin.

Order now or schedule

Get the hold over the order. If you do not want to order the food now, then you can schedule the order delivery according to your wish.

Multiple payment gateways

Order the food and pay the vendor in the way you want. Pay in cash or online, and you can choose any one of the options. Moreover, the admin can also manage the payment mode.

Review and ratings

In this feature, customers can write their experience with the restaurant vendor and can give ratings by considering the taste and authenticity of the food. They can also give feedback on the delivery boy’s service.

Dispute management

This feature is for settling disputes among customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the user have the option to track the order?

    Yes, users can track their orders from the app anytime.

  • Do you provide multiple payment options in the app?

    Yes, users can pay online as well as in cash.

  • Do you include an option to rate/review the delivery?

    Yes, it is there in the app through which you can rate and review the restaurant, food, and delivery service of the driver.

  • Does your app contain promotion/coupon codes?

    Yes, the UberEats like app will have in-built coupon codes to provide great deals on food for you.


The above page is written for informational & reference purpose. We do not intend to infringe any copyright policy or do not possess any third-party material.

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