The moment you decide to make an app for your business, the ultimate stress you buy for yourself is the number of app downloads or success your app is likely to generate.

Yes, you heard me very much right, the app downloads are the first and the last thing which keeps banging in your head during the app development process since you know that without the significant number of app downloads on your mobile app, you can never win the battle of app survival.


C’mon, you need to know that app downloads are the primary analytic which clearly shows that whether your mobile app is a success or a failure. The very mention of ‘fail’ word drives you bonkers, but you could go completely insane if your app does not fare well on the respective app stores and would be not downloaded by the targeted audience.

So, the strategy to save yourself from this negative situation is nothing but getting the right dose of platforms, so it can be saved further from the horror of losing the number of downloads.

So what is the strategy to deal with this situation???

The answer is that you must choose efficient mobile app ideas to help your app get downloaded by the targeted set of audiences.


Are you sure that with specific ideas, you would receive commendable downloads???

Yes, it is very much possible when you decide to proceed with certain app ideas …and those are…

Why don’t you just read ahead????

1️⃣ Social Media Job App


Social media is the growing fad and it is not going to stop anywhere soon. An app that helps users to chat, share, connect while securing the job opportunities, is nothing but a blessing indeed. In such an app concept, your users can get social networking and get job recommendations.

2️⃣ Food Delivery App


The invasion of popular food delivery apps; Zomato, Swiggy & UberEats have already opened a floodgate of opportunities for the businesses. When you get a food delivery app for your startup, then ultimately, you allow a massive chunk of users to use your app.

3️⃣ Translation App


Language translation is a need of the hour, and that is utilized by different businesses for different purposes. An app with translation functionality brings multiple users to travelers, or even help professionals to use to handle their international delegates.

4️⃣ Sports App With AR


There are many existing sports apps in the market, and there is no doubt that such apps are already creating a stir in the Market. But you can revamp the complete app by including the AR technology into it. Letting the users enjoy the best sports experience with their friends while visualizing through AR technology.

5️⃣ Cooking App


No, it’s not about the conventional cooking app, but a cooking app with a twist. With this new concept, you can let the users store their old and traditional recipes.

Also within the app, the features will allow users to search, store, and create new recipes.  This sort of app will surely help you to garner the attention of the users, and bring maximum downloads.

6️⃣ Travel App


Who doesn’t like to travel? The answer is everyone does!

We all love to travel & explore new places. In such a demanding space, an app platform that can help users to travel to some adventurous or fun-filled places will help your app to succeed ahead.

7️⃣ On-Demand Laundry App


Laundry is the necessity and that speaks every day’s need. An app offering the on-demand services for the laundry services would always help the users in many ways. Hire dedicated developers, so your users can get better services at their fingertips and can allow them to figure out the best strategies to get their job done efficiently.

8️⃣ Budget App


The mere thought of setting a budget for your app keeps you motivated and engaged as well. The same feeling your users also get, when they receive the assistance for managing their finances. An app that is stored in the mobiles can give them check, manage and balance their expenditure, which helps a lot of users.

9️⃣ Coaching App


We all stay busy with our daily schedule, there are very fewer chances that we get time to get training or coaching of our desired activities. In such a chaotic situation, only one platform that can help the users to access their desired activities is online platforms.

You must get an online coaching app designed & developed, which would cater to the ready-to-serve content and services to the audience.

🔟 Disaster Alert App


An app in need is a friend indeed!

This statement falls fit for this app concept. Here you must know that natural disaster is the untimely dreadful incident that can happen to anyone at any time.

An app with a disaster alert will help your users to use it more frequently. You seek suggestions from your mobile app development company to add multiple features in such apps, like rescue suggestions, safety measures and other emergency numbers handy like police, ambulance or fire.

You must consider these app concepts to help your Startup to raise the number of downloads and secure higher ROI model as well.


🔆 Giving A Personalized Touch

Your app has a specific color theme and it might be liked or might not be liked by a few, although it is not a very big and main reason behind the fewer app downloads, but just visualize a situation where the users can change the app color, app fonts, app theme as per their convenience.

It is equivalent to leaving your imprints on the mobile app and it would help the users to get a much-personalized experience for themselves and seriously it would give them a reason to stay engaged and use your mobile app more frequently.

🔆 In-App Referral Codes

The in-app referral codes which let the users access the services at the reduced cost are nothing but a blessed opportunity for the users and it encourages the users to use your app since they get the instant monetary benefits.

Let us take an example…with the Uber mobile app, you get the referral code which truly uplifts the spirit of the users to use the mobile app further. Thus make sure that you may have the in-app referral codes integrated into your app.

🔆 Accessible Features

App monetization is the priority, but you don’t need to rush to get the money out of the app from the very first go, rather you must let the users access the basic features so they can get addicted to your app, and then ask them to pay for the premium version where they can access the remaining features.

This would help your app to gain attention and also the recognition amongst the targeted audience.


Thus it is proven that a mobile app can be sold like a hot cake, if it has the right set of features as a part of it, also you must ensure that your mobile app must possess and offer a seamless experience, and this can only happen when you decide to make an app from a top mobile app development company only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the most profitable Apps Ideas?

    Mobile applications are an excellent start for a successful startup. As a startup or if you want to enter into the app world, you should opt for on-demand apps such as Social Media Job Apps, Travel Apps, Food Delivery App, Laundry App. Apart from these apps, you can also go for apps such as AR Sports App, Budget App, Disaster Alert App, Translation App, etc.

  • 2. How much does app development cost?

    App development can cost around $10k to $50k depending upon the type of app, features required, complexity, and hourly charges of app developers.

  • 3. What is Mobile App Development?

    Mobile app development is the process of developing mobile applications that are used in mobile devices. This process contains various steps, and you need a mobile app development company for this task.

  • 4. How do you come up with an App Idea?

    To find our unique app idea, all it takes is Research. Yes, research the app stores to find out already existing ideas and then think of something unique that people will need or you think will be a good fit in the market.

  • 5. How much does it cost to develop an On-demand app in 2024?

    Developing the cost of an on-demand app in 2024 will start from approximately $20k depending upon the type of app. It also depends upon the features, the complexity of the project, the mobile app development company‘s hourly charges, and the region you choose for the development.

  • 6. What is Social media job app? How much does it cost to develop in 2024?

    Job portals are not just for getting jobs now; they have become social media job apps, where you can connect with professionals and relevant people from your industry. These applications are vast apps you can go for two apps, one for connections and one for applying for jobs. These social media job apps can cost around $20k to $60k depending upon the complexity of the concept.

  • 7. How much does it cost to develop a Food delivery app in 2023?

    A food delivery application can cost you around $12k to $25k in 2023. The cost can fluctuate depending on the features and requirements.

  • 8. What is Translation app? How much does it cost to build in 2023?

    Translation apps are mobile apps that are used to translate languages as per the user’s preference, and they are most popular among travelers. The translation app development cost will be between $10k to $30k.

  • 9. How much does it cost to build an Augmented reality app?

    An augmented reality application can cost approx $10k to $50k. The cost factor also depends on the requirement, type of application, and the number of features.

  • 10. What is Disaster alert app? How much does it cost to develop in 2023?

    Disaster alert apps are the apps that aware of any upcoming disaster based on calculation or scientific logic. They are very popular nowadays, and it costs around $10k to $50k to develop a disaster app.

  • 11. How much does it cost to develop a Travel app in 2023?

    Travel applications can cost between $10k to $50k in 2023, depending upon the type of application. The app development cost depends on various factors, such as the number of features and the hourly charge of the mobile app development company.

  • 12. How much should a simple mobile app cost?

    A simple mobile app development cost starts from $10k and can go up as per the complexity, features you require. The app cost also fluctuates as per the region you go for app development and even the company you pick.

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