Subscription-based platforms are all the rage these days. Popular websites like Netflix and Amazon have swooned with users of all age groups and cultures. When discussing these platforms, we cannot overlook OnlyFans. It’s a proactive NFT-based subscription marketplace, aggregating several content creators and artists.

OnlyFans has thousands of active monthly users. Besides, the NFT-driven platform is continuously growing and breaking all existing records. You might be intrigued to have a deep dive into OnlyFans.

But, wait!

We will get into the subtle (and not-so-subtle) aspects of the NFT-based subscription marketplace like OnlyFans. But before going anywhere, let’s review some eye-popping statistics related to OnlyFans right below!

  • Do you know? OnlyFans has over 170 million users in 2022.
  • The OnlyFans community has over 500,000 content creators.
  • OnlyFans achieved more than $2 billion in sales in 2020, with annual net sales of $400 million.
  • The leading content creators on OnlyFans make higher than $100,000 every month.
  • OnlyFans has given out over $2 billion to its artists and content creators.
  • OnlyFans has approximately 1.5 million creator accounts.
  • OnlyFans predicted that gross merchandise value will rise from $2.2 billion in 2020 to $12.5 billion by 2022, with net revenue becoming more than five times to $2.5 billion.

Woah! These figures were hefty. Weren’t they?

These lucrative and mind-boggling statistics compel many developers and investors to build a classic NFT-based subscription marketplace like OnlyFans.

Now that you are all charged up, let’s go deeper into understanding the versatile aspects of NFT-based subscription marketplaces like OnlyFans. Since Auxano Global Service is the best NFT-based subscription marketplace development company, we have the perfect know-how of building a successful platform model that becomes a massive hit overnight.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Understanding the meaning of NFT-based subscription marketplace like OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a renowned platform among content creators and users. It’s a subscription-based platform where artists, models, and actors release their exclusive content for fans who pay an amount to view it.

Various personalities from the domains of music, gaming, modeling, fitness, and other fields have accounts and pages on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans was established and rolled out in 2016 by Timothy Stokely and has since grown to become the most popular content-sharing network. It does not lag as more creators and fans discover the site every day.

You’ll be shocked to know many notable celebrities use OnlyFans to make money. Key players from diverse industries like musicians, artists, and influencers can use OnlyFans to release authentic content that doesn’t roll out on other platforms. Fans join the platform to view specific images, videos, and posts from their favorite content creators.

Content providers on OnlyFans can get money from fans every month, and from tips and the pay-per-view option. For example, Blac Chyna charges $20 a month for access to her OnlyFans website, while rapper Rubi Rose made $100,000 in nearly two days by resharing her Instagram photographs to the OnlyFans users.

Actress Bella Thorne broke all records by earning over $2 million in a week on OnlyFans. And that’s the highest record ever made on OnlyFans!

OnlyFans has several prominent personalities sharing their exclusive content with fans through the NFT-driven marketplace. Some of the key celebrities are:

  • Famous musicians: Cardi B, Tyga, Bella Thorne, Chris Brown, Austin Mahone, and Aarone Carter.
  • Influencers: Bhad Bhabie, Tana Mongeau, Jordyn Woods, DJ Khaled, and Fat Joe
  • Reality TV stars: Farrah Abraham, Blac Chyna, Dorinda Medley, and Larsa Pippen
  • Fitness influencers: Ana Cheri, Kiera Bernier, Holly Barker, and Alex Mara

You might know many of these famous personalities. Now you know that creating an NFT-based marketplace like OnlyFans will attract celebrities who can gather more audiences for your platform. Ultimately, it’s a million-dollar idea.

Benefits of investing in OnlyFans-like marketplaces

OnlyFans marketplaces are popular among investors. It offers a gamut of benefits to investors and developers they cannot ignore. Some of the eye-catching advantages of building and investing in an NFT-based subscription marketplace like OnlyFans are:

Benefits of investing in OnlyFans-like marketplaces


1. Content creators to bring more traffic

OnlyFans has many celebrity content creators. You can develop a marketplace like OnlyFans to attract such personalities who will attract their followers to join your platform.

2. Higher Revenues

Investors can generate higher returns by building a custom-built OnlyFans-like platform. Since the user base keeps growing in the marketplace, you can expect higher profitability in a short span.

3. One-time investment

Developing an OnlyFans-like platform requires investing just once. After the community becomes up and running, you can generate higher profitability with minor maintenance and no looking back.

4. Global audiences

The OnlyFans-like platform does not stay restricted to a specific region. It has a global outreach and massive audiences connecting from all countries and regions.

5. Highest authority

Hosting an OnlyFans-like platform gives you the highest authority. You can get full control over the content shares, users joining, and creators working on the platform. It’s all in your hands!

6. Multiple monetization schemes

You can leverage multiple monetization models to get revenues from the OnlyFans-like platform. So, your ROI can keep growing when investing in an NFT-based marketplace development.

Benefits of an NFT-based subscription marketplace for content creators

Content creators have multiple benefits from joining an OnlyFans-like platform. These reasons make these marketplaces highly popular with an exponentially growing creator community. Let’s review these advantages right below!

Benefits of an NFT-based subscription marketplace for content creators


1. Full living or side hustle

The OnlyFans-like platforms have numerous content creators aiming at generating higher revenues. They can either make a full living or use the platform for side hustles.

2. Simple to set up and use

The NFT-based marketplaces are simple and user-friendly. As a content creator, you can quickly set up your account and start sharing your content in a short span.

3. Timely payment

The OnlyFans-like platforms have a healthy payment model for the content creators. So, you can get your payment on time provided you deserve the amount according to their guidelines.

4. Create and post almost anything

The OnlyFans-like platforms have minimal restrictions on what you can post. You can share almost anything using the NFT-based marketplaces, provided you have reviewed their guidelines.

5. Higher incomes

One of the most prominent benefits of launching an OnlyFans-like account is higher incomes. You can make more money by sharing your content on these platforms than on any other.

What’s in store for users?

We have already covered the benefits of NFT-based marketplaces for developers, investors, and content creators. Now, you might be thinking about the advantages of an OnlyFans-like platform for the users. Let’s examine!

What’s in store for users?


1. Exclusive content

Content creators share their exclusive content on OnlyFans-like platforms. Users or fans can view them by paying a nominal fee.

2. High accessibility

You can access the premium content released by creators at any point in time and from anywhere. So, users can stay connected with their favorite personalities by joining the OnlyFans-like marketplaces.

3. Archives Feature

The OnlyFans-like platforms store all the released content from their favorite creators forever (unless deleted by the author). You can get lifelong access to view their media by joining the marketplaces.

4. Engage with the active community

The OnlyFans-like platforms hold a massive community. Since it’s a social media, users can connect and share various content online.

Would you like to develop an NFT-based subscription marketplace


You have a knee-deep knowledge of the benefits of an OnlyFans-like platform for users, content creators, and investors. It’s time to understand the working of an OnlyFans-like platform.

Working on OnlyFans-like platforms

OnlyFans’ content is protected behind a payment shield. It implies that accessing it costs money for the users or creators. All the OnlyFans members should use card details to access the platform (we’ll discuss it below). This money goes straight to the content authors. The platform accomplishes this by putting creators and their audiences in direct contact.

OnlyFans allows users to sign up using their email address or a Twitter or Google account. It’s worth noting that the platform doesn’t distinguish between a general account and a creator’s account. A single account can be used for both purposes – to create content and watch videos.

Before setting their membership fees, new authors must provide their bank account information like other users. To get more fans, they may decide to keep their content free. You can replicate a similar model in your OnlyFans-like platform. However, it’s better to create a uniform pay scale to attract more content creators. A higher number of content creators signifies more audiences, after all.

Before subscribing to a creator, customers must first enroll in payment cards. Even if an influencer’s content is free, they must provide payment information to access it. As already mentioned, paywalls protect access to OnlyFans-like platforms.

After that, users can begin looking for and enjoying the content of their favorite artists. Consumers can interact with them via comments and direct messaging, as well as provide them suggestions for good postings. Also, users can talk to other viewers on OnlyFans. It’s more like a social media platform with a different payment model.

They can also communicate with the creators in the form of PPV direct messages to learn more about them and to express their gratitude. They get to be a part of the community of their favorite creators.

Top NFT-based subscription marketplace features to consider

Your platform features will bring more audiences to join the NFT-based marketplace. Here are some of the functionalities your OnlyFans-like platform should have. Have a look right below!

Top NFT-based subscription marketplace features to consider


1. Homepage

The homepage is more like a social media feed. Users can get various content from their favorite creators and know about new artists.

2. Celebrities and fan connection

Users can get message features to talk to their favorite content creators. You can keep the message access free or charge a fee. It depends on you ultimately!

3. Post uploads

Content creators can upload videos and images on the OnlyFans-like platforms. It’s a simple feature every content creator gets by joining the marketplace.

4. NFT minting

Users get an option to mint their authentic content shared on these platforms. It will help them make more money.

5. Wallet integration

Users can transact funds on the OnlyFans-like platforms based on NFT. These transactions are made simple through a wallet integration.

6. Affiliate Marketing

You can activate an affiliate marketing option for the content creators on your platform. They can promote brands and earn money on the NFT-based marketplace.

Additional features to drive attention

Apart from the above essential features, you can provide your users with additional functionalities like the following:

Additional features to drive attention


1. Multiple media for a single post

Users can get a feature of uploading multiple media in a single post for an enhanced experience.

2. Polls

Creators can share polls for users and drive higher engagement on your OnlyFans-like platform.

3. Post expiration feature

You can enable a post-expiration feature where content creators can define timelines beyond which the posts will disappear from the OnlyFans-like platform.

4. Chatbot integration

You can add a chatbot on the NFT-based subscription marketplace for users to get answers to any questions they get when using your platform.

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OnlyFans-like platform – the monetization model

The NFT-based marketplaces have various monetization models. The investors get a high income after complying with any of the following schemes:

OnlyFans-like platform - the monetization model


1. Subscription charges

OnlyFans-like platforms have a subscription charge for viewers. It’s one of the most prominent monetization models you can use.

2. Private messages

You can charge a fee from the users when sending a message to their favorite content creators. You can use this model with the subscription scheme to make higher revenues.

3. In-App Advertisement

You can allow advertisements into the platform from third-party vendors. Since your marketplace has a massive audience, you can charge a high subscription fee from the external parties to post their advertisement on your marketplace.

How can Auxano Global Services help you?

As a leading NFT Marketplace development company, Auxano Global Services has extensive experience building NFT-based marketplaces like OnlyFans. We can help you create a massive marketplace that becomes a chartbuster among content creators and users.

Here are the top benefits you can get by collaborating with us:

  • We have a robust team of dedicated developers and designers to create interactive platforms for your benefit.
  • Our competitive pricing model doesn’t keep you burdened to create intuitive OnlyFans-like marketplaces.
  • We can integrate a plethora of features into your platform to make it more interesting for the users.


OnlyFans-like platforms have become a hit formula in the industry. Since NFTs are growing, you can expect new transitions in the future to add to your benefits. So, it’s high time to build a platform like OnlyFans. Do you need our assistance? Contact us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are NFT-based marketplaces like OnlyFans?

    OnlyFans is a content-sharing platform where famous celebrities, content creators, influencers, and musicians share exclusive content with users. These platforms have a subscription fee for users to join the marketplace and access the creator posts online. Besides, they have a wallet integration that allows NFT transactions on the platform.

  • 2. What are the benefits of developing an OnlyFans-like platform?

    Developing an OnlyFans-like platform has several benefits like higher returns on investments, massive audiences, and ever-growing popularity. You can deploy several monetization models to churn higher income from an NFT-based marketplace like OnlyFans.

  • 3. What are the various monetization models for an OnlyFans-like platform?

    Platforms like OnlyFans have several monetization models including in-app purchases, in-app advertisements, subscription plans, and fee charges to message a specific content creator. You can leverage all these models or choose one to monetize your OnlyFans-like platform.

  • 4. What are the essential features in a OnlyFans-like platform?

    Any NFT-based subscription marketplace like OnlyFans has some essential features like homepage, posts uploading, subscription payment, in-app messaging, posts archive, etc. You can add extra features like a chatbot, post-expiration, and polls.

  • 5. How can Auxano Global Services help you?

    Auxano Global Services is the best NFT-based subscription marketplace development company. Having years of experience, we know the perfect sauce to create a popular OnlyFans-like platform for users. Our team can understand your specific requirements and develop premium marketplaces catered to your demands. Besides, we have a competitive price point that makes the OnlyFans-like platform a breeze for you. Contact us now.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about NFT Based Subscription Marketplace like OnlyFans?

    As one of the Best NFT Marketplace development company we are here to help you. to know more about OnlyFans like Subscription Based NFT Marketplace development solutions feel free to contact us at or call us on +1.209.736.5046

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