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Every day, there is a new software success story. However, what many people don’t know is that in addition to the lucky few who have the talent and drive to create unique products, most of them are more likely to end up in a presentation with a rejection letter than on top of the App Store.

This podcast will explore the ten primary causes of project failure. We’ll cover everything from faulty expectations to weak leadership and much more! Lastly, we’ll provide
You have some tips on avoiding these common mistakes so you can feel confident when embarking on your next software project.

As a software development company, we’ve been on the front lines of software projects gone wrong. We’ve seen projects that were doomed from the beginning, and we’ve seen projects that were so destined for greatness they were a sure thing. With so many of these stories being made public and emulated, you’ll want to keep them all in mind when planning your next project.

Whether it’s one of the ten items we’ll cover in this podcast or just a simple checklist you run down each day, be sure to cover your bases before beginning production and risk losing your time and money.

With that said, let’s jump into our top 10 list of why software projects fail!