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The world of app development has never been this exciting, thanks to the rise of cross-platform frameworks. These apps have made it easier for developers to create the same app for iOS, Android, and Windows in a fraction of the time it would normally take. If you’re looking to build life-changing apps that will reach an untapped audience on both mobile and desktop, cross-platform frameworks are your best bet. This post covers some of the most popular choices out there.

Cross-platform development saves around 30%-40% compared to Native Apps. It cuts 2X the time required to build an app and 3X the time needed to update. With businesses shifting to cross-platform apps, the need for skilled cross-platform developers has increased manifold. What are you waiting for?

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Gone are the days when developers would create native apps for a single platform and launch them on various platforms. These apps were created separately for each platform using similar code, which made developing, testing, and maintaining a nightmare. Apart from wasting time and money, it was impossible to reach out to an audience using mobile devices on different platforms.

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