The front-end development relies a lot on JavaScript. As the time is flowing, the developers are presented with more efficient front-end development tools. Though these tools are innovated to make the job of the developers easy, multiple powerful options create confusion as well.

Being a top front-end development company in USA, we have an immense understanding of the best front-end frameworks. Our dedicated front-end developers are inquisitive about the latest framework and technology in order to create next-gen development.

Similarly, two of the most powerful front-end tools, the ReactJS and VueJS, add to the dilemma of the developers to choose one among them for their projects. Below you will find all that you need to know about these master tools, satiate your curiosity, and easily pick out one.

What is the Difference Between ReactJS and VueJS?

ReactJS vs VueJs: Which Is the Best Front-End Framework

Both ReactJS and VueJS are competent, and they provide enormous functionalities to the developers. However, it is necessary to know the major points of differences between the two frameworks.

Released in February 2014, VueJS comes out as the superior choice over ReactJS when the developer wants to build a single page application. Whereas ReactJS came into existence in May 2013 as a framework to develop an interactive user-interface, and both single page and mobile applications. Likewise, the two robust front-end frameworks differ in the following parameters:


ReactJS uses one-way binding, while VueJS utilizes two-way binding. The CLI and two-way binding in VueJS makes front-end development a lot easier than ReactJS.


ReactJS is more complex than VueJS, and application development in the former takes more time than VueJS. The projects in VueJS are easily deployable.


ReactJS uses powerful reactive libraries and programming, making it fully-reactive and functional. One such library in ReactJS is the Redux. Also, VueJS provides reactivity on the JavaScript objects.

Flexibility and Coding Speed

ReactJS lags behind VueJS both in terms of flexibility and speed of coding. VueJS has modular sections enabling the framework to adapt quickly to multiple projects and environments.

Performance and Weight

ReactJS falls back to the performance parameter. The developers prefer VueJS over ReactJS for achieving better performance and automatic updating of the batches. Also, ReactJS is bulkier than the other competitor, VueJS. For the development of small projects, VueJs seems to be a vast and hefty framework to be used.

Company Adoption

ReactJS has been adopted by several big players in the industry as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Codecademy, Yahoo Mail, and the New York Times for the development of their web or mobile applications. VueJS gives an equal competition with its adoption by Nike, HBO, PayPal, Sony, Upwork, and Freelancer.

Where are the Two Frameworks Similar?

Through the points of distinctions are many, yet the two efficient competitors share some similarities as well. Both of these front-end frameworks are the best choices for the developers. These frameworks came into being a short while ago, but have developed vast community support.

ReactJS and VueJS have almost the same performance, with the latter having slightly enhanced performance in the developmental arena. Using both of these frameworks, the developers are served with a host of functionalities, libraries, widgets, and tools.

Being so efficient and popular, many renowned tech giants have adopted these frameworks for developing their mobile and web applications. All in all, both ReactJS and VueJs are equally powerful, if underlying aspects are neglected.

How is VueJS better than ReactJS?

ReactJS vs VueJs: Which Is the Best Front-End Framework

VueJS seems to win the battle of ReactJS vs. VueJS. The framework is concise and easy to learn but comprises a range of powerful libraries, and tools. VueJs has better performance, is lightweight, possesses the least complexity, two-way binding, and offers speed of coding than ReactJS.

The following are the aspects that give VueJS edges over ReactJS in terms of front-end development.

Ease and Simplicity:

VueJs is super easy to learn and a lot simpler than ReactJS. Moreover, the former is more flexible and supports speedy coding.


Unlike Redux, the API for React, the Vuex API library, and the state management pattern boasts a simpler API than ReactJS.


VueJS allows inspection of all the components with dev tool extensions.


VueJS allows handling animations brilliantly. Animations, isolated styles, transitions, and all animation components are efficiently taken care of by VueJS.


Routing of the web application is managed by VueJS through prototyping the web apps with individual components, and the Vue-CLI as well.

Front-End Stack:

VueJS can handle both the front-end coding as well as the server-side application. This is achieved through code splitting and rendering for enhanced load-performance.

So, in the war of the best front-end framework, VueJs defeats ReactJS. The developers must now be intrigued to stick with VueJS only for the development of web and mobile applications. Interestingly, this is not the bottom line. Some functionalities and points make ReactJS suitable for some projects, and VueJS as the appropriate framework for the remaining ones.

So, how to decide on a framework for the website and mobile applications? When things seem too complicated, getting in touch with the experts always helps. Let’s find out more.

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