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The Food and Beverage industry is one of the oldest industries which is still using traditional methods, and this directly impacts their productivity. To address the issues of this vast industry, we have examined the process flow of our parent company, “Gujarat Enterprise.” We found out there are a few issues which can be resolved by the introduction of technology, so we took it as a task and crafted a solution for their sales team to boost their productivity.


We have tested our application in real-time and got excellent results. This inspired us to share this solution with the whole industry.


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What is this application all about?


This mobile application is developed to empower the skilled sales team. The sole purpose of developing this system is to automate the sales process promptly and efficiently to boost the productivity of salespeople by eradicating the hustle of managing documents.


How this app will help you


Brief Introduction:

– Get the details of orders, business partners, and products on a single application.
– Add, manage, or edit order details without any hindrance.
– Manage sample requests, follow-ups, TA, and DA.
– Keep an eye on your monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets.
– Get the monotonous tasks off your plate and do what you do best.


The application is made as per the need of our parent company, and as per their requirement, we have Employees, Zonal Manager, PAN Manager, HR as well as Admin as actors. These actors and functionalities can be modified as per the requirement of the companies.

Let’s dive into the details of the app functionalities:

App Functionalities

Business Partners
In this tab, you will be able to see all the business partners of our company and also can add a business partner by filling all the required details.

It will show you all the products that are assigned to a particular employee. You can click on the specific product to see the details.

Sales Orders
In the order tab, you can add orders and their details. You can create an order by clicking on the add symbol on the top. Also, if you want to switch to another organization, or want to check orders of both our firms, then you can select it through the drop-down menu at the top right corner. Under this, you can also see the status of your orders whether it is pending, approved, in progress, hold, rejected, canceled, and completed.

Sample Request
This section allows you to create a sample request or to view all the sample requests that you have made. You have to enter the essential information and the product details that you want to send as the sample.

Follow Up
This section will include the follow-up of sample requests that you have generated after approval. Here you can also change the status of follow-ups and can add further details.

Draft Order
Orders that are not being saved by the employee will be saved here. The employee can edit draft orders and can submit it later.

This segment allows you to manage your Monthly Tour Plans, Daily Visit Report, and Expenses. An employee can create tour plans by going into Monthly tour plans.

In the daily visit report, the employee can add what he/she did on the day or the previous day by adding information. After submitting this form, there will be an option to add expense where you can add your expense details of the day.

Note: You can’t create a Daily Visit Report of an upcoming day.

In the expense segment, you can see your expenses, and you can also club your expenses of the same day or tour.

This division will show your monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets that you have to achieve. It also shows your achieved target.

All the notifications of this app will be shown here.

An employee will be able to see his/her profile info here. He/She can edit the password and can add a picture to his/her profile.

This section will be useful if you face any glitches and query, it will connect you the technical team.

Only Admin can use this functionality to connect with all types of actors.

How can this app benefit you?


This application will take care of your most critical department, “Sales.” It will help your salespeople in staying prepared anytime by giving them what they need right in their hands. This app manages to keep everything that your sales employee might need at the time of making a sale.

It’s time to achieve your desired goals with our sales product. Equip your sales warriors with the best equipment to win the market.

Food and beverage industry needed a solution that addresses their unique business needs. At Auxano Global Services, we work closely with food and beverage companies to understand businesses and their challenges.

So get in touch with us to get your customized sales application which can fuel your sales team and get you the desired ROI that you crave.

Watch the demo of our product right here or schedule a meeting at Fi Asia with us.

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