Are you a tarotist or a cartomancy practitioner? If so, we are sure that you would be somewhat familiar with the concept of online tarot readings. From tarot reading websites to mobile apps and more, the world of online tarot is expanding rapidly.

This highly convenient and easily accessible approach to tarot reading is luring more and more people towards itself. This is so much so that nowadays, people prefer using a website to get a tarot reading over visiting a tarot reader in person.

While this approach is beneficial for people looking to get a reading, it can be hazardous to the survival of tarot readers and cartomancy practitioners. So, how do tarot readers and cartomancy practitioners avoid running out of business?

The answer to this question is simple. All you need to do is keep pace with the changing trends and invest in tarot reading website development. With a tarot reading website, you can deliver your tarot reading services in a more efficient and trendy way. The core of your work, which is tarot reading, will remain the same. What will change is the medium through which you deliver your services to your clients.

In this blog, we have discussed everything tarotists and card reading enthusiasts need to know about building a tarot reading website. We will walk you through everything it takes to develop an online tarot reading website in the easiest and, most importantly, cost-efficient manner. So, without further ado, let’s start the blogs with some facts and insights on the concept of tarot reading.

Tarot Card Reading Market at a Glance

statistics on the global tarot reading market

The concept of tarot reading is ancient, with its roots dating back to the 1400s. At present, there are many people who have a firm belief in this practice of card reading. Today, the market for tarot reading stands at USD 1292.22 million and is only expected to rise.

With the rapid adaptation of digital technology and online approaches, it only makes sense to keep pace with the market and take your tarot reading business online. The best possible way to do so is to invest in developing a tarot reading website.

This website can act as a tool to connect tarotists with people looking for a card reading. As the tarot reading market is poised to reach a value of 1589.22 million by 2031, your investment in this product is safer than ever before.

However, you don’t need to take our word for it. In the coming section, we will be taking a look at some of the top examples of online tarot websites. Doing so will help you understand the competition in tarot reading website development.

Top Players in Online Tarot Reading

top online tarot reading websites

There are a plethora of tarot reading websites on the internet. However, in this section, we have shared some of the most outstanding examples of such websites. This way, you can have some good examples to look up to while creating a tarot reading website.

1. Psychic Source

  • Founded: 1989

Psychic Source is a widely trusted website better known for its precise, accurate readings and horoscope services. With a team of over 300 skilled psychic readers and top-notch features, this website ranks first in our list as one of the leading online tarot reading websites.

2. Keen Psychics

  • Founded: 1999

Keen Psychics is a premier destination for many psychic reading services, among tarot reading. With a team of over 1,700 psychics, a sleek booking process, and exquisite platform security, Keen has established itself as a leader in the field of psychic reading services.

3. Kasamba

  • Founded: 1999

Kasamba is a popular free tarot reading platform that offers numerous types of reading services. This platform is known for making tarot readings and spirituality-related chats a seamless experience. Kasamba makes this possible by working on multiple communication channels like emails, chats, calls, and more.

4. Oranum

  • Founded: 2011

If you are planning for tarot reading website development, Oranum is undoubtedly an important competitor to look out for. Oranum is mostly preferred for its ability to provide online readings, where psychics conduct face-to-face interactions with their clients. Overall, consumers of psychic services prefer Oranum for its exquisite service quality.

These were a few of the most popular examples of websites where people can go for a tarot reading session. Now that you know about different competitors in the online tarot market, you are all set to develop a tarot card reading website.

The first step to doing so is understanding the available business models for online tarot reading. The coming section will shed light on this factor, so read carefully.

Business Models for Online Tarot Reading Website Development

business models for online tarot reading website development

When building a tarot card reading website, you can usually choose from two approaches: build an online tarot consulting website or build an automatic tarot reading website. Both of these approaches are highly popular and have their own pros and cons. Let’s start with the first approach, which is developing an online tarot consulting website.

1. Online Tarotist Consultation

These are the types of platforms we discussed in the previous section’s examples of top tarot reading websites. An online tarotist consultation website is a portal where tarot card readers can connect with audiences and provide their services. This usually happens through video and voice calls.

If you want to create a tarot reading website using this model, do note that there are two approaches you can go for: a private tarotist website and a digital tarotist marketplace. The first approach is where you build a website specifically for your own use.

On the other hand, the second approach is to build a listing website where multiple tarotists can enlist themself and connect with people looking for an online reading.

In the end, which of these approaches you pick is a matter of your preference and business capabilities. You can also take a website expert’s opinion to determine the ideal approach for your business.

2. Automatic Card Reading

The second approach to tarot reading website development is to build an automatic tarotist website. This kind of tarot reading website has almost no human involvement and works on its own. All that a user has to do is enter certain information about themself and choose cards from a given spread.

Generally speaking, these types of websites are less preferred by users. This is usually due to the lack of a personalised reading experience. All these websites do is provide answers based on the probability of the cards picked by the users.

Nonetheless, you can use this model if you are looking for a low-maintenance website that generates stable revenue over time. Now that we know about the two approaches to developing a tarot card reading website, let’s look at some of their key features. Doing so will help you understand the functionalities you will need in your online tarot solution.

Key Features for Tarot Card Reading Website Development

features to consider for tarot card reading website development

It is important that you choose the right features for your website. Do note that the exact features of a tarot reading website will depend on the type of model you choose for your website. Here, we have discussed some of the key features of both types of websites.

1. Online Tarot Consulting Website Features

a. Login and Profile

Knowing your target audience is an important part of building a tarot reading website. The best way to do so is to make your target audience login to your website. This way, they can create a profile with basic information used for tarot reading. Some examples of this information are the user’s name, date of birth, star sign, etc.

b. Consultation Booking

The core of digitalising your tarot reading services is enabling your users to book a digital reading session. This feature will help you manage all your bookings of the day/week/month and keep track of appointments. On the other part of the website, your users can browse from available slots and schedule a reading at a convenient time.

c. Virtual Meeting

Once you have a booking for a tarot reading, you are all set to conduct the actual session. You can do this by either creating an in-built functionality for video conferences or using third-party video conferencing websites like Google Meets, Zoom, etc.

d. Payment Processing

The primary objective of undertaking tarot reading website development is to generate revenue, right? You can do this by integrating your website with a payment processor.

There are numerous digital payment processors to choose from, like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Amazon Pay, etc. Choose a processor that’s most convenient and economical for your website.

e. Customer Support

Of course, your users will need help from time to time while navigating through your website. For this very reason, it is important that you have a customer support section on your website. You can provide support through in-build support chat, calls, email, FAQs, etc.

2. Automatic Tarot Reading Website Features

a. Enter User Information

A successful tarot reading requires having a basic understanding of the person being read. Most automatic tarot reading websites require the users to enter certain information like their age, gender, star sign, etc. This information serves as a base for tarot interpretation.

b. Shuffle Cards

Once the users are set to get a reading, they can shuffle the cards digitally. This feature enables the users to randomise tarot reading and get as precise results as possible from an automatic reading.

c. Spreads

As you might be aware, there are numerous types of spreads in tarot reading. While planning to build a tarot card reading website, it is important that you take this factor into account. Different types of spreads will be used for different types and intents of reading. The user can choose a spread based on the type of reading they need using this feature.

d. Pick Cards

Once the user has chosen a spread of their choice, they can go ahead and pick their cards. Again, this feature will depend on the type of spread they pick. Different spreads will have different card picks.

e. Intent-specific Readings

Once the user has picked all of their cards, the website will process all the information, including the user’s details (age, gender, star sign, etc), and picked cards to give an interpretation. Do note that it is a popular monetisation practice to provide a basic interpretation at this stage and a full interpretation upon a fee payment.

f. AI Tarotist

Another unique feature that you can integrate into your tarot reading website development plan is an AI tarotist. Essentially, this is a virtual chatbot that can interact and converse with the users.

This AI tarotist will then provide a seamless tarot reading experience to the users, all of it without any human involvement. Many online tarot card reading businesses are using this aspect of artificial intelligence to elevate the reading experience and increase efficiency.

g. Payment Processor

Another critical feature of a tarot reading website is a payment processor. Just like an online tarot consulting website, your automatic tarot reading website will also need a payment processor to generate revenue. This will make your website a cash machine that automatically generates revenue based on the chosen monetisation model.

If you want to know more about monetising a tarot website, read until the end. We have provided some useful and innovative insights into monetising an online tarot card reading platform in the later section of the blog.

These were a few key features to keep in mind when planning to build a tarot reading website. Do note that your website might or might not need all of these features.

Moreover, there might be certain features that are not listed here which might be ideal for your website. In the end, we recommend you consult with an experienced website development company to choose the right features for your website.

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In the coming section, we will discuss another very important part of a tarot website, which is the development process. Knowing this process will help you thoroughly understand what goes into a website and how you can achieve the same.

Complete Process for Tarot Card Reading Website Development

tarot reading website development process

The tarot card reading website development process involves numerous stages and steps. Each of these stages refines your website a bit further and brings it closer to a real-life product.

In this section, we will walk you through all the stages of building a tarot card reading website from scratch. Let’s start with the first step, which is market research and feature validation.

1. Market Research and Feature Validation

A thorough market research is the first step to creating a tarot reading website. This involves studying the competitors, analysing the target market, understanding user demographics, and creating a business model. Remember we discussed different models for online tarot earlier in this blog? This is where you need to make a choice in this aspect and opt for a model.

Based on the model you choose, you need to shortlist the features that you wish to include in your website. Again, we have provided this information in the previous section.

It is important to note that the more features you choose for your online tarot website, the more time it will take to build your website, and the higher the tarot card reading website development cost will go.

Once you have a list of features and all the necessary information, you can go ahead with the next phase, which is website design.

2. Website UI/UX Design

In this stage, all the features that you have picked are segregated and converted into a visual design. This design is what determines which feature of your tarot website will go where.

Designing a tarot reading website involves numerous stages, like website sketching, wireframing, prototyping, design testing, and more. By the end of this stage, you will have a high-end UI/UX design for your tarot reading website.

3. Web Programming

Once you have your website’s design ready, you can turn it into an actual working model with website programming. This is the core stage of tarot reading website development and involves coding a website. Of course, you, as a tarotist, might not know how to code a website.

We therefore recommend you outsource tarot reading website development to an external agency. These agencies will handle the entire tarot reading website development process, from research to launch. Nonetheless, once you have a coded website, you can go ahead and test it for quality.

4. Quality Testing

Once you are done with the tarot reading website design and development stages, you will have an unrefined version of your website. This version is likely to have many performance bugs and may lag in many aspects. You can rectify this problem by testing your website.

By testing, we mean identifying and rectifying the bugs in your website. This stage will refine your website and ensure that it delivers a high-end reading experience to your users. Once you have fixed all the bugs, your website is ready for launch.

5. Launch and Maintenance

This is the final stage of creating a tarot reading website. Here, you have to launch your tested website on the internet for users to start using. Do note that to establish a successful online tarot reading business, you need to continuously test and add new features to your website.

This process is known as continuous maintenance and is fundamental to your website’s success. Nonetheless, by this stage, you will have a ready-to-launch tarot reading website.

Now that you know how to create an online tarot reading website, it is time to discuss the most important part of the process, which is the investment that will go into tarot reading website development. This will be our topic for the coming section.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Tarot Reading Website?

Being a seasoned website design and development company, we can tell you that the cost of building a tarot card reading website is highly subjective. Numerous variable factors come together to build the total cost of building a website. However, in this section, we can provide you with rough estimations on the tarot card reading website development cost.

We have provided a detailed cost breakdown for your ease of understanding. First of all, let’s find out the feature-wise costs of tarot reading web development.

1. Feature-wise Tarot Reading Website Cost Breakdown

Remember we discussed earlier that the number of features in your tarot website could impact the development costs? Well, here it works. Each feature takes a certain amount of time and resources to develop.

Below, we have explained the complete cost breakdown of each feature to help you understand this concept in detail.

feature-wise tarot reading website development cost breakdown


You can simply calculate the cost of building a tarot card reading website by totaling the figures of the features you wish to develop. Here’s a formula you can use:

Tarot Reading Website Development Cost = Cost of F1 + F2 + F3…..Fn

Where, F denotes the particular feature you wish to develop.

2. Location-wise Cost Breakdown

There are ‘n’ number of factors that can influence the cost of building a tarot card reading website. However, no other factor impacts this cost more than the location where the development takes place.

This is because the hourly rates of hiring a web developer fluctuate drastically from one location (country) to the other. Here is how much a web developer charges on an hourly basis for their services.

location-wise tarot reading website development cost breakdown

You might have observed that countries like the USA and Canada have the highest development rates. On the contrary, countries like India and Ukraine have some of the lowest hourly rates.

We, therefore, recommend that you choose a development agency from India or Ukraine for your tarot reading website development requirements for the highest frugality.

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Now that we have answered your question, ‘How much does it cost to develop a tarot website?‘, we must also discuss the returns on this investment. Generating an optimal ROI from a tarot website requires using a powerful monetisation strategy. This will be our topic for the coming section.

Bonus: How to Monetise a Tarot Reading Website?

strategies on monetising a tarot card reading website

When talking about generating money from online tarot readings, most tarotists think that the only possible option is charging money for a reading. However, there are many ways through which you can turn your tarot website into a cash machine.

If you are a tarotist planning to undertake tarot card reading website development, you must be fully aware of all of these ways. Doing so will not only help you recover your investments from website development but will also provide a sustainable source of profit. So, without further ado, let’s discuss some of the most popular monetisation models for tarot card reading websites.

1. Private Readings

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to generate revenue from a tarot reading website is to charge for a reading session. This monetisation model includes setting up a fixed/hour-based charge per consulting session. The users need to pay this charge in order to avail a reading from the tarotist.

Regardless of whether you create a tarot reading website using the online consultation model or the automatic reading model, this monetisation strategy is certain to yield great results.

2. Spread-wise Pricing

Another way to monetise your online tarot card reading website is to charge for your services based on the type of spread. Different spreads are used for different types of readings. Moreover, some types of tarot spreads are more complex than others.

Therefore, if you are a tarotist offering different types of spreads, you may want to consider this monetisation model. Your users can browse through the spreads available on your website and choose a spread based on their requirements and budget. Again, this type of monetisation model can be used for both online tarot business models.

3. Tarot Reading Courses

As the popularity of tarot reading continues to grow, more and more people are planning to become tarotists. Therefore, we recommend that you monetise your online tarot website with a paid tarot reading course.

Doing so will help you carry out the tarot reading website development process with ease and efficiency. Many tarotists opting for the automatic online tarot website model prefer using this approach. This monetisation strategy helps them balance the value of their services with a stable revenue source.

4. Merchandise

You can also monetise your online tarot reading website through merchandise. This monetisation plan includes integrating an e-commerce store with your online tarot website. You can use this store to sell merch related to your niche. This may include gemstones, good luck charms, books, etc.

Of course, doing so will require additional investment in tarot card reading website design and development. However, the ROI potential in this model is great.

5. Google AdSense

Another very popular way of monetizing a tarot reading website is by enabling third-party ads from Google AdSense. These third-party platforms will display their products/services on your website in a specific banner. Doing so will help you generate revenue without charging any money from your end users.

You can use any of these models, or even a combination of these models, to monetise your online tarot website. Now that you have all this information, you are all set to build a tarot card reading website and digitalise your tarot reading business.

Tarot Card Reading Website Development: Summing It Up

Online tarot is a growing market with soaring potential. Today, more and more businesses are planning to use this concept and build a tarot reading website. However, doing so requires accounting for many factors, like the website’s features, business model, development process, cost, and more.

In this blog, we have provided thorough information on all of these factors for your easy understanding of the concept. You can use this information to start developing a tarot card reading website. If you need help with the development, you can always count on us for assistance.

Ready to Develop an Online Tarot Reading Website?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Tarot Reading Website Development

1. Is online tarot reading a profitable business?

Yes, online tarot reading is an excellent business idea with tremendous revenue potential. There are numerous ways through which you can generate revenue from an online tarot website. Some of these ways are charge-per-consult, offering tarot courses, selling merch, etc.

2. How can I develop a tarot card reading website at less cost?

There are many ways to control the tarot card reading website development cost. Some of the most popular approaches are outsourcing your project to Indian developers, building a basic website with minimal features, and adopting an agilistic development approach.

3. Can I also use the same process for other types of cartomancy practices?

Each cartomancy practice is unique in nature. As a result, there are different types of websites for different digital cartomancy practices. The features, business models, development costs, and monetisation plans for each website will vary.

Nonetheless, we recommend you consult with our experts to get a solid website plan for your requirements that aligns with your cartomancy practice. Our experts will analyse your requirements to provide a fail-proof website development plan. You can share your requirements with us today at

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