Hola, I am Blockchain!

I think I don’t need an introduction because I am ruling the tech world in every aspect.

Yeah! It’s true.

Blockchain technology is taking down every other industry. It is becoming the sun of dawn, which is full of hopes and new technological advancements.

The blockchain is just like the Ultron of the Age of Ultron. You can’t corrupt it and it creates its clones on multiple systems in the form of blocks.

The true power of this Ultron is yet to be unleashed.

Yes, now this is the Age of Ultron.


It’s not only opted by the well-established companies but also becoming a choice for the startups.

The number of blockchain startups is increasing at the breakneck pace and with these various industries are choosing this tech as their weapon.

Earlier industries were afraid of adopting this trending technology as they thought it is just limited to the banking industry.

But within a few months, this tech marked its foot in the market by covering most of the industries. It maintains the transparency and trust in the industry which is the key to any business.

Now I am dreaming about the possible use cases of the blockchain. And yes I am shocked by introducing these most unexpected industries who adopted the blockchain.

Say No to Piracy – Blockchain Possibilities in Video Industry

Take your time guys.

I know you are still digesting the above information but here’s one more eerie industry maybe you haven’t’ heard about which incorporated Blockchain technology.

The popularity of blockchain has skyrocketed with the creation of cryptocurrency. It’s plunging established market leaders and also creating the opportunity for startup entrepreneurs.

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The reason why everything sticks around blockchain development is that it makes business more efficient.

This tech brings computers together from all over the world in a peer-to-peer network without any central server.

This process is very secure, private and permanent, eliminating the need for the middleman and the cloud storage providers.

How many of you watch Game of Thrones?

If you are not a big fan, still maybe you heard about it somewhere.

I am a huge fan guy, so I know that it is the most pirated show in the world. The show is shot in four different countries, the visual effects are done by various companies with various companies and I know that fans like me will do anything to watch its preview.

Do you know that the seventh season preview got leaked from a tech partner?

Here’s the blockchain protocol could be used to manage the rights and payments. Blockchain can help to protect the digital rights, manage the royalty schemes, establish a direct connection and will deliver metrics as well.

The major benefit of blockchain is that it is resistant to duplication, so now maybe we can imagine a world where films will no longer be pirated.

The blockchain developers can enable this technology to make verifiable transactions efficient as well as transparent, including right management, insurance, and film finance.

Music is the Strongest Form of Magic – Let the Magic Spread with the Trending Technology

I know that probably you were thinking that I’m taking absolutely rubbish. But fellas, I am serious that the music industry has opted blockchain for eliminating various issues.

The music industry is also marking the presence in the Blockchain news as it is the most unexpected industry who chose Blockchain technology.

The pain point for artists in the music industry such as songwriters, singers, and producers, is that they are the first person who puts up the effort in making songs and maybe the last ones to know the results.

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They have no idea that now their payments are calculated and don’t even have access to valuable data. The biggest issue in this industry is that there’s no global verified registry of music artists.

But now we have the solution to eradicate this issue and to also kill the middleman through use of Blockchain verified profiles.

This trending tech has the potential to give a more quick and seamless experience to every artist of the music industry. The blockchain can also store the data of a singer’s or artist’s online profile such as biography or the press images etc.

Now is the right time for the music industry to explore the blockchain solutions for the sake of the future.

If we use this technology in a proper manner this carries a potential to give us the golden age of the music industry.

From Building Blocks to Building Relations – Blockchain in Manufacturing

Blockchain in manufacturing, are you serious?

Yes, fellas, I am serious.

A big thanks to today’s digital technology that the manufacturing industry is also developing. Blockchain tech has the potential to transform the way the manufacturing industry works.

The blockchain distributed ledger technology offers the ability to affect the time consuming and expensive processes with the number of partners in the global supply chain.

Blockchain can help you in setting up the small independent value chain to make the process agile.

The smart contract blockchain app can facilitate the transaction to make sure the uprightness of the product history, its ownership and much more.

The blockchain would capture the digital trail of the products, with the details such as where it was manufactured, how it was stored and maintained etc.

So if you want to opt the tech for your manufacturing company there are various blockchain development companies to help you out.

If you will use the blockchain in the infrastructure it will eliminate the security threats, will protect the intellectual property from the burglaries and will make the project management effective and also going to help in 3D printing.


Blockchain Development Partner

Presently blockchain is in its early period and there are an enormous amount of benefits it has for various industries.

Customers today require speedier, safer delivery, flexibility, safety, authenticity, and most quality. Blockchain has significant to help businesses comply with these demands by the use of Blockchain application development.

This could be the base of a whole new era whereby our basic right to privacy is guarded because identity is the foundation of freedom and it needs to be maintained responsibly. Blockchain eliminates flaws, duplicity, and delusion.

The use cases for transparent, verifiable register of transaction data are almost unlimited, particularly since blockchain works through a decentralized platform demanding no central supervision, making it immune to fraud.

So, fellas give it a thought and combine this trending tech to give a rocket’s pace to the growth of your business but are aware while choosing the company for the blockchain mobile app development services. Choose wisely because of the choice we make today determine the future.

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