The year 2020 is on the way to end. As we are in mid of the year, we’d rewind all the good and bad experiences we had along the year.

Considering all the factors of human life, we can measure the advancements we had in the past years in all the categories, including the automobile industry, information and technology, and so on.

The best part is, in the last decade, the information and technology industry has developed like never before, and we aren’t aware of these transformations. The developers are improving their knowledge and making dreams a reality at the breakneck’s pace.

Many businesses and industries are leaning towards technological advancements in terms of the internet and software. The question arises why do we want applications? Because the apps have made the most simplistic techniques and discovered how the tasks could be done quickly within a few taps.

Considering the trending terminologies as well as the technologies, we examined the mobile application development trends for 2021.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

We see nowadays the applications are highly useful with navigation. And considering the user’s view, it is evident that the navigation should be smooth enough to cope with the requirements of today’s rapid scenario.

The tech giant Google revealed the collaboration it has done with the twitter about the AMP that is Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is the shredded version of the HTML intending to speed up the mobile pages.

It also enabled the developers for creating beautiful websites and web applications with the fastest speed ever. The accelerated mobile pages have benefitted in many ways.

For instance, it lowers the bounce rates in the applications with high performance across all the mobile devices. We can consider the official announcement of Google for the AMP listing in the mobile search results. This trend will also rule the upcoming year.

Android Instant Apps

The instant applications are the native applications which usually function like the websites. These applications do not require installation.

And it removes all the stuff between the apps and websites. This kind of apps can be shared among the different android devices easily, and they will be on every device by the new year. 

In-app purchases

As the name suggests, the purchases are being made within the applications, and that is done to increase revenue for the businesses.

The in-app purchase can be made inside an application. Any business can build this functionality within the app.

The research says that this kind of functionality can aid in the business, and the business owners can develop the monetization of the app resources.

Research states that a user is spending $0.50/month on an average for in-app purchases in each of the application with purchase activity. After observing these stats, we can state that the in-app purchase trend will change the revenue earned through mobile apps the next year. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Already the augmented reality and the virtual reality is revolutionizing the concept of the application development.

And we have seen the year 2018 was insanely renowned for the virtual reality concept implemented in the Pokemon go game. Likewise, the upcoming trends in this technology will be unpredictable. 

The technology experts are predicting that both the reality concepts will generate $150 billion amount of revenue by the year 2021. It will create a substantial market for the developers, and the enterprise-level businesses will reach beyond the expectations.

There will be a completely new era because of the augmented reality graphics in the video presentations for all the smart devices users.

Mobile Payments

We know, the eCommerce is being the most common trend to follow and people are doing their shopping with the famous eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Likewise, the trend is shifting for mobile payments.

The people prefer payments that are being done by smartphones instead of going to the bank for the transactions. This trend emerged the collaboration by Samsung and VISA card scan for expanding the mobile payment system.

Simply putting the mobile as the best payment service, it will be admired by other users because this focuses on the user’s ease with the advancement in their life. People have started using mobile app for payments, but this trend will grow in the next few years. 


Google officially announces Kotlin for Android app development. It is adopted as the alternative for the JAVA and hugely accepted by the Android developer’s community.

And considering the rate of gaining popularity, this language will surely be the 2021’s focus and will bring an era of new Android app development strategies with the agile environment.

Current app trends used by large corporations

The application development industry will be divided mostly into four different parts as per the prediction of the year 2021.

The mobile application development can be for the social media communities, Google applications, gaming purpose, or can be for the lifestyle apps.

Also, the business or organizations related to the government based projects will have another sector for application development. Auxano Global Services, the renowned mobile app development company in India is enhancing its reach in this direction. They are delving into the branding, direct or indirect marketing, providing online accesses, customer engagement, and marketing strategies in the application functionalities.


This is another excellent strategy to monetize the development. This concept allows the user to enjoy your game and then to draw them to the premium versions.

It will surely need an extraneous version of the advancement in your game functionalities. Because you have given them the slight taste of your game and in the premium version they will expect much more than what they have seen in the advertisement you have done through the free game. If your users are getting addicted to the game, then it is possible to draw a bulk of user and to generate revenue for the game.

Yet not convinced?

These will be the trends in the app development world until the beginning of the year 2020, and these numbers will increase by the end of the upcoming year.



So the trends of the year are quite interesting to note the progress of applications development as compared to web development. Because in the end, apps are the ultimate solutions for new business insights.

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