As the current year is standing on the verge of dusking, it’s time for us to bid a farewell to 2020 and extend our hugs to 2021. Believing the predictions, 2021 will be the year of technology, trends, and revolutions. The technology-driven new year will not spare any business that does not stays abreast with the technological advancements.

Being a leading mobile app development company in USA, we are always inquisitive about the latest technology and its implementation. IT industry kept updating and redefining every year, thus, we are jotting down future technology trends.

So, before stepping into the new decade, the businesses must get acquainted with the upcoming technology trends in their sectors. That’s where we are! Pull up your socks, and let’s dive into finding the technology trends for the next decade that will re-define business and the processes.

1. The Cloud Revolution

The Cloud Revolution

The already surging demands of cloud technologies gained an impetus during the pandemic. When the government’s social distancing norms were strict, businesses inclined more towards the cloud to find continuity in their business processes.

The same tendency will transform into a mainstream trend for the year 2021. The largest cloud market sector of SaaS and PaaS will observe propelling growth in the adoption by the businesses. A small investment into workforce upskilling, cloud infrastructure, and migrating the processes to the cloud is all that you require for streamlining your business with the new technology 2021.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology 2021 behind the virtual-assistant robots. The artificially intelligent robots will continue improving our shopping experience and interacting with the consumers better even in the absence of human monitoring. The robots will make a leapfrog to reduce human efforts and automatize multiple processes where human intervention is least needed.

From large scale productions to enormous customer dealing and never-ending business communication, the AI robots will take over the economy for the betterment of all of us – the businesses and the base of consumers.

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

The amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence technology and computer science gives birth to virtual reality. Virtual reality will continue to extend the horizon of the real world and allow us to visualize beyond reality.

Many business verticals, like the retail sector, have already experienced the power of VR in enhancing the user experience many of them are experimenting with VR to bring out more enhancement to their businesses. 2021 is likely to observe massive adaption of VR in the business processes and mind-blowing ideas to please the base of consumers.

4. Privacy Enhancing Computation

Privacy Enhancing Computation

While the generation of data will grow exponentially, the requirement of sharing data across geographies will propel in the year 2021. As the need for data sharing increases, the possibilities of data breaching and invading into confidential information will hike. So, here comes the savior – Privacy Enhancing Computation. Privacy Enhancing Computation, the upcoming technology in India 2021, will allow organizations to share data securely, without sacrificing their privacy, confidentiality, and sensitive information.

Moreover, the massive technology trend will also let the bodies participate in research along with their competitors without worrying about data leakage.

5. Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing holds infinite potential, the majority of which has not been discovered by human experts. 2021 will commit to expanding the horizons of quantum computing and excavating beyond what is told to us.

The humongous technology trend of quantum computing will bless ordinary computers with amplified performance and turbo operational speed. Even the big players like Microsoft, AWS, Google, Honeywell, and many other organizations are trying to play their cards in innovating and discovering new potentials of Quantum Computing.

6. Internet of Behaviors

Internet of Behaviors

The newly-emerging Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is an extension of the Internet of Things (IoT). The interconnected devices lead to a generation of voluminous data which is used by the IoB. The Internet of Behaviors has multiple leveraging for societal and ethical causes. The data sources supply enormous data for the IoB to refine, process and extract out relevant and lesser-known details to produce valuable insights for further usage.

The year 2021 will witness the implementation of IoB in the social media, public sector, governmental agencies, and many more to drive meaningful insights for re-defining our experiences and the business processes.

7. The Age of 5G

The Age of 5G

Mankind is done with the 3G and 4G and waiting for the inauguration and mainstream acceptance of 5G. In the desire of achieving high-speed internet, non-buffering music streaming, fast video streaming, easy data transfer, and rapidness, all of us will make 5G the most demanded and looked-upon technological trend for the new year.

Beyond personal usage, the businesses will overwhelmingly welcome 5G for enhancing the business processes and improving the experience of their users. It wouldn’t be anything wrong to say that 2021 is the age of 5G.

8. Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation

AI and ML will not stop giving birth to a newer set of tools and technologies. As the businesses will get massive in 2021, more consumers will connect to them, resulting in overwhelming demand. For catering to the multitude of consumer demands, robotic process automation will make its way for enormous adoption in the business processes.

Robots are not about performing operations without human intervention; they are about performing the tasks efficiently and in much less time than manually. Such rapidness will increase the speed of business operations, improve performance, and eradicate the scope of manual errors.

9. Drones


Drones are the children of cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and ML and are here among us to make the world a better place to live in.  After the pandemic crisis, most of us have seen drones appearing for contactless deliveries. Much like that the robots and drones will come under the limelight to assist the manual processes with enhanced speed and efficiency. Mob-tracking, security, deliveries are some of the sectors where drones will take over in 2021.

10. Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The new year will encounter an increased production of data. As we will incline more towards the IoT devices, AI technologies, and social media, we will contribute towards generating more and more data. Instead of letting these data go in vain, the businesses can monetize the meaningful insights obtained from these data sources through data analytics.

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Beyond these top 10 emerging technologies in 2021, many other technologies and trends are waiting to improve our future in 2021. Walking in hand with technological trends is necessary for all businesses to stay ahead among others in the upcoming decade. We, at Auxano Global Services, are all set to assist you in leveraging the cutting-edge technologies into your business the right way. Contact us now!

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