Web development trends are always inspiring for every passionate web developer. Every year there is something evoking for web development and designing such as responsive web design, chatbots, and landing pages. The web development trends 2020 are also creating a buzz around web enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. 

Being a leading web development company in India, our dedicated web developers are always inquisitive for the latest trends to craft something futuristic for our clients. Meanwhile, we are well acquainted with the web development trends 2020. 

To explain each and every possibility of web development trends with ease of information, we are coming with this post. In this particular post, we will discuss the latest web development trends in 2020 such as PWA, Artificial Intelligence Bots, AR VR Integration, and many more. 

Do you know?

There are approx 200 million active websites and 1.8 active web-apps available worldwide. However, all of them belong to different niches but creativity and futuristic approach are the only way to stand apart from the competition. 

Therefore, having a deep knowledge of web development trends can be a key factor in creating a successful website. Web developers should always be curious about trending web development languages to zeal the output interface.  

A successful website creation contains three main parts:

  • Web Development
  • Web Design 
  • Website Marketing  

Responsive & Mobile Friendly UI:

Every user can expect responsiveness from website design. Approx 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, therefore, It is essential to create responsive & mobile-first websites for business.  

A website should be responsive and mobile-friendly for better user experience, otherwise, businesses can lose the customers. In conclusion, a website has to be compatible with any mobile device and different sizes of screens. 

Key components of Mobile-friendly Website:

  • Add Call-To-Action Button for Mobile Users
  • Craft Responsive User Interface
  • Hamburger Menu Integration
  • Less Data & Fast Loading Speed
  • Content Placement & Whitespaces  

74% of total visitors likely to return to mobile-friendly websites, that simply means a website should be compatible with all mobile devices. Responsive web pages is not a web development trend in 2020, it’s an essential thing for any kind of website development. 

Here’s the deal:  

You can easily check your website’s mobile-friendliness by using Google’s mobile-friendly checker tool.   

AI Chatbots For Instant Support

Chatbots are the most favorable web development trends in 2020, because of the AI evolution. Chatbots or chatterbots are a kind of robot that is used as a virtual assistant for the brand, business, and services.  

Most of the chatbots work as loop structures with the pre-install script. AI chatbots can help businesses to allow instant customer support, better website navigation, and many more. Here, the key advantages of having chatbots for any business. 

Benefits of Using Chatbots: 

  • Communicate with multiple users at the same time
  • Interactive & Instant customer support
  • Better Navigation For Website Structure
  • Engage Customers & Supports on Weekends
  • Track Visitor’s Activity & Instant Reply 

You might be wondering:

Why are chatbots so important for businesses? 

Let’s assume if a visitor scrolls your business website and is stuck in a query. In that case, sending a mail or pitching call can be daunting for the users, and businesses can lose the customers. Therefore, a chatbot is a must for enriching user experience and giving an instant reply.         

Popular brands are using AI chatbots:

Popular brands are using AI chatbots

Voice Search Enable:

Voice technology has become a buzzword for the last couple of years. Website search tabs always help users to find important links with ease, therefore, the search bar is an important functionality in a website. 

Voice search is the most popular web development trend in 2020; people love to do voice commands for instant search. The internet algorithm for search, i.e., SEO is also improving slightly to voice search optimization, therefore, considering search engine optimization services for business can beat your competition. 

You might be wondering

Is voice search different from conventional search?

Yes, there is a difference between conventional search and voice search; that’s why voice search optimization takes place. Actually, voice search is swift and instant; therefore, it contains fewer words compared to text search. Long-tail keywords are not so important for voice search.  

Example: let’s imagine you are looking for a web developer in India, then the search would be 

  1. Conventional Search – “hire web developer in India”
  2. Voice Search – “web developer near me”          

As per the report, 50% of the searches will be voice searches by the end of 2020, therefore, a website should be compatible with voice search and voice assistant devices. If you are looking for a complete business solution with voice search optimization, then you have to hire a voice assistant development company to make the most out of voice technology. 


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Progressive Web App:

In this digital era, every business wants to leverage the latest technology to attract more customers. Crafting a dream app for business has become a passion for each entrepreneur because mobile users are kept increasing day by day. Due to time and cost issues, mobile apps are always an afterthought for website owners, PWA can be the best source for a mobile-first experience.

Do you know?

PWA allows businesses to convert their websites instantly into a mobile app like interface, without any hassle. PWA is a modern form of web development that offers an interactive mobile-friendly interface. Cool isn’t it?  

PWA is an acronym of progressive web apps, which is a modern form of a website. PWA offers a similar mobile app experience, but not considered as a native app. A PWA can open easily with a slow internet connection with faster page loading speed. It’s apparent that a PWA can increase user engagement, enrich the experience, and elevate customer range; therefore, it must create PWA for better business outcomes. 

Must have website features for creating PWA:

  • Websites with HTTPS & SSL Certificate
  • Site Map & Easy Navigation
  • Unique URL for every web page
  • Interactive Mobile Friendly Menu
  • Meta Data for Home Button
  • Responsive UI & Content Placement

It is a cost-effective solution and contains less time to build progressive web apps. You should hire top web development companies in India such as Auxano Global Services to craft a perfect PWA for your business.              

Motion User Interface:

The motion user interface is a popular term among front-end developers, the design always caters to creativity, and motion UI does the same for web design trends in 2020. In most cases, motion UI and animated graphics are used for landing page creation. 

As per the research, 94% of first impressions belong to web design for any business web appearance. It is obvious that a good web design can convert visitors into potential customers, therefore, integration of motion user interface is necessary. 

Here are popular web design trends in 2020:

Popular web design trends in 2020

  • Dark Mode
  • Motion User Interface
  • Video & Animated UI UX
  • AR VR Enable Web Design         

You should hire dedicated web developers in India to craft a splendid and winsome web UI design. There are top web development companies in India such as Auxano, which offers a flexible hiring process on part-time, full-time, and hourly basis.    

AMP & Load Speed:

Accelerated mobile page is an abstract of AMP developed by Google, which allows innovation in web development. As the name consists, AMP is used to boost the website speed and reduce the loading time, that’s why developers have no worry about lazy loading.

There are several ways to enrich the user experience for mobile users:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Accelerated Mobile Page
  • Mobile-Friendly UI Design
  • Single Page Website 
  • Fast Loading Speed


PWA & AMP are the latest trends in web applications. As we all are concordant on the point that most of the internet traffic is mobile users, therefore, it’s a must for businesses to offer a mobile-friendly experience to users. 


Want to know the best part?

You can easily check your website speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This tool allows website owners to make their web pages faster on all devices. 

Bloated web design always takes extra time to load, and as a result, businesses can lose the customers. Accelerated mobile pages load 4x faster than standard web pages; therefore, AMP is a popular web development trends 2020. 

Do you know?

Facebook’s instant articles (FIA) load much faster than AMP. FIA loads 10x faster than standard web pages and shares 30% more on social media. 

2020 is a year of digitalization, therefore, Entrepreneurs should focus on the latest marketing trends of their web assets such as mobile applications and business websites. As we discussed web development trends 2020 and website design trends, it’s time to briefly talk about web marketing trends. 


While wrapping the article, one thing is pretty clear that there are many exciting web development trends in 2020 such as AI chatbots, AMP, PWA, and voice search. Any business can boost customer-engagement by implementing innovation in web development. We discussed popular web development trends 2020 i.e. responsive interface, AI chatbots, progressive web app, motion UI, and AMP.