As the technology to secure an organization becomes more sophisticated and numerous, the success of a cyber security plan will depend on your ability to choose the right tools for each task. Cyber-attacks are now an international concern; it isn’t only the telecom and computer industry that are being targeted. In the first decade of the 21st century, with every new technological advancement, we witnessed an increased risk of cybercrime.

People want to be online 24/7, as the internet has been a part of their lives ever since its introduction. While web developers and other IT professionals have used the Python programming language, the security community has begun to appreciate its capabilities. The Python programming language is versatile enough to absorb a wide range of security requirements. It is easy to use, powerful, and has an impressive track record for secure solutions.

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This post will examine Python’s rising popularity among cyber-security experts and how our Bespoke Python Development Solutions can help you. So let’s get started.

Benefits of Python for Cybersecurity

Python’s capability to offer efficient cyber-security solutions has become a popular programming language among cybersecurity experts. There are several reasons why Python is becoming popular in this field.  Python is a compelling programming language with many usages, and you will see why we recommend it for cybersecurity requirements.

Benefits of Python for Cybersecurity

1. It simplifies debugging

Python is used to develop various applications, which are not only for online use but also offline. The security-related needs of web applications require an advanced version of the technology, and this can be easily fulfilled with the help of Python. The coding languages employed in security are not easy to learn; it is hard for someone who does not know such programming languages to debug their programs. Moreover, complex code makes it difficult for them to follow the project’s changes as they will have to change the entire code while debugging to avoid any errors. However, python’s syntax is simple enough that a programmer or architect can use it without any prior experience in coding or understanding its logic.

2. It is a powerful language

Python is a powerful language that offers a lot of tools for solving any cyber security problem. Python has been in existence for more than two decades and has been used by almost every sector, be it education, finance, or even the military. The reason behind this widespread use of Python is its simplicity and power. The most popular example of using python for cyber-security purposes is the use of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin. Using the cryptographic algorithms embedded in Python and its modules, it becomes easy to create custom applications required by other sectors like defense, banking, etc.

3. It enhances productivity

The perfect blend of simplicity and power makes Python very popular in the IT industry. This power can be used to develop and implement a security-oriented program efficiently. Python is not just an object-oriented language but also imperative, functional, and procedural. When writing a program, a programmer can easily choose multiple functions such as Lamda, User-defined, built-in, and recursion for writing code depending on their requirement.

4. It reduces development time

If you need to build an application, it will take longer if you use different languages because another language cannot use the codes written in one language. However, the developers of Python have done an excellent job of creating a language that has been designed in such a way that it has been able to interact with other languages. The way in which Python works makes it one of the most popular languages in the IT industry.

5. It uses real-world programming products

Python’s innovativeness is witnessed by its rapid growth throughout the globe. With the advancement of technology, computers have become more powerful and complex. However, with all this power comes negative issues like malware, virus, and cyber attacks on your system, etc. Proficient programmers with Python programming language can easily handle these issues.

6. It Useful in Automation

Python is extremely useful in automating tasks. The development of websites and mobile applications has gotten to an all-time high with Python. Some common ways are, Sending HTTP requests, sending out, replying to, and sorting emails, converting image files, filling out PDFs and Excel files, scraping data from web pages and saving it on the hard drive, and many more.

7. It is an open-source programming language

Since Python is widely used in the world, it has become open source, making it easier for other programmers to use and change. Open sourcing the code of a language makes it easy for others to contribute to development. It is not necessary for you to dedicate the bulk of your resources to Python. You can hire us to handle the short-term projects or full-time development process.

How To Hire Python Developers in 2021-2022

How is Python being used in Cyber Security?

Python has already managed to become one of the most influential programming languages in the IT industry. It is a very popular choice for online programming and also among cybersecurity professionals. The large number of security-related projects that have significantly increased with the popularity of Python indicates its rising popularity, making it one of the best choices for cyber security.

It can be said that all sectors are using Python because it requires very little expertise to handle cyber-security applications, and this was possible because of its ease of learning and learn fast. Moreover, it supports various programming languages, making it convenient for programmers who need to use a language other than python for their application development.

Python as a language has the following applications in cyber security

Python as a language has the following applications in cyber security

1. Geolocation Extraction

This is one of the most widely used applications of python. Python can extract location data from any file and pass it through a filter so that we can easily view the data in any format that is convenient for us. This application is used for a variety of purposes such as GPS monitoring, fraud investigation, email tracking, etc. This application can be used in organizations to decrease fraud and losses.

2. Network Port Scanning

This is a beneficial application of python in cyber security. This application can be used to scan a system and extract passwords and other important information such as user names, passwords, exportable IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc. It is used for detecting vulnerabilities and can also be used for penetration testing purposes.

3. Better Script Development

Most cyber security professionals use a variety of scripts to attack and protect systems. Python is a scripting language that was created with this purpose in mind. It is used to develop security scripts that can be used for privilege separation and other purposes.

4. Application Monitoring

This is an important application of Python in cyber security. It can monitor applications for malicious activities, detect anomalies, and provide statistics about the activities taking place on the application so that it can be predicted when the application may fail, thus avoiding any serious issues from occurring.

5. Complete CyberSecurity Package

Python can be used to create a complete cyber security application that can cater to all the requirements of this field. It is a combination of several applications that are used for different purposes in security.

6. Packet Sniffing

This is one of the most critical applications of Python in the field of cyber security. A packet sniffer is a device or software used to monitor the traffic on a network so that it can be analyzed accordingly. The data captured by a packet sniffer can be used for detecting intrusion attempts and attacks, spyware, and cyber crimes like fraud and identity theft, etc.

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How can Auxano Global Services assist your enterprise?

We offer Custom Python Development Services for different industries and a range of Python Services for Security. We aim to bring out a security-oriented custom application based on Python programming language that can be used in different sectors like cyber security, analytics, etc. Our Python Development Services will save your company time and money while increasing your productivity. We are among the Top Python Development agencies and are the best in delivering a secure and scalable application for your business.

Our experience in Python coding is the backbone of our Custom Python Development Services, making us a reliable Python Development Agency. The focus on quality work has been our priority since the beginning of our existence in the market. Our team of experienced python developers is adept at writing robust code, which is one of the reasons why clients prefer us over other Python development companies. We have always been prompt with our services and never missed deadlines. If you want to take your company to greater heights, then you can rely on us as we will deliver high-quality applications with minimal errors to minimize your maintenance cost over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why is Python the preferred programming language of IT professionals and companies?

    Python is a unique programming language that has grown significantly in popularity with both businesses and developers. It has gained immense popularity due to its ease of learning and faster development option, which can reduce any project’s timeframe by 50%. Moreover, it is one of the most versatile programming languages that can be used to create a large number of applications, making it an ideal choice for companies using different technologies.

  • 2. How do you customize Python Development Services as per my business requirements?

    At Auxano Global Services, we have a team of experienced python developers with extensive experience delivering customized python development services for different organizations. Our team is an expert in developing a stable solution and standardizing it with the required features to serve your business needs. For example, a python application may be developed for one purpose and then used frequently. It is important to keep this in mind while developing the project so that you avoid any manual work later. Also, we will conduct regular testing as well as give suggestions based on your feedback before submitting the final product to you.

  • 3. How do you take care of my business-specific requirements while developing the application?

    At Auxano Global Services, we have a team of dedicated python developers who will work with the client right from the start to understand their business needs. We will then work on the same and build a security-oriented customized app according to your needs so that it does not miss out on any specifications or standards. We also offer value-added services such as UI/UX Development, Backend Development, etc.

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