We know, we love the feeling of touching flower than just seeing it in a picture. Human loves the feel and not just the picture.

Considering the phenomenon, the concept of augmented reality app development has come up with innovative ideas in implementation.

We have seen many changes in our life since last 20 years. Almost two decades. We can see somewhere it is frozen and somewhere it’s moving.

Well, in the simplest terms, to augment means to add an augmented reality means a reality with an added concept.

We can define one thing in many words and many forms. Keeping it simple we have a definition of augmented reality like this:

Defining Augmented Reality :

“Considering the existing environment of the user’s, an overlapping of digital information and making it integrated with the real-time is called augmented reality.

Or say the computer generated image will relate to the real-time scenario of the users, unlike virtual reality which is based on creating the artificial environment.”

Nowadays, the concept of augmented reality is becoming more and more buzzing over the internet and people are waiting to accept the new technology in a handier to use away like smartphones.

Consider a scenario :

students will not remember the things that they have mugged up so far.

But then they will have a better understanding of a movie or a story or an incident that has occurred with them when they had gone for a vacation.

What if the same will be presented to them at the time of preparation for the exams?

You may be confused with the intending meaning. Let me explain to you a bit more in-depth.

A student will remember the history of a statue of liberty if he were allowed to feel the atmosphere around the place or the feeling of being there.

Despite reading the histories or the science experiments, allow technology to add an augmentation.

E.g., the students will feel like they are at the place of whatever things they are reading about.

They are just feeling it in real. And doing the same experiments right away for what they are reading about. That is it.

The whole implementation of a simple 2D life to making it a complete 3D is seeking a great science & technology.

And that is what we are having today. Not in the fully functional view but, of course, a great beginning.

What were we before 20 Years? Does augmented reality exist today or was in the ’90s, too?


Using the existing environment by coating the new data on the peak of it is augmented reality. And to cope with it, we have a long journey so far.

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In 1990, the term “Augmented Reality” was coined by Boeing Researcher, Tom Caudell. The first implementation of the augmented reality was occurred in the aviation – the air force.

The virtual features of the functioning AR system in the military air force was done and founded by Louis Rosenberg.

It was simply a simulation kind of situation for the people operating an aircraft from the remote place. All was happened in just after two years of the term “AR”, in the year 1992.

Let us consider the journey from 90’s to the date here:

The year 1994: Theatre production by Julie Martin (dancing around virtual space on the physical stage)

The year 1998: Broadcasting of live games for the first time

The year 1999: NASA flew the spacecraft with a concept of augmented reality to overlay the mapping of data

The year 2000: Release of ARtoolkit. Overlaying computer graphics over the video camera. Which was quiet on trend with many augmented reality experiences.

The year 2003: sports was the first place where the AR has played a vital role in the early times. The NFL season was having an aerial view in the video camera for the year 2003.

The year 2009: Now almost ARkit came up with the internet. e.g., the web browsers and the print media was aligned with the concept of AR

It was a complete matching up of the AR hardware with the software. And the software development companies, as well as the augmented reality app development company, have lined up the success together with the AR development applications.

The year 2013: the automobile industry has taken the AR as car repair service by making an assistant app with the augmented reality development.

The year 2014: Google Glass shipment released, almost initiation of the AR wearables

The year 2015: $700 million AR and VR investment in the year 2015, and you believe?

The year 2016: Increased investment in combined AR and VR up to $1.1 billion. Along with Microsoft Hololens developer kit and Meta 2 developer kit.

The year 2017: Almost this year has come with Apple’s official announcement for the iOS 11 with the smartest ARkit.

Apple AR Kit

The augmented reality in the past times was no less than just a thought and making it reality it was a video game simply.

We can consider the childhood of nighties as an initiation of the augmented reality concept.

Currently, the augmented reality is not in the final phase and it will not be ending in the near future, too. Because of the things that are endless are developing continuously.

Yes, AR is in the developing phase itself. And the consequences of it took us the year 2017’s iPhone 8 release. That is the smartest phone ever we consider and the development of AR still goes on.


Considering the current growth of technology, we can see the near future by 2020. The research and statistics say that,

It is not far to view any flat surface as a screen. See the videos anywhere and anytime.

  • Again the 3d Visualization will be the core functionality of AR technology.
  • Visualization of data in a seamless manner will become the entry point of accessing centralized data to make wearable technologies a quicker one.
  • The government areas like public support, defense and healthcare will become stronger with the help of the AR technology.
  • Concluding the facts that, the augmented reality app development is now the new key feature of the mobile app development times. Because we all have the apps that work on the simple architecture and principle.

It makes another era of publicity and crazy level when i9t reaches to augmented reality app development.

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