Hola Peeps!

What if I tell you to take a quick drive to 2030? I know you have mixed feelings.

Excited!! Shocked!! Worried!!

I am not kidding. Believe me, everything is fucking possible in this world.

When I was a kid, I never thought that there would be driverless cars, or an AI robot will be our assistant. But all these things are happening around the globe.

Yeah!! Dreams are becoming real in just 2019. And, I want to think more, wanna explore the future of technology.

Don’t laugh at me; I am not mad. Let your Imaginations fly.

What if you don’t require a phone in the future? What if everything can be controlled by a touch or by just saying it? What if your home started talking to you?

Everything will be so different that I can bet because technology is the future.

Maybe soon you will have an AI friend rather than a human friend.

It’s fun to fantasize.


But all this can become our future.

The future panics a lot of people. Environment changes, the thriving population will absolutely pose new hurdles for the human race in the next few decades.

But when you consider continuing social and economic progress and all of the coming innovations in science and technology, the place is abundant for optimism.

With every innovation in sensor technology, cameras, and wireless functionality, smartphones have become capable of smarter and smarter jobs, paving the way for the future technology of mobile phones.

Let me give you ride to my kinda mobile-based technology predictions.

mobile-based technology predictions

Hello there, Do you need me? Your phone will talk to you.

Have you heard the old song “the first thing every morning and the last thing every night“? Dean Martin writes this song, and I think he imagined someone he loved while writing the song.

But for most of us nowadays, these feelings apply to our smartphones and mobile app services. From setting the alarm to checking Insta and Facebook feeds, online shopping, we reach for our phone as soon as we wake up and we don’t put them aside until we are about to sleep.

Future of mobile technology is unpredictable, so you can say this that your phone will become your friend. There are a hell lot of devices now which have speech recognition and talking sensors enabled.

So talking phone isn’t a big deal guy.

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The Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant are already playing significant roles on the phones of today, but it’s nothing compared to the impact they’ll have in the next 12 years.

Innovation in the next 12 years will amaze you like never before. You will be able to talk to your phone, giving orders will become a common thing.

Your phone will ask you what to do next just like a human assistant. Imagine telling your mobile that I really love you and getting a reply back thank you for your kind words, always here to help you.

Overwhelming Right!!

If you feel alone, your phone will become your companion.

By seeing today’s phone addiction, this will be our future, and with this, the mobile app development services will also bloom.

seeing today’s phone addiction

Say BYE BYE to your Phones – Enter 2030

BYE BYE to your Phones

When our phone falls, we panic, but when our friend falls, we laugh.


This will be a thing of past in 2030. What if I say that you will be able to embed your phone in your palm or anywhere you want in the body?

Being addicted to phones may take on a whole new meaning by 2030.

Do you know more than 80% of tech experts predicted that in the next few years, implantable devices as phones would be available in the market?

You heard it right.

By 2030, the cellphone will become an extension of our bodies and senses. These implantable phones will be able to exchange information, and communication will be achieved through universal gestures.

The device will potentially be able to track a person’s health more precisely, and it will also enable communication through brain waves or signals instead of verbally.

Embedded technology will become more acceptable, designs will be different, and shape-shifting technologies will allow people to adapt devices for a number of needs.

There are many implantable devices which are onboard and working marvelously. So, this can be the turning point in the future of mobile e-commerce.

Apps will break all the records of Innovation — Reshaping the future of mobile apps.

Apps will break all the records of Innovation

Mobile applications are the whole sole of the phones. There are 2.8 million apps available for Android users and 2.2 million apps for Apple users.

There are a plethora of options for consumers now than assume the future of mobile apps.

Mobile application development induced by advancements in technology is frequently turning a critical part of business accomplishment.

Let’s plunge in the technological advancements that can transform the future of mobile applications.

The most trending Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, and they will going to rule the gaming world by 2030. They will change the experience of gaming.

Everything will seem like a lifelike situation while playing in these apps. It will beat your every experience, be it be Xbox.

The growing popularity of mobile-based payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, the demand for mobile purchase will reach its peak.

A time may come when people will prefer paying bills through mobiles over credit or debit cards. Mobile commerce will continue to grow in the coming years.

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Maybe you heard about iBeacons, yes they will become the best option in the future. Everything around you will be on your phone, be it be a coffee shop’s menu, a store’s guide, or an app development company’s services.

It will notify you about the things you can savor in your surroundings. It will be very beneficial in terms of business as well.

The future of the apps appears even brighter than the stars. There are plenty of mobile enterprise apps, but firms don’t use them as of now. But in 2030, a mobile app will handle the whole company from its CRM to logistics everything will be taken care of by super-smart apps.

Over the upcoming years get set as AR, and VR experiences will start appearing more commonly in traditional mobile apps too.

These type of mobile apps trends will turn the mobile development industry. These will enlighten the future app development sector.

From ABCD to the P.G degree, everything will be on your phone.

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The student experience has evolved a lot in the last few years — the transition from static to the one that is more interactive, social, and mobile.

Let’s have a glance at the future of education technology what it will look like in 2030

Today’s students have an entirely different view of the world than the previous generation. Their world is full of choice and limitless options. They have very high expectations, easy access to the data, demanding fast and wherever they are.

And I bet in next few years it will increase.

Maybe the students will have a norm by 2030 to have the flexibility to read and engage in the learning activities on the go.

Access to a fully armed learning management system on any mobile device will surely transform the way of teaching and learning.

Mobile learning will allow the students to visualize the workload, stay on the top of deadlines, and keep up with discussions.

While the classrooms will still remain important but will be complemented heavily by mobiles and video learning as students increasingly seek to consume the learning materials on their own terms and on their familiar devices.

New certificates of completion and performance that are social, portfolio-based, and self-selected will start to substitute institutional certificates, including the college degrees.

Students will be able to get their learning materials on the palm of their hands in 2030.

Everything will be at your Fingertips.


The future will get us connected with almost everything, be it be living or nonliving.

How about saying hello to your home and getting a reply back welcome home, dear?


Consider when you will reach home from work AC will be already on, and if you are hungry, the food will be on your doorstep.

From toe to head, everything will be handled by your phone.

What about your medical reports are unusual, and you and your doctor know it at the same time, and you have all your medicines within a few seconds. Yes, this is possible. Your wearable devices can do this in the future.

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As per a survey, there will be over 26 billion connected devices as we approach 2020, which will comprise of hundreds of smart objects, including the domestic appliances.

Most of these domestic smart objects will be an integral part of IoT, and their communication will take place through an app or by smartphone devices.

Smartphones could adequately be the focus of a personal area network, including wearable devices such as sensors, smartwatches, display devices such as Google Glass, medical sensors, etc.

With the mobile application development for the IoT, all the objects will be blended into our daily activities.

IoT is already established in specific apps; according to me, it will outreach the mainstream by 2030.


Mobile App Development Company

You can only create what you can imagine. By 2030, Digital will transform our economy and our daily lives. Everyone will get access to AI superintelligence, distance barrier will seize to exist, sensors will be able to recognize every sense of human and will work according to that, and will open radical new business opportunities via phones.

Don’t just nod or shake your head.

Just try and give it a thought and share your imaginations of mobile phones by 2030.

Maybe the team of Auxano can make that possible.

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