Traveling websites are becoming increasingly popular these days. However, comparing the packages offered by different companies and choosing the best one can be challenging. Right here, ventures like Expedia come forward!

Expedia is one of the most used platforms even by ardent travelers. It helps plan a trip with optimum hotel and resort booking facilities at the most minimal costs. As these platforms are gaining wildfire-like popularity, many investors wish to invest in them. But, what’s the cost to create a full-fledged app like Expedia?

We will discuss everything that you must know about Expedia right below.

But before discussing the price schemes, here are some eye-popping statistics regarding Expedia-like apps. Take a look!

  • Travelers use almost 58% of travel apps every month.
  • As high as 83% of US travelers book their trips online.
  • Around 82% of travel bookings in 2018 were made online using mobile apps. These did not require human interactions at all.
  • Over time, online travel booking became 10.3% more popular among travelers.

Did the above data revitalize you? Cheers if that’s the case! Let’s dive deeper into the article now.

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What Exactly is Expedia?

What Exactly is Expedia?

As you already know, comparing travel packages from different websites and picking the best one can be tedious. Expedia introduced a revolutionary plan to do so more efficiently than ever.

So, what is Expedia, after all? Expedia is a comprehensive app that combines all travel agency websites and helps travelers compare different packages to shortlist the best one.

It allows booking resorts, hotels, and transport at the cheapest prices and lucrative deals. It has become the leader when it comes to bagging heavy discounts on planning an adventurous trip.

The Benefits of App Like Expedia

Expedia is ruling the travel landscape. Almost all travelers use the Expedia-like apps to book accommodations and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Here are the top benefits of Expedia that made the application popular among everyone.

Benefits of App Like Expedia

1. All Bookings, One Place

Expedia became a favorite for numerous travelers because it manages all bookings in one place. A user can log into the application and book every amenity in advance to enjoy a hassle-free journey. They can pay for everything before their trip starts, from hotels to resorts and even ferries.

2. Irresistible Discounts

Another primary reason behind Expedia-like app getting massive popularity is discounted. These applications offer lucrative rebates to attract target audiences and help them plan inexpensive trips without any difficulties. Indeed, it’s an edge in the travel agency industry and all travelers wish to utilize the rebates to plan cheaper trips.

3. Customized Services

Say, you wish to book a travel package that includes a resort stay and a ferry ride to someplace. But, you do not want to book a ferry. Does that mean your ferry payment goes into the trash? Hell no! Apps like Expedia allow you to pick the desired services and create custom packages according to your demand.

4. Simple Transactions

Most travel apps like Expedia have seamless online transaction gateways. These methods help you book the facilities in advance and pay for them without any difficulties. Such at-home convenience helps travelers book desired amenities and manage their transactions using smartphones. Impressive, right?

5. Destination Pictures and Videos

Around 90% of travelers conduct online research before initiating a trip. They seek images and videos for the destination and try to get a glimpse of what they would experience during the trip. An app like Expedia house thousands of real-life images and videos for a given destination and allow users to surf through them.

6. Reviews from Earlier Travelers

Offline bookings cannot help the travelers understand the experience of previous travelers who booked the same package from the travel agent. Luckily, people can get numerous reviews and ratings regarding a given package on an Expedia-like app. So, they have better chances of smoothening their experiences and paying for the best packages that everyone loves. Apart from the above, more benefits draw travelers to use Expedia-like apps as their trip planners. That’s from a user perspective. What about the investors?

Here are some remarkable benefits of investing in developing an Expedia-like app. Stay tuned!

Why Should You Invest in Developing Expedia-like App?

The covid 19 pandemic laid strict travel restrictions across the globe. As the authorities lifted the laws, travelers are back on their expeditions. So, apps like Expedia has the brightest future.

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in developing classic apps like Expedia. Take a look!

Invest in Developing Expedia-like App

1. Massive User Base

Applications like Expedia maintain a massive user base at all times. Travelers keep visiting these apps, browse through different packages, and book the desired ones for a seamless journey. So, your digital product will never suffer losses as it’s a highly popular facility and entertain massive user bases.

2. Evergreen Business

Travelers make trips to various destinations almost all day in a year. They look for premium apps like Expedia to plan their journey. Indeed, developing and hosting a travel app like Expedia is profitable and an evergreen business plan.

3. Better ROI

A massive user base and evergreen demands indicate a better ROI. Experts even predict a brighter future for a travel app like Expedia. So, its demand is unlikely to fall in the upcoming days. Such an industry buzz invites more users to join these apps and simplify their travel experience. Thus, there are even better scopes of generating impressive returns on your investment.

4. Enhanced Internal Processes

Are you a travel company? You might have tedious internal processes if it’s a yes. So, adding an Expedia-like app to your business can be a boon. It can help you manage all internal processes and generate optimum outcomes. Meanwhile, you can focus on core operations and bring more business to your doorsteps.

5. Better Marketing Opportunities

Digital marketing has replaced the conventional one due to the immense benefits that it offers. More travel companies advertise their offerings online and generate lucrative business. Apps like Expedia can help you centralize all digital marketing efforts and reach out to more audiences without many difficulties. So, you can spread more brand awareness and churn a better business with a travel app like Expedia.

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6. Gain a Competitive Edge

Although Expedia is a popular platform, not many travel companies know about its benefits. So, you can invest in these apps to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. An app will add convenience to the life of your users. So, they will engage more with your business than your competitors. Thus, you can garner customers for your venture and generate more conversions. Did these points impress you? You must build an app like Expedia if that’s the case! Moving on, let’s analyze the features that you must integrate with an Expedia-like app.

Must-Have Features in an Expedia-Like App

You must focus on the app functionalities if you wish to recreate the Expedia-like app.

Do you want to know about the critical features in an Expedia-like app? Here you go!

Must-Have Features in an Expedia-Like App

1. Trip Planner

Your users seek a convenient calendar to plan their trip and each activity from scratch. So, a trip planner is the best MVP feature that you will ever access. It should be comprehensive and allow the users to book the start and end dates for their trips to all destinations.

2. Hotel Search and Booking

Your app should have a robust search feature that allows seeking hotels and their facilities in a detailed manner. Furthermore, your app should allow convenient booking for rooms based on the calendar discussed earlier. It can offer both prepaid and postpaid bookings depending on the consent of hotels.

3. Ticket Booking

Apart from the accommodations, your app should allow the user’s book flights, buses, and trains. The Expedia-like app must enable the users to check the availability status and book airline tickets for desired seats according to their trip calendar. Overall, the airline tickets booking feature is a comprehensive functionality in apps like Expedia.

4. Maps Integration

When booking a hotel or resort, your users might be intrigued to know the locations on the map. If your travel app doesn’t have the integration of a map, it might compel the users to come out of your platform and search for the locations on Google. Don’t give your audience a chance to engage with other companies. How about integrating a map on your platform? It can amplify your business like never before.

5. Book Transports

Many travelers prefer booking transport and riding well in advance. They can do so with your comprehensive app if you have a transport booking feature. The feature in your travel app must show the seats, running status, and availability of the vehicle on a future date.

6. User Feedback

Feedback is a game-changing factor when it comes to planning a trip online. You can build a space for users to post their reviews and ratings regarding various packages on your app. Consequently, they will have a better customer experience and are likely to engage more with your business.

7. Push Notifications

You wouldn’t want your app users to miss out on lucrative deals, would you? So, you can create customized notifications and release them for your users. How do your app users get them? They can push notifications and learn all about your updates on their smartphones.

8. Offers and Promotions

Apps like Expedia offer lucrative offers on travel packages. And it’s one of the most attention-drawing features on your platform. So, you should invest in harnessing features that reflect available offers and promotions on a package and calculate the reduced price effortlessly.

9. Payment Gateways

Bookings become complete when the users pay for them. Also, they should not witness delays and breaches when making a payment through your Expedia-like platform. So, you should invest in building an app with premium payment gateways that support all credit/debit cards and mobile transfer options.

10. Social Media Integration

Every app owner seeks social media integration for their platforms. It allows a holistic experience to the users and centralizes all your digital marketing efforts. So, make your app integrable with social media platforms for the best outcomes. These features can revolutionize the traveling experience for your users.

Furthermore, you can add chatbots and picture galleries to improve their experience with your platform.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Expedia?

Cost to Develop an App like Expedia

By now, you might be fully convinced of developing an app like Expedia. Also, you know about the MVP features for your premium travel app. What’s next? You might be intrigued to know about the costs required to develop an app like Expedia.

You will require investing around $5,000 if you wish to develop a simple version of Expedia. However, you can add cutting-edge features by spending nearly $18,000 to develop an even better version of Expedia. Your prices will further go up if you wish to add game-changing functionalities based on AI, ML, and AR/VR. The choice is yours ultimately!

Factors Determining the Cost to Develop an App like Expedia

Numerous factors build up the cost of developing an app like Expedia. Here are the determining reasons:

  • Location of developers
  • Features you want
  • App Designing
  • Technologies used
  • Third-party integrations

Now, you might be seeking a reliable technology partner to work on your Expedia-like app project. Good news for you!

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How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Auxano Global Services is the best technology partner for your Expedia-like project.

We have the following irresistible features:

  • Team AGS holds years of experience in developing various travel apps like Expedia.
  • We house skilled developers knowing all technology stacks.
  • We can integrate the latest features in your app to promote your business and user base.
  • Our team can help you with premium support and maintenance services even after project delivery.

Travel apps are the future of the global tourism industry. Everyone looks for online options when it comes to planning a seamless trip from home. You can win the market with a premium Expedia-like app working in your business.

Are you looking for a dependable travel app development partner? We’ve your back! Contact our experts and get a never-seen-before Expedia-like app for your business at competitive price points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is an Expedia-like app?

    Apps like Expedia allow users to plan their trips conveniently. They can book transport, hotels, and resorts for a future date using these apps. It offers various packages at discounted prices to the users for a better travel experience than ever.

  • 2. What are the benefits of Expedia-like app?

    Travel applications like Expedia offer unique benefits to travelers. It allows them to access different travel packages and compare prices to pick the best one for their trips. Besides, they can read user reviews to concrete their faith on a package before paying for it.

  • 3. Why should you invest in developing an Expedia-like app?

    Investing in developing an Expedia-like app offers premium benefits like access to a massive user base, higher returns, and unbeatable competitive advantages. Furthermore, these apps provide better digital marketing opportunities for business owners.

  • 4. What are the top Expedia-like app features?

    The best Expedia-like app features include payment, social media and map integrations, trip planner, search bar, hotel and resort listing, online transport booking, discounts, and user feedback.

  • 5. Which is the best travel app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best travel app development company. Our experts have years of experience in building revolutionary Expedia-like apps and maintaining it for high-end business outcomes. Also, our experts have immense industry knowledge in increasing customer engagement and traffic for your venture through post-delivery support services. Need our assistance in developing a platform like Expedia? Get in touch with us now!

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