What comes first in your mind when you think about travelling? Spending considerable time surfing the web for all sorts of travel-related queries, right? Well, travelling begins with researching on the web about the destinations, tour packages, travelling conveyance, accommodation, and expenditures.

Much like you, 69% of travellers turn to search engines right after thinking about travelling. The internet has become the primary resource for satiating every quest of travellers. More precisely, the web determines the fate of travel companies largely.

The search engines register massive traffic of travellers each day. How about attracting all of the search engine traffic towards your website and driving leads for your business? The larger the volume of traffic entering your website, the more is the number of potential customers getting familiar with your company, and more is their probability of transforming into customers of your business.

So, your marketing focus must be on increasing the volume of organic traffic visiting your website. Here comes the travel SEO!

Search Engine Optimization works towards generating leads and earning prospects for your travel business by utilizing the power of organic search engine traffic. Follow along to find more about the travel industry SEO.

What is Travel SEO?

Travel SEO

Travel SEO works to improve the visibility of your travel website before a massive audience that comprises travellers mostly. An impactful SEO for travel website identifies the travel-related keywords and phrases used in the web queries and leverages them in your website for boosting its rank on the search engines. Gradually, your site enters the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and the ranking of your website keeps getting higher.

Wait! Why aim at improving the rank of your website on search engines? The answer lies in understanding the searchers’ behaviour before curating a remarkable SEO strategy for travel companies. Scrolling beyond the results on the first SERP disinterest 70% of searchers. Moreover, the top three search engine results attract 75% of URL clicks.

So, there is no point in creating a website that stays beyond the first SERP and remains hidden from the web users. For receiving most of the clicks and driving humongous web traffic, SEO focuses on enhancing the rank of your travel website.

Why Invest in Travel SEO?

SEO is a cost-effective method of reaching out to a broad base of audience and propel them further into your sales funnel. Despite being relatively cheaper, organic search churns better business than the paid search campaigns. SEO is the mainstream marketing channel for most travel companies. Having said that, you must be intrigued to know why to invest in SEO for tourism website. Here are the top reasons that will convince you to invest in travel SEO.

Travel SEO

1. Quality Website Traffic

As mentioned earlier, SEO is a proven method for increasing the volume of organic traffic for your travel website. Be it a travel blog, or a website for travel companies, the existence of your site remains worthless as long as people remain unaware of your work.

SEO for travel blog and tourism websites streamlines your site for appearing in the first SERP and among the top travel searches. Just as your website begins coming over in the first result pages of the search engines, more people find about your business, get interested, and visit your website massively.

2. Brand Awareness

If you are aiming at building enhanced brand awareness, then there are no ways better than SEO. When your travel business appears among the top search engine results, more people get to know about your work and become familiar with your website magnificently. In a short span, you succeed in brand awareness campaigns even.

Moreover, as more people visit your website, a larger fraction of the mass intend to become your followers or customers. If your website succeeds in capturing their interests and liking, people will refer your site to others in their network as well. So, SEO assists in building positive word of mouth for your travel business.

3. Better Business

Be it the goals of gaining more followers or earning prospects, SEO aids you in achieving all the marketing goals. Other marketing channels advertise your website to an audience that encompasses non-travellers even.

On the other hand, SEO attracts such web users who were already enquiring about your business on the web. So, there is an increased probability that most of the web traffic comprises business leads and will convert into prospects soon. SEO for travel websites ensures that only interested groups of searchers make the web traffic to your blog or company website and become your subscribers or customers instantly.

SEO for travel websites is a sure-shot method of achieving most of the marketing goals in a short span. From improving the rank of your website on the search engines to enhancing its visibility and bringing customers for your business, SEO does everything for your business in one shot.

Travel SEO

How to Optimize Travel Websites?

Travel websites come before a massive web audience when optimized the right way. An efficient leveraging of SEO refine your website by incorporating all the necessary entities that make the site desirable for the searchers. So, SEO plays a pivotal role in taking your business to the heights of success.

After learning so much about SEO, you must be wanting to know about the ways to optimize your travel blog or company website. Worry no more, as below you will find all the aspects that need to be scaled up to optimization for hitting the SEO marketing correctly.

Travel SEO

1. Extensive Keyword Research

Researching for SEO keywords for travel blogs and company websites marks the beginning of tailoring a successful SEO strategy. For identifying all the travel keywords and phrases, you should think like a traveller searching on the web. What all sentences they use, which are keywords that come in the searches frequently, and which travel-related phrases are most used – are some common questions that will lead you to list all the keywords of your niche.

After finding all the high-target keywords in your domain, focus on leveraging all of them on your website. Optimize the titles, tags, descriptions, images, and media in your website by stuffing the keyword phrases into them for matching with the trending travel queries on the search engines.

2. Incorporate SEO Keywords in Pages

The travel SEO keywords are powerful tools for streamlining your website with the latest travel search trends. Integrate these keywords all over your website wherever possible. Improve the quality of all the existing pages of your website by leveraging the SEO keywords uniformly.

Optimizing the titles and descriptions of your pages with the keywords helps the search engines know about your business and the information provided in the pages in a better way. Followed by such enhanced recognition by the search engines, the rank of your site improves on the SERP, and you receive more web traffic than previously.

Moreover, if the keywords are more in number, and the pages in your website fall shorter, then creating custom content can be a great idea. Add a blog to your website, or provide other informative resources that address the common search queries for the travellers. Integrate high-quality images and media in your pages so that visitors cling to your website for a long time, increasing their retention.

3. Local SEO

Attracting local customers towards your business through the web can be a winning trick in the entire marketing campaign. If your website is streamlined according to the best local SEO practices then, whenever travellers in your locality search about your business on the web, the search engine delivers them with the result comprising your business name. Being located in their regions, travellers tend to trust the local business more and become permanent customers easily.

For achieving local SEO in your web pages, incorporate as many local adventure travel keywords as you can. Once you optimize your website locally, the search engines filter out the searches happening in your locality and display your business to them.

Travel SEO

Moreover, you can build a profile on the local business directories and optimize it according to the local SEO norms. Ensure that the name and contact information of your business in the local listings are mentioned correctly, and the title, descriptions, and tags comprise all possible travel keywords.

4. Image Optimization

When it comes to the industry of tourism, visual aspects play a leading role in influencing the decisions of the web surfers. Being a marketer, you have a brighter scope of playing with the optimization of images. The image optimization improves the rank of your website on the search engines and persuades the traffic for becoming your customers.

Target the image titles and the file names for optimization. Leverage all the travel keywords India in the image entities so that the search engine gets a clearer picture of what the media is all about.

5. Mobile Optimization

Mobile users are growing worldwide rapidly. The massive population of mobile users makes up half of the web traffic across the globe. Travel searches happen on smartphones majorly. Moreover, as high as 79% of mobile travellers complete online travel bookings after researching the web extensively.

You can now estimate the power of mobile users. Utilizing mobile traffic for the advantage of your business can be an upside. So, an SEO campaign encompasses scaling up your website for mobile users as well.

Using legible texts, visually attractive media, and large buttons make it easy for mobile users to navigate your website. Also, voice searches are common for most mobile users. Leverage long tail travel keywords in your pages for targeting visitors who are ‘dreaming’ about contacting a travel business and get them further down the sales funnel.

6. YouTube SEO

If your blog contains video links to YouTube, then it means that the popular video platform will drive immense traffic to your business. So, why risk leaving YouTube content unoptimized? Identify the popular keywords and phrases the YouTube community uses for searching travel-related content on the platform. Enlist all the travel keywords for YouTube, and leverage them for optimizing every video that you publish on YouTube.

Optimize the video titles, descriptions, and video thumbnails according to the keywords before publishing on the platform. Also, YouTube makes use of hashtags in their search engine for easy searching and grouping similar videos together. Use relevant hashtags with your videos while publishing them on YouTube.

After completing all the above steps, your travel website becomes ready for the search engine to understand your business better. Once the search engine gets an enhanced picture of your website, its promotion begins. Soon you get to witness improving search engine ranks of your website, a host of new monthly site visitors, and a lot more engagements transforming into your customers directly.



Travel SEO

Hereafter, all that you need is to remain aware of the latest advancements in your industry, track the performance of your website, and stay updated with the new travel keywords. Based on all these analyses, keep modifying and tweaking the SEO strategies whenever needed.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help?

All of the travel SEO aspects sound easy until you decide to get your hands dirty in marketing. From identifying the popular SEO keywords to creating custom content and media optimization, all SEO entities demand expertise, experience, and investment of time. If you are a newbie to the world of SEO then witnessing ROI for your website’s marketing campaign takes a hell lot of time. Sometimes, due to lack of experience, efforts do not show up as expected, irrespective of the hard input.

Getting in touch with a top travel SEO agency, like Auxano Global Services, saves a lot of time and money and ensures that the marketing efforts do not go in vain. Our team comprises expert SEO professionals who are experienced in skyrocketing travel SEO campaigns. We have worked with numerous travel clients and gained valuable experience of working in the domain.

Our superior services include analyzing your website and marking its shortcomings, identifying the plus points in the top-ranking travel results in the first SERP, realizing all the travel-related keywords, and modifying your website to contain keywords-rich content. Moreover, we also excel in curating custom content, local SEO for your company, media optimization, and streamlining your website for mobile users as well.

All our efforts sum up and result in improved ranking for your website on the search engines. It’s not over yet! Just as we finish optimizing your website for the search engines, the tracking part begins. Our team monitors how well your website is performing on the search engines, the number of engagements it receives, and the areas where it lags behind the competitors. Also, we keep researching the latest keywords in your niche and update your website frequently to improve its ranking continuously.


Travel SEO

Any shortcomings or arrival of new search algorithms leads us to change our SEO strategy instantly. So, with Auxano Global Services, your website keeps getting better and better. You keep receiving positive SEO outcomes in terms of improving or maintaining search engine ranks, voluminous web traffic, and more business leads transforming into your customers throughout the marketing campaign.

SEO is the game-changer of the travel sector. With a researched implementation of the SEO strategy, your travel blog or company website can perform unexpectedly. If you own a travel website and are fed up with all the marketing channel efforts as none of them is bringing enough business to you, then it is the time for you to leave aside everything and give SEO an ultimate shot. SEO will unveil all the search engine potentials, attract massive web traffic, and bring many customers to your doorstep in a short time.

Moreover, if you are already pleased with SEO and leveraging the tactics in your website, but not receiving satisfactory results, then it’s time for Auxano Global Services to take charge and bring valuable leads for your business. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Travel SEO?

    Travel SEO works to improve the visibility of your travel website before a massive audience that comprises travellers mostly. For receiving most of the clicks and driving humongous web traffic, SEO focuses on enhancing the rank of your travel website.

  • 2. Why travel SEO is important?

    Travel SEO generates more leads by attracting an ample amount of traffic to websites. Brand awareness is also a benefit when your travel business appears among the top search engine results, more people get to know about your work and become familiar with your website magnificently.

  • 3. How to rank a travel website on top of SERP?

    To rank any website on top of the Google organic search results, you should have a team of SEO experts. There are certain points such are image optimization, mobile-friendliness, industry-based keyword research, local SEO, and YouTube SEO.

  • 4. Which is the best SEO agency for Travel SEO services?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading digital marketing and SEO agency for travel SEO services. Our dedicated SEO experts have ample expertise in travel SEO services. We offer local SEO services, Competitors analyze, optimize code for the website, rich content, keyword tracking and improving results. Contact us to be in the first rank of Google organic search results.

  • 5. Where can I go for more information about travel SEO services?

    To know more about our travel SEO services and to hire dedicated SEO experts, contact us at admin@auxanoglobalservices.com or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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