Do you want to start your business with an engaging diet planner app? Well, it’s never too late, to begin with, anything that could drive amazing results for you in the future. Many individuals prefer to create such apps by own or hire diet planner mobile app development companies. From 30 days of fitness challenges to body transformation, the fitness industry is booming every day. After the pandemic, health is a primary thing for most people and they want an easy way to stay fit.

Creating a diet planner app is a pretty good idea!

Owning a business or launching an app for your service or product will definitely bear fruit in the long run. But, the question is- What to do? In which sector you should invest? Of course, this is a crucial point to discuss before building any app. After all, you need to be well-versed in that particular domain and you should know every ins and outs related to the field. To make things simpler for you, here is the most fruitful venture that you can start with – A diet planner!

Yes, you heard it right. Still, confused about why to create a diet app?

In the present scenario, obesity is the most irritating problem that people are dealing with. Just have a look at your friend circle or in your family, you will find at least a single person dealing with this health issue. Am I right? They might be trying hard to shed some pounds to get back to the track in a healthy way; however, they always get disappointed.

To cater to the needs of obese people, several Gyms, and other fitness or nutrition centers have opened in different locations. If the owners seek this kind of business to be profitable then only they are trying hard to attract customers to them. To make you aware of the fact, these fitness centers are not only meant for obese people but for healthier ones as well, who wish to stay fit as a fiddle.

So, you can give an extra benefit to all those unhealthy people by bringing a fitness app with exciting features. An app will enable them to get all the stuff needed to come back to normal weight and to lead a healthier and prosperous life thereafter.

How a nutritious diet can make an impact on our lifestyle?

Talking about our daily life- it is all about waking up at 7 or 8; working for 8-10 hours continuously (which mostly include sitting jobs), coming back home, and going to sleep by 10 or 11!

Maximum of the world population is following the same criteria to earn their daily bread. While performing such duties for the sake of themselves and their family, individuals forget about their health and they become part of a sedentary lifestyle in no time. At this point, they put their first step towards obesity.

Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, untimely meals, no physical workout- all these are the responsible factors that lead to obesity. Due to lack of time, folks skip going to Gyms for doing physical activity. Hence, a diet plan app can work like a miracle for them.

Why create your own diet app?

It would be a great idea for you to start a diet plan app by today itself. The world is becoming digital and this digitization is not going to halt at any cost; in fact, it will rise with each passing day. When we are already aware of the fact that people would surely demand engaging and user-friendly diet apps in the coming days, it is better to invest now.

Building a diet app will not only be paving the way for your successful venture but you will also be lending a helping hand to people who wish to lose weight.

How to make a nutrition app?

The very first thing that comes to mind before developing an app is to choose the platform i.e. iOS or Android. Once the platform is selected, you are ready to go with further steps. Let’s have a look at the further stages involved in making a nutrition app:

1. Discovery and research

In the initial phase of creating an app, you bring your idea to a skilled team of developers, who research actively on the idea by analyzing the market, competitors, and the target audience. After all this, the team will outline a document depicting the functioning of the application.

2. Prototyping

At the next stage, developers will proceed to wireframing. A lot of time and effort can be saved. Moreover, everything including the app’s structure, features, and navigation will be specified here.

3. Code development

Now comes the longest stage i.e. coding. It is the stage of turning an idea into a practical product.

4. Testing and deployment

This is the last stage at which the app is tested to make sure that it is bug-free. If any issue arises, then it is removed at this stage. After successful testing, the app is published to the app stores.

Fitness App Development 2021: Cost Estimation And Features

What features a nutrition app must have?


This is the most important feature as it helps to record the data of users including personal details such as name, age, weight, height, gender, level of physical activity, allergies, and food preferences. It would be further useful to have a Sign-up option via email, Facebook, or any other platform.

Dashboard and food logging

Make sure that when any user signs up with your diet app, he/she must go to the dashboard where all information related to calorie intake, carbs, protein, fat, and water can be logged. The user must be able to visualize his/her progress on the dashboard.

Your dashboard must be appealing because the most attractive it will be, the more visitors will get attracted to your app. All in all, this feature can make or break your app. Be wise while dealing with this feature.

Push Notifications

Any mobile app is incomplete without push notifications. A highly skilled diet planner app development company is well-aware of this fact and they will never lag in adding this feature to your nutrition app. Through these notifications, you can let your user remind them of the time to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Adding more to it, you can even boost their confidence and can motivate them to stay stronger.

Help & Support Panel

You might have seen this feature in almost all mobile apps. This feature is for the sake of users who get confused, have no idea of using it, or have problems while using the app. You can think of a user and can answer the different queries that a user may have about the app.

Calorie Counter

This is the must-have feature in your weight loss app. After all, your app is focused on shedding weight so a calorie counter can assist users in counting their calories regularly. Counting calories is not a piece of cake for everyone, but it can be made easy with an effective calorie counter app tutorial.

Barcode Scanner

With this feature of a barcode scanner, you let your users count calories and watch out for the exact nutritional information.

Diet Plan

The main purpose of a fitness app is to make a person fit and healthy with exercise and the right diet plan. It is not only about counting calories but also about maintaining the right balance in the diet. With this feature, you can suggest proper diet plans for different people with different preferences and can suggest some extra tips or recipes to them.

Integration with Gadgets

Nowadays, many fitness trackers are ruling the fitness market. You can also take advantage of them and can integrate your fitness app with these trackers or wearables to record crucial data like blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, step count, etc.

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Where to go to build such a kind of weight loss app with so many features?

Auxano global services is one of the esteemed diet planner mobile app development company, inclusive of professional developers that can cater to your app needs. Every aspect of the diet app will be thoroughly looked into to deliver you the best working nutrition app.

Do you know? In a survey of 2017, 26% of 18-29 years old and 17% of 30-45 years old use nutrition apps to remain fit and lose excessive weight. People download these apps in abundance to eat healthily and count calories.

So, wait no more! Contact us now to bring your dreams into reality and make the whole world healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the top diet planner apps worldwide?

    The top diet planner apps for Android and iOS platforms are MyFitnessPal, Food on The Table, Evernote Food, Pepperplate, and Love Food Hate Waste. Also, Cooksmart is one of the best online meal planner tools that is available as a website.

  • 2. Why create your own diet app?

    The world is becoming digital and this digitization is not going to halt at any cost; in fact, it will rise with each passing day. Building a diet app will not only be paving the way for your successful venture but you will also be lending a helping hand to people who wish to lose weight.

  • 3. How do I create a diet app?

    A successful diet app development process includes market research, prototyping, code development, latest feature integration, testing and deployment. If you’re looking to create such a meal planner app, then hire top diet planner app development companies such as Auxano Global Services.

  • 4. What are the must features for a diet planner app?

    A diet or meal planner app should offer an easy way of user registrations i.e. social media login, two-factor authentication, and email verification. The main features are Interactive Dashboard, Diet planner, organize calendar, calorie calculator, Barcode scanner, and integration with gadgets.

  • 5. Which is the top diet planner app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a top diet planner app development company having 10+ years of experience in mobile app development for various domains including the health industry. Our creative developers are inquisitive about the latest technology and tools to create something beyond your expectation. Contact us now!

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about diet planner app development?

    To know more about our diet planner app development services and to hire dedicated app developers, contact us at or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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