Fitness is not a concern anymore, it has become a part of the lifestyle. Everybody wants to get in shape but the hardest part is to keep motivated towards the goal. According to Statista, “The healthcare industry is booming with the 5.5bn USD revenue of the health club industry in the UK”.

Most of the entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts are leveraging fitness trends such as gym, fitness products, wearables, and fitness apps. If you are also looking to hire dedicated app developers to create your own workout app, then this article is only for you.

Being a renowned fitness app development company, we are familiar with the fitness app trends and successful app features. This article is addressing the type of fitness apps, important features, revenue model, cost, and successful fitness app technology. 

You might be wondering

Why are fitness apps important?

Why Fitness App important

Approx one out of five Americans are hitting the gym or paying for the membership, but only a few can sustain the same energy every day. People need a coach or personal trainer which can track each step, motivate, educate themself, count calories, and above all always be ready to help. Only a mobile application can fulfill all the need, therefore, creating a fitness app is a profitable idea.

top 5 fitness apps 2020 worldwide

  • MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter
  • Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax
  • Headspace – Meditation & Sleep
  • Fitbit
  • Calorie Counter by Lose It

Fitness app in google play

According to Statista, “Leading health and fitness mobile apps in the Google Play Store worldwide in November 2019, ranked by total revenue. As of that month, Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal was ranked top in the category with total revenues amounting to approximately 577,645 U.S. dollars.”

Why Creating a Fitness App is a Profitable Idea? 

Everybody has different new year resolution plans except a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is a common goal for everyone, therefore, people are more conscious about their health and fitness. The determination towards a healthy lifestyle encourages the health industry to do more and grow more. 

Here, The Fitness and Health Industry Market Share:     

ehealth revenue of the fitness segment in the UK

  • According to Statista, “The revenue of the eHealth fitness apps segment in the UK is expected to grow from 80 million U.S. dollars in 2017 to 155 million in 2022.”
  • 1 out of 5 Americans has at least one Gym membership. (1/7 for the UK )
  • The fitness apps users are expected to reach 378.7 million by 2021.
  • The total revenue of health and fitness apps is expected to grow 4101m USD by 2021.   

The above statistics are enough to conclude that the Healthcare industry is expanding smoothly. Even popular brands are also trying to leverage these trends. 

  • Fitness Tracking App 
  • Yoga & Meditation App 
  • Workout & Exercise App
  • Diet & Nutrition Monitor App

Fitness Tracking App

Fitness Tracking App Comapny

Most of the fitness apps are used for step tracking, Fitbit is one of the best examples of fitness tracker apps. The sports-related wearables are only used for step trackers, speed trackers, and so on. The user can set their goals as per the activity tracking history. 

In short, a fitness tracking app basically helps in tracking the physical activities of individuals. Fitness tracking doesn’t mean a step tracker, it consists of jogging, walking, swimming, running, and cycling. 

Do you know?

The smartphone’s “Motion Sensor” is responsible to track each activity by calculating correct data about distance covered by the user, steps, speed, and calories burnt in the process.  Such data are very helpful for fitness apps to provide accurate results and enrich the user experience.

Yoga & Meditation App

Yoga & Meditation App Development company

It’s a contradiction that fitness is all about physical health, however, mental health is equally important. Yoga & meditation apps usually offer ‘how-to’ videos where instructors educate users about the right portion of yoga. 

  • Yoga Studio (Yoga + Meditation)
  • Headspace (Meditation)

Workout & Exercise App:Workout & Exercise App Development company

As the name implies, this type of app is used for workout and exercise. People who hardly manage time to visit the gym, they can rely on these types of apps. Workout apps are usually feature-rich and bloated in design, therefore, users can expect a personal trainer’s role from a fitness app.

Highlighted Feature of Workout & Exercise App:

  • Organize progress reports and analytics 
  • Custom goal Setting as per body requirement  
  • Daily instruction on exercise & workout
  • Personalize Diet plan for individuals

There are many popular apps in the workout and exercise niche such as Fitbod, Nike+Running Club, Google Fit and others.

Diet & Nutrition Monitor App

Diet & Nutrition Monitor App Development Company

As the name consists, this type of app acts as a personal dietician that monitors the intake element and suggests diet plans. Moreover, people use this type of app to monitor the amount of water intake in a day, calorie counter, nutrition, and diet plans.

Important Features To Consider While Creating A Fitness App

Fitness is a vast term, therefore, it is a sum of physical and mental health with a proper diet plan. Likewise, it requires an immense understanding of fitness needs and business requirements to build a successful fitness app. 

A fitness app should be responsive and have to offer fast performance. A fitness freak never allows lazy loading or bugs in the app. Apart from the responsiveness, here are some important fitness app features listed below.


Geolocation is an essential feature to count steps, measure distance,and set the location. It can help in collecting actual data for step tracker functionalities.  Also, it can monitor the routes and location while you’re cycling or jogging. 

  • Monitor  the Routes & Location
  • Measure Distance for Step Tracker
  • Update with Nearby Location

Profile Creation:       

Every app has two profile sections: Admin panel & User Panel, likewise the fitness app also has the same profile creation process.  The user’s profile is responsible to engage the user with the application by catering personalize content for individuals. 

  • Easy Social Media Sign-in
  • User Personal Info (Name, Weight, Body type, Allergy, etc)
  • Analytic & Progress Reports with Chart

Admin Dashboard: 

As mentioned above, the fitness app has two profile sections Admin & User panel, that simply one should focus on admin dashboard creation to manage all users. 

  • Manage Users, Plans & Payments
  • Manage Media, Rewards, Notification
  • Manage Coupons & Offers
  • Organize Report & Analytics     

Social Media Availability:

The first and foremost advantage of social media integration is the ease of the registration process. Instead of the bulky email authentication process, try to provide a smooth social media sign-in. The second advantage is shareable content such as achievements, daily goals, and progress that can share with friends.

Fitness App & Wearable Device:

The healthcare industry is expanding every day and wearables are the major reason behind this progress. The sports wearable product (smartwatch, tracker, VR) relies on an exclusive mobile app to showcase all the data. A fitness app should be compatible with every type of sports wearable to allow a better experience for users.

Want to know the best part?

Fitbit wearable products use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to sync with smartphones and other devices.  

Push Notification:

A push notification can insist users to open the app, motivate, remind them about workout time and personal goals. Usually, push notification is used to inform users about a new product, services, deals or coupons, but in the case of a fitness app, this feature can be used as the call-to-action (CTA). 

  • Emoji & Appealing Notification 
  • Send Regularly, Don’t Overdo
  • Personalize Notification For Individuals

Music Streaming Services:

Health and fitness are all about inner strength, likewise, music is also a supportive element to heal the inner soul. A piece of good music can create mood and motivation, that’s why most of the fitness enthusiasts listen to different kinds of music while exercising.  Therefore, your dream fitness app should be compatible with music devices and allow users to play their favorite songs. 

In-App Purchase:      

It would be best of both worlds if you can offer some gym equipment or energy drinks, it will save lots of time for users. In-app purchase is a new term for a fitness app, the main concern is a robust payment option.   

  • Allow Easy Payment Options
  • Personalize Coupon & Deals
  • Secure Payment Gateways  

Video Content Enable:

Most fitness apps educate their users with video content i.e. yoga position, exercise tutorial, diet plans, and so on. Video content can be your USP and can also enrich the overall experience.

Try to make a video library, update regularly, and improve content quality. 

Mobile App UI Design: 

App user interfaces should be easy and attractive in design because it is responsible for engaging users. One should need a content delivery service (CDN) to craft astounding UI UX for a fitness app. A fitness app development company i.e. Auxano can help you out in awe-stunning app UI.     

Other Fitness App Features:

  • AI Chatbot For Chat Support
  • Safe Blockchain Payments
  • Google Analytics For Admin Panel
  • Rewards Points For Level Up           

How To Create A Fitness App: Cost & Technology 

You can easily find a resource by asking Google, “App developers near me” but it isn’t enough to build a successful app. You need to do proper market research about the healthcare industry, fitness trends, find a suitable app development partner and so on.

Market Research:

Depth market research can save money and time by implementing concocting plans. There are several factors that can be achieved with good market research, few are listed below.

  • Target Audience
  • Competitor Strategy 
  • Healthcare Industry Trends

Leverage With Latest Technology:

You should use the latest technology for creating your own workout app, it will help you to make a feature-rich and futuristic app. You can use technology for features like geolocation, motion sensor, tracking system, music streaming, and other features.


Do you know?

Leading fitness app & web portal MyFitnessPal uses several technology architects such as MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, and Microsoft SQL for database management. 


Here, A list of top technology for fitness app development:      

Platform Specific Tool:

  • Android Studio 3.6
  • Xcode For iOS
  • Fabric iOS

Location & Analytic:

  • Google API
  • Geo-fence
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster

Database Server:

  • MySQL
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft SQL

Email & SaaS Solution:

  • SendinBlue or Mailchimp
  • ZOHO
  • SaaS API 

Payment Gateways:

  • Stripe API
  • PayPal
  • or Square

Step Tracker Functionality:


  • Exist API
  • Jawbone UP
  • Strava

Connectivity & Features:

  • BLE Technology for Bluetooth
  • FCM for Push Notification 
  • Garmin & BMI Calculator API     

Revenue Model For Health and Fitness App:

Revenue Model For Health and Fitness App

When you are all set to create a fitness app that simply means you are investing in the business and every business needs a good ROI. So, most prefer monetization models are:  

  • Freemium App (Free app with premium features)
  • Subscription Plans (Monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription)
  • In-App Purchase (eCommerce Model)
  • Advertisement Revenue
  • Sponsored Content

Find a Perfect Fitness App Development Company:

As mentioned above, you can ask Google “app developers near me” or search the best fitness app development company, but it will only show a relevant result, not the correct one. We recommend choosing top mobile app development companies in India such as Auxano Global Services, that can offer fitness app development with robust output.

At AGS, our dedicated developers have immense expertise in the healthcare industry. We always follow a client-centric approach which means our team always reveres to the client’s requirements. 


Auxano Global Services is a leading fitness app development company having a rich portfolio in the same domain. You can hire dedicated app developers from our team to create your own workout app.  


How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fitness App?

While we have discussed all the major parts of fitness app development, the only query remains is the fitness app cost estimation. It’s quite unfair to estimate overall app development cost without having proper app requirements because there are several factors that affect fitness app development cost.


Some factors that affect app development cost:

  • Development time
  • Numbers of developers
  • Features & Technology Stack
  • App UI UX Design Cost
  • Project Management
  • Technical Documentation
  • Quality Assurance 

Once you consider all these factors, your full-featured fitness app development costs may fall somewhere between $65,000 to $300,000. If you want to develop an MVP, it’s cost around $25,000 to $60,000.

If you need an accurate fitness app development cost, then feel free to contact our experts. 



Fitness app development cost

While wrapping up, one thing is pretty clear that fitness apps should motivate users to pull off the couch and do exercise. Your fitness app must bring basic features such as step tracker, diet plan, music streaming, and geo-location.

In this piece of content, we discussed every bit of fitness app development, from the top fitness apps to cost estimation. In short, creating a fitness app is a profitable and futuristic idea, all you need is to find a perfect app development partner.    

Still, Have Any Doubts?

Discuss your dream app requirements with our experts. Auxano is ranked among top mobile app development companies in India because of our cost-saving and result-driven solutions. We are ready to decode your idea into a successful app, let’s Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How much does it cost to make a fitness app?

    It’s nearly impossible to estimate the actual fitness app development costs. The app development cost depends on many factors such as development time, number of resources, design cost, QA, and others. 

    Once you consider all these factors, your full-featured fitness app development costs may fall somewhere between $65,000 to $300,000. If you want to develop an MVP, it’s cost around $25,000 to $60,000.

    If you need an accurate fitness app development cost, then feel free to contact our experts.


  • 2. How Do I Create A Fitness App?

    If you want to create a fitness app, then you should hire top mobile app development companies in India such as Auxano Global Services. We are a leading fitness app development company having expertise in the healthcare industry. Our result-driven solutions can help you to create a winsome application. 

  • 3. What Does A Fitness App Do?

    A fitness app can track everyday activities such as steps, jogging, running, cycling and swimming. Also, fitness apps can instruct workouts, motivates, give diet plans and many more. In short, A fitness app works as a personal coach or a virtual dietitian for users.

  • 4. How Do Fitness Apps Make Money?

    The revenue model is dependent on business requirements. Most fitness apps make money through subscription plans and In-app purchase models. Also, they earn via sponsored content, advertisement, and paid features. 

  • 5. How does a fitness tracking app track activities?

    Wearables use hardware to track activity i.e. Accelerometer, Barometric altimeter, and other motion sensors. While fitness apps use API and tools such as Healthgraph, Strava, Jawbone UP, Misfit, Garmin, Google fitness API and many more.

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