Even if it is the casual lunch hours or the instant hunger pangs, something which has brought the hot-smacking food at your table is the famous food delivery apps.

We cannot deny this fact that food delivery apps have proven to be one of the most revolutionary innovations of technology and also they have augmented the utility of mobile phones as well. Apps have made people familiar with the new techniques of performing the tasks.

On the other hand, apps have created a revolution in almost every sector and the increasing demand for food delivery apps has made the importance of apps quite apparent. Whether it is an education sector, food sector or fashion industry, all sectors prefer to opt for the app development services to give a boost to the growth of their business.

Have you ever thought that why even food sectors are quite focused to opt for the apps? That is all because apps not only lead to an increase in the customer base but also provides a platform to expand the business with creativity. OK, let’s have a look at how food apps are proving their significance in the food sector.

📈 Boosts Sales 

Ok, let’s take a scenario that has you ever thought that how food ordering apps are useful in increasing the sales? This is all because in early times people have to visit the physical shops to buy the food items but now with the use of apps people can easily order food items as per their convenience. This has ultimately led to an increase in customer and sales.

👩🏼‍🍳 Seamless Customer Service 

On-demand apps have provided the feasibility to the customers to check the availability of offers in their favorite restaurants and order them accordingly. This kind of service has enhanced the user’s experience and made them more attracted to food apps.

📣 Promotes Brand

Food apps not only provide convenience to the customers but also create a platform for the restaurants to promote their brand. Great functioning of the apps and its unique features always create a lasting impression on the users which compels them to avail the services from your brand again and again.

Hence, we can say that food ordering apps have marked their identity in the app market and have compelled the vendors to adopt the apps as an integral part of their business.

In the successful food delivery process, few apps are garnering the maximum attention of the customers. These apps are; Zomato, Swiggy & UberEats. As a consumer, it is very hard to understand which food delivery app is the best.

Let’s take a quick tour of understanding what these three apps hold in their business model, and which app is winning the race.


Swiggy started its operations in the year 2014 and since then it is a very popular food ordering service.

It does not just cover the big restaurant but some of the local eating joints are also partnered with Swiggy.

✔️ Pros of Swiggy

⚜️ Swiggy brings the fresh & fast delivery of the food;

⚜️ Customers can order their favorite cuisine from the best restaurants;

⚜️ Customers get alluring discounts on the food ordered;

⚜️ Restaurant registration is simpler and the service fee is lesser than other food ordering companies in India.

❌ Cons of Swiggy

⚠️ Not all orders placed on Swiggy have a COD option.


On being compared UberEats has got some of the best cuisines to offer. A customer on UberEats gets plentiful of options to relish a wholesome meal at a reasonable price.

✔️ Pros of UberEats

⚜️ Offers hefty & good discounts;

⚜️ The delivery charge is less as INR 1;

⚜️ The portal keeps on bringing discounts, deals, and coupons;

⚜️ Only partners with best-chosen restaurants.

❌ Cons of UberEats

⚠️ Not every partnering form is accepted from restaurateurs, is accepted;

⚠️ The selection of the restaurant is at the sole discretion of UberEats.


Since 2008, Zomato has captured the attention of the foodies in India and has today 24 countries worldwide operations.

✔️ Pros of Zomato

⚜️ Customers get a wide range of mouth-watering cuisines;

⚜️ Payment options are varied from online to debit/ credit cards/net banking/ digital wallets;

⚜️ Zomato gives the option of selecting any sort of specific preferences/ allergies;

⚜️ The registration process is simpler and charges a small fee.

❌ Cons of Zomato

⚠️ There is a revenue conflict between restaurants and delivery providers.


Well, it is very hard to decide which app is best to be chosen. It can easily be said that all the selection of any of this food delivery app, is all depend on the preference you have. For instance to enjoy your local restaurant food Swiggy has many options to offer. On the other hand, Zomato & Swiggy are leading the race for covering all the best restaurants in the town.

Hence you can pick your favorite food ordering app, but if you have decided to give a boost to your restaurant business, then you must know that all the top mobile app development companies are following some of the below-mentioned tips.

Bonus tips; Development mistakes that can kill restaurant app

A restaurant can gain 4X more revenue if it adopts the app technology in its working methodology. As an on-demand app holds tremendous benefits for a business and its successful expansion plan.

However, there are a couple of aspects that need to be considered and carefully considered before giving a shot to the app technology for the restaurant business. Else, it can lead to some of the most tumultuous results to be built around your business which only causes the harm.

This post explains some of the mistakes which must be thought about, before letting the restaurant app to get built. Get the tips from a leading mobile app development company, and help your restaurant to grow.

🚫 Selecting the wrong app platform costs the success of your app. You need to check the preference of your audience and which OS they use. For instance, to target the US market you must include the iOS platform, wherein if your focus is on the Asian market then picking both Android and iOS will not be a wrong choice.

🚫 Don’t let your restaurant mobile app to be filled with an excessive dosage of advertisements, which only trouble the users and make them get irritated while using your restaurant mobile app. Pick the other app monetization model, but the in-app advertisement is not an ideal option.

🚫 Unfriendly UI is another fact which causes trouble for your users, where they fail to understand the right navigation of the feature of the app, due to poor app design. Ensure your mobile app design is carefully selected and picked to offer a seamless experience to your audience.

Which is the best food delivery app Swiggy - Zomato - UberEats.

Last but not the least, if you want your restaurant mobile app to succeed further with no glitch at all, then you must get your app designed & developed by a leading on-demand app development company like Auxano Global Services, which understands the very concept of error-free app development and has a record of developing some of the most successful mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is On-demand app development?

    The on-demand economy allows users to order services right where they want as per their demands. To develop an application that fulfills users’ demands exactly when they need it is known as on-demand app development. From ride sharing, food delivery, to any services that you need, today’s tech now has your back covered.

  • 2. What is Food Delivery App?

    Food delivery app comes in the on-demand application as through this application, restaurants, cafes, and hotels deliver food on users’ demands.

  • 3. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Food Delivery App?

    A food delivery application can cost you around $25k to $60k for both the major platforms. Though there is no specific amount that can be defined for developing an on-demand app, it totally depends upon the complexity of the app and features it demands. To know more about the on-demand app development browse: https://www.auxanoglobalservices.com/on-demand-app-development

  • 4. How much does it cost to make app in 2023?

    App development can cost around $10k to $50k depending upon the type of app, features required, complexity, and hourly charges of app developers.

  • 5. How much does it cost to develop app like Swiggy?

    It costs approx. $10k to $30k to develop an app like Swiggy. It depends upon your requirements and features that you want to add to the app.

  • 6. How much does it cost to develop app like Zomato?

    It costs around $10k to $30k to develop an app like Zomato. It depends upon your requirements and features that you want to add to the app, as these kinds of food delivery apps contain the database, so it also depends on that as well as the region you are choosing for your app development.

  • 7. How much does it cost to develop app like UberEats?

    The development cost of an app like UberEats can lie in between $20k to $50k. The cost factor can vary along with the platform choice, and the app development company you hire. For more queries regarding the on-demand applications, contact our experts.

  • 8. How Much Time Will It Take To Develop an app for My Business?

    It depends on your business type and the functionality you want in your app. The time factor also varies as per the features and even on the size of the team you hire for your app development.

  • 9. Why choose Auxano Global Services for your Food Delivery App Development?

    Auxano Global Services help businesses in acquiring new customers through our on-demand solutions. Our on-demand app developers possess years of experience in catering feasible solutions to our clients.

  • 10. What makes Auxano Global Services better than other App Development Companies?

    At Auxano Global Services, we help you figure out how to bring supply and demand together in a way that will make your users wonder how they ever lived without your app. Without further ado, hire on-demand app developers of our team to develop customized and scalable applications, meeting your business requirements, and offering outstanding user experience.

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