In a digital world where everything is driven by technology, age-old practices like astrology and fortune-telling are diminishing day by day. However, what if there was a way to balance the traditional idea of astrology with modern technology?

Well, this idea can now be your reality with astrology app development. That’s right; all you need to do is use the power of mobile applications to offer astrology services.

This approach combines the benefits and convenience of a mobile app with the potential and demand for astrology services. Together, this powerful duo is the key for astrologers to digitalise, innovate, and conquer the market.

This blog is all about how astrologers, fortune tellers, and horoscope enthusiasts can build an astrology app to establish a successful online astrology business. Let’s start the blog with the basics, i.e., facts and figures on online astrology.

Astrology App Market Insights

Online Astrology Market- Facts and Figures

Fortune telling and astrology are ancient practices with widespread popularity across many cultures. Today, there are a plethora of people who check their horoscope and fortune on a daily basis. Be it for the purpose of calculating dating compatibility or checking their star sign’s luck, horoscopes, and astrology are an integral part of many people’s lives.

As a matter of fact, the global market size for astrology was valued at USD 12.8 billion in the year 2021. This figure is expected to cross the USD 22.8 billion mark by the year 2031. Therefore, there is no doubt that astrology is a growing sector.


When it comes to modes of fortune telling, online astrology is expected to outshine its offline counterpart more and more in the coming years. Speaking in numbers, the astrology app market touched a whopping value of USD 2065.33 million in 2021.

What makes online astrology popular is the fact that you don’t need to be an astrologer or a fortune teller to develop an astrology app. Anyone can build these apps and offer online astrology services to their users.

All you need to succeed in the online astrology market is the right type of astrology application and a solid business plan. Moving further, we will discuss both of these factors in detail. Let’s start with the first factor and understand the different types of astrology apps.

Types of Astrology Applications

understanding the different types of astrology apps

For successful astrology app development, you need to start right from the basics, which is choosing the right niche for your astrology app. There are n number of astrology and fortune telling services.

Of course, each of these services is unique in nature and requires a different type of app. Here, we have listed some of the most common types of astrology apps based on the type of astrology services.

1. Indian/Vedic Astrology

Indian astrology, also commonly known as Vedic astrology, is the practice of telling a person’s fortune based on planetary positions. These planetary positions are counted at the exact date and time of a person’s birth. The astrologer uses this information to make a birth chart known as Kundli.

This chart changes with the change in planetary position and can provide detailed information on a person’s future. If you are planning to create an astrology app with the Vedic astrology approach, do note that preciseness in calculating plenary positions is a must. Based on this positioning, you can provide your users with insightful information on their careers, relationships, health, etc.

2. Western Astrology

The idea of Western astrology is based on interpreting the meaning of zodiac signs. These zodiac signs are assigned through the date and month of birth of a person. An astrology app solution based on Western astrology will require thoroughly analysing the celestial bodies.

These celestial bodies can impact the sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign of a person. Moreover, you must also provide in-depth horoscope reading with a special emphasis on real-time planet positioning for the highest accuracy.

3. Chinese Astrology

The idea of Chinese astrology is ancient. This type of astrology is based on a 12-year lunar cycle, with each year having an animal associated with it. Generally speaking, Chinese astrology is more concerned with the personality, future, and compatibility of a person.

Developing an astrology app with this approach will require determining the animal sign allocated to a person’s birth year, along with planetary positioning. This type of astrology has a tremendous scope for personalised predictions based on the ongoing lunar cycle.

4. Palm Reading

Also known as palmistry, palm reading astrology involves interpreting the features of a person’s hand. These features often involve lines, moles, and marks. This interpretation often involves the fortune and personality traits of the subject.

When planning astrology app development with the palmistry approach, you will need a solid mechanism to detect the hand features of your subject. This often requires integrating complex software mechanisms and systems. Based on this detection, the system can then analyse the hand features to give an interpretation.

5. Tarot Reading

One of the most popular fortune telling methods is tarot reading. This astrology practice involves spreading a deck of special ‘tarot’ cards in a certain format. The interpretation is provided on the type of card picked by the user, along with their age, zodiac sign, gender, etc. Building an online astrology app using this model requires the least effort.

Most of the information here is static. One area in which you can customise tarot reading in your astrology app is providing interpretation for specific questions. In this case, the interpretation of the card will change depending on the asked question.

6. Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal ball gazing involves using crystal balls to predict a person’s future. This is done by analysing and interpreting the imagery in a crystal ball. When creating an astrology app using this approach, you need a robust system for imagery identification and interpretation. This interpretation will be based on intuitive guidance. Based on these intuitions, the reader can provide an interpretation to the client for their horoscope.

7. Numerology

Numerology is a historical practice of forecasting future events in a person’s life through numbers. These numbers are derived from a person’s date of birth and reflect the planetary position. One can use numerology to gain insights into one’s future, career, relationships, obstacles, and more.

When planning astrology app design and development with this approach, you must provide a guide to your clients for numerical interpretations. This guide would be accompanied by tools to help the users determine the influence of numbers in different aspects of their lives, like dating, career success, etc.

8. Compatibility Astrology

Compatibility astrology is the practice of determining two individuals’ compatibility in terms of dating and marriage prospects. This approach calculates the prospects of forming an astrologically compatible relationship between two individuals and can be based on numerous other approaches.

Generally speaking, numerology, Vedic astrology, and Chinese astrology are a few of the most commonly used approaches to determine individual compatibility.

To build an online astrology app with this approach, you need a robust and precise algorithm that is capable of analysing two individual’s compatibility based on astrological aspects. This app must also provide a detailed report on the relationship dynamics between these individuals, including insights on relationship prospects, challenges, and more.

These were a few of the most popular types of astrology apps. It is important to put these theoretical app types into real-life practice. Therefore, we will take a look at some real-life examples of astrology apps in the coming section. Doing so will help you understand the competition in the market and streamline your astrology app development plans for success.

Leading Online Astrology Mobile Applications in the Market

leading examples of online astrology mobile applications

It is important that you understand the online astrology market before investing in developing an astrology app. Wondering why? Well, doing so will help you gain insightful knowledge of the competition to streamline your business efforts.

Moreover, you can know what exactly some of the most successful astrology apps are doing to succeed in the market. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some great examples of online astrology mobile apps.

1. Co-star

Co-star is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful online astrology apps in the market. The application combines the science of astronomy with the art of astrology to provide useful and precise horoscopes. Co-star utilises planetary data from NASA and processes it with highly intelligent AI algorithms to provide a unique horoscope to its users.

Not just that, Co-star is also enriched with functionalities like daily horoscope reading and networking to help people connect. All these factors make Co-star an exceptional example of success in online astrology app development.

2. The Pattern

The Pattern is another popular online astrology. This application takes online horoscope reading to the next level by helping people with compatible horoscopes to connect with each other. This way, The Pattern combines astrology with networking and helps people find friends and, at times, partners with a comparable horoscope.

People can also use The Pattern to create different profiles and check astrological compatibility. Integrating your astrology mobile app solution with one of these features can become your USP if done correctly.

3. AstroMatrix

AstroMatrix is a multi-purpose astrology app that brings multiple astrology-related services together. From daily horoscopes to chart analysis and compatibility determination, AstroMatrix is a sin gle-stop destination for users to fulfil all their requirements.

Moreover, the app also comes with an in-built meditation functionality. This feature helps users connect with their zodiac sign for overall spiritual and astrological well-being. In case you are planning astrology app development, do give these features a thought and unlock new potential in online astrology.

4. Astrology Zone

The Astrology Zone app is a mobile version of the brand’s website. Enriched with features like daily and monthly horoscope readings and an astrological event calendar, this app is truly a hit in the online astrology realm. Astrology Zone generates revenue by placing its top-notch features behind a paywall.

This way, the users who want to access premium features need to purchase a subscription to the app. This monetisation model is worth noting for creating an online astrology app in any and every niche.

5. Time Passages

Time Passages is a quick and convenient online astrology app solution that provides an easy-to-comprehend horoscope on a daily basis. This app targets people who believe in astrology but don’t have ample time to read lengthy horoscopes every day. A clean interface and easy-to-access information make Time Passages one of the most popular and widely chosen online astrology mobile apps.

Moreover, you can particularly select and purchase certain features of the app. This approach is to help customers get access to certain specific information without paying unnecessarily for the entire application. Overall, Time Passages is a key competition and example to watch out for successful astrology mobile app design and development.

These were a few examples to watch out for while building an astrology app. When you look into these applications, you might notice that each of these apps operates differently. This difference is not only in the type of astrology services the apps offer but also in the mode of delivery.

These modes are essentially business models through which digital astrology app solutions operate. Consequently, you must understand the different models for online astrology. This will be our topic for the coming section.

Business Models for Online Astrology Apps

business models for online astrology app development

Apart from the types of astrology apps discussed in the previous section, there are numerous business models through which online astrology apps operate. While some apps function with automatic algorithms, others connect users with real-life astrologers for horoscope reading.

This section is all about understanding the different models for online astrology. Do read this section carefully to understand each model. Doing so will help you develop an astrology app that matches your niche.

1. Horoscope Apps

These are the types of apps that function automatically. Nurtured with a human-less ecosystem, horoscope apps provide users with a generalised overview of their horoscope. All you need to do here is add content to the application.

The app, based on the information provided by the user, will provide an astrological reading and interpretation. Astrology app development with this model can be used for numerous types of astrology. However, Vedic, Chinese, and Western astrology, along with numerology, are a few types that benefit the most.

2. Astrologer Consulting App

While horoscope reading applications leverage data and content to provide astrological readings, they might or might not be accurate. Of course, an algorithm cannot be compared to the expertise of an astrologer. For this reason, many people prefer building an astrology app with an online consultation model.

These types of apps connect users with an astrologer offering their services through digital channels. Astrologer consulting apps are a modern solution to the growing market preference for digital yet accurate astrology. Of course, implementing this model will require having expertise in the field of astrology.

3. Astrologer Finding Marketplace

If you want to enter the digital astrology realm but have no expertise in the field, astrologer finding marketplace is the right solution for you. These astrology mobile app solutions involve creating a virtual marketplace where users can browse through numerous astrologers offering their services. While other types of marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba are popular for finding products, an astrology marketplace is a digital space for users to connect with astrologers and avail their services.

The users can find, compare, and select an astrologer and get a reading virtually. You can enlist multiple astrologers from all across the globe and target a diverse market. Therefore, an online astrologer marketplace app can cover numerous types of astrology-related services.

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These were the business models that you can choose from when planning online astrology and horoscope app development. The final app you choose to develop will vary from one business model to another. We recommend that you consult with our experts to find the right business models for your astrology mobile app solution.

This is due to the unique features that each of these apps contains. However, what are these features? This will be our topic for the coming section.

Key Features for Astrology App Development

When planning to create an online astrology app, you must carefully select the features of your app solution. These features are what will make up your app and help you deliver your services to your target users.

Do note that your app might or might not require all of these features. It all comes down to your app’s scale, type, selected business model, etc. Nonetheless, let’s look into some of the most common features of astrology apps.

For your ease of understanding, we have divided these features into three key modules, namely the user app, astrologer app, and admin web app.

1. User App

user side features in astrology app development

The user app is the module that your end-users will operate to avail astrology services. Creating an appealing user interface is essential here to ensure success in the digital astrology realm. An appealing astrology app UI/UX design ensures a high-end experience. Let’s take a look at some features that make up the user app in digital astrology.

a. Sign-up and Log-in

This is one of the most basic features when building an online astrology app. Here, you have to enable your users to log in to the mobile application. You can do this by either creating a custom sign-up option or enabling social login.

The latter is a popular approach in which users can make an account in your app using existing accounts (like those of Facebook or Gmail). Once signed up, users can use these credentials to log in to your app.

b. Profile Management

Once the users have made an account on the app, they can go ahead and create their profile. In online astrology mobile app development, this feature often requires the users to enter their private information. This includes their name, age, gender, date and time of birth, etc. All this information is then processed by the app to provide readings.

c. Browse and Book Appointments

Here, the users can browse through the listed astrologers. Based on the available description, services, slots, and reviews, the users can select one astrologer and book an appointment with the same. They can also reschedule and cancel these appointments if the application allows them to do so.

It is essential to note that this feature is applicable only if you are planning to develop an app with an online consultation or marketplace model. In the case of an online consulting app, the users will not be able to browse through the astrologers as the only astrologer available on the app will be you.

d. Check Daily/Weekly/Monthly Horoscope

This feature enables the users to check their daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly horoscopes. This is possible by analysing user information and using pre-entered content in the app. The horoscope is often provided based on the user’s star sign and other astrological indicators. This is one of the most important features in astrology app development and should be carefully considered.

e. Astrology Tips

Numerous types of astrology practices, like Vedic astrology and Chinese astrology, not only forecast the future but also highlight key challenges. These challenges are interpreted based on the planetary position of a person.

You can use this interpretation to provide tips to users to overcome their challenges. All you need to do is create an astrology app and add a ‘tips’ feature. Again, these tips will vary with the information entered by the users.

f. Horoscope Matching and Compatibility

One of the most sought-after astrology services is compatibility check and horoscope matching. Be it an online astrology app or offline astrolog practice, this service is highly demanded throughout. You can fulfil this demand by enabling compatibility matching based on horoscopes and astrological indicators.

All you need to do is enable an astrology practice that nurtures compatibility testing. From Vedic Kundli matching to numerology and beyond, the possibilities in this area are immense.

g. Need-specific Horoscopes

People seek horoscope readings for many purposes. From determining success prospects in their career to identifying ‘doshas’ and more, there are a number of reasons to get a horoscope reading. In this case, you can offer a solution in your user app for need-specific readings. This is another key feature to consider for custom astrology mobile app development.

h. Help and Support

While availing online astrology services, your users are likely to face many challenges. Therefore, you must include a feature to provide support to your users. This can be done with something as simple as a contact information section or as complex as a support chatbot. You need to determine and implement the right approach when planning astrology mobile app development.

i. Submit Reviews

Listening to your users’ feedback is the key to succeeding in the market. This principle applies to all online businesses, and digital astrology is no exception. Based on the availed digital astrology services, you must allow your users to provide feedback on the astrologer.

This feedback is often in the form of a review containing a star rating and a short comment. This review will help you determine the best-performing astrologers on your platform and will serve as a ground for other users to hunt the right astrologer.

j. Manage Payments

The core of astrology app development is generating enough revenue to sustain a business. This requires enabling the users to make payments on the platform.

You can use numerous payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, BrainTree, etc., for this purpose. However, to nurture payments, your app will need a monetisation plan. The coming section of the blog will provide information on monetising an astrology app, so read carefully.

2. Astrologer App

astrologer side features in digital astrology apps

The astrologer app is a module used in the astrologer-finding marketplace business model. If you do not plan to use this business model, you can safely skip this section. However, we recommend you take a look at the features to thoroughly understand the business prospects of this type of app.

a. Register and Log-in

This feature requires the astrologers to register themself on the app. Upon successful registration, the app owner can review the astrologer and their background and choose whether or not to list them on the app. This is an important feature to consider while creating an online astrology app and can be a make-or-break factor for your app.

b. Profile Management

Once registered, the astrologers, just like users, can make a profile on the platform. This profile will contain all the information that the astrologers wish to show to the end users. This includes their name, locations, experience, expertise, key skills, etc. Consider this feature to be the resume or CV of the astrologer listed on your platform.

c. View User Details

This feature enables the astrologers to view the user’s details before and while consulting for horoscope reading. It is important to ensure that the astrologer can access only the information necessary for reading to protect the user’s privacy and integrity.

This may involve limiting the way astrologers access, view, and store user information. Doing so will make your astrology app solution a reliable and safe space for users.

d. Manage Services

Another key feature of the astrologer app is managing the services that the astrologers wish to offer. The astrologers can choose from a list of available services and tick the ones they hold expertise in.

This feature will nurture an ethical astrology experience on your app by limiting the type of astrology services your app nurtures. This way, you can protect your users from exploitation and scamming. This feature is essential for a consistently superior brand experience.

e. Manage Bookings

The core of successful marketplace astrology app development is enabling astrologers to manage their bookings. This is where the booking management feature comes into play. This feature acts like an in-built meeting schedule/calendar and is a must-have functionality in marketplace astrology mobile app solutions. With the booking management feature, astrologers can easily manage all their bookings.

This will avoid the chances of overbooking and will help the listed astrologers keep track of their activity. Moreover, this feature will also enable astrologers to accept and decline a booking request made by the users, based on their availability and preferences.

f. Help and Support

Just like the users, the astrologers listed on the platform also need support and help at times. This might be due to payment disputes or other help requirements. Therefore, it is essential that you offer the support and help feature to your astrologers.

g. Manage Payments

Last but not least, astrologers require a functionality to keep a tap of all their financials. This involves the payment that they receive from users as a consultation fee and payments due to the platform.

This factor is nurtured by the payment management feature. This feature will act as a one-stop financial dashboard for astrologers listed on your online astrology platform.

3. Web Admin Panel

admin features in astrology app development

The web admin panel is the heart of custom astrology app development. This part of the astrology app will contain all the features and functionalities to manage the users, content, and astrologers on your app. Of course, the exact features of this module will vary with the type and scope of your application.

a. User Management

This feature involves creating a centralised dashboard for the management of all user profiles on the astrology app. Regardless of the model you choose to develop an astrology app with, this functionality will be needed for your app. Here, you can see the profiles of the users registered on the app, along with their activity, availed services, and more.

b. Astrologer Management

The astrologer management feature is a functionality needed in the ‘astrologer finding marketplace’ business model. When planning to build an online astrology app with this model, you will also need to deal with astrologers on your platform.

In this case, it makes sense to have a feature where you can view all the astrologers on your platform. Just like the user management feature, here you can see all the astrologer profiles, along with their activities and other details.

c. Booking Management

This feature is usually useful in online astrology consultation and astrologer marketplace business models. This feature will help you manage your bookings (in the case of the online consultation model) or manage all the bookings on your platform (in the case of the astrologer finding marketplace model).

For successful online astrology mobile app development, it is important to have a robust booking mechanism in action. This feature is what will help you see all the bookings on your application, with all the relevant details of the booking. This feature also comes with numerous filters to help you sort bookings by their status (accepted/rejected/completed), service, cost, etc.

d. Revenue Management

Another important feature to add to your admin panel in astrology app development is revenue management. This is another must-have feature in all types of business models. The revenue management feature is a central dashboard to help you manage all the revenue generated from the app.

This feature also records all the expenses and other transactions for out-and-out revenue control. You can also use this feature to forecast revenue generation trends and track the most-profitable services on your astrology app.

e. Subscription Plan Management

The subscription plan management feature is useful for the efficient monetisation of your astrology app. Whether or not you will need this feature will depend on the way in which you choose to monetise your app. In case you choose to go for subscription-based monetisation, this feature will help you manage all the subscription plans that your astrology app offers.

f. Content Management

Another common feature that you will need as an admin is the content management feature. This feature involves integrating your astrology app with a CMS (Content Management System). By creating an astrology app with CMS integration, you can seamlessly manage all the content that goes on your app. This usually involves horoscope readings, star sign fortunes, tips, blogs, etc.

g. Support Requests

Remember how the earlier modules included a ‘seek support’ feature? Well, this feature also needs to be present in the admin module. The only difference here is that through this feature, the admin of the astrology app can offer support/help to the users and astrologers. This often involves managing support tickets, resolving user and astrologer disputes, clearing queries, and more.

h. Analytics Dashboard

Another critical feature in astrology app development and design is analytics integration. An analytical dashboard will help you understand the core metrics of your astrology app. This often includes metrics on user behavior, astrologer trends, behavior, trends, and more. Through this analytical dashboard, you can streamline your app with consumer preferences and trends.

i. Manage Services

As an admin, it is essential to moderate the key services that your astrology app offers. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the ‘service management’ feature while planning astrology app development. This feature will help you easily manage all the available services on the platform. This way, you can regulate how your online astrology app operates with best practices and trends.

4. Good-to-have Features

advanced features for developing an astrology app

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are many other features worth adding to your astrology app. Do note that these are complex features and can elevate your astrology app to the next level.

a. AI Astrologer Chatbot

An AI astrologer can be an excellent addition to your astrology app. This artificial intelligence astrologer is capable of communicating with your users just like a real astrologer. Thanks to the latest advancements in AI and machine learning, AI-based astrology app solutions are forecasted to be the future of digital astrology. This AI astrologer usually operates in the form of a chatbot that communicates with users and helps them get quick solutions to their queries.

b. Meditation Tips

Meditation and astrology go hand in hand. This is especially the case with Indian and Chinese astrology, where meditation is commonly recommended to improve the astrological well-being of a person. In this case, it makes sense to create an online astrology app that not only provides astrological interpretation but also offers meditation tips.

These meditation and yoga tips can help users get personal guidance on zodiac-based meditation. These tips can be as simple as text-based guides and can be as creative as guided meditation videos. Overall, the scope of meditation tips in astrology apps is vast and is worth exploring.

c. E-book Library

As online astrology is growing to become more and more popular, many people are seeking ways to expand their understanding of astrology. However, there is a clear lack of reliable resources that can help people expand their knowledge on the subject. We therefore recommend that you add an ‘E-book library’ feature to your astrology app development plan.

This library can feature a useful collection of resources in the form of E-books. Doing so will not only help you educate your audiences but can also be a source of revenue generation (e-book selling).

d. Live Sessions

Live sessions are a great way to connect with your target audience. By implementing a live session functionality to your astrology app, you can nurture real-time conversations with your users.

These live sessions can be conducted either by the astrologers listed on your platform (astrologer finding marketplace) or even by yourself (online astrology consulting model). Overall, this functionality will surely help your audiences clear their astrology-related queries in real-time.

e. Astrologer Chat

When it comes to developing an astrology app with a virtual consultation or marketplace model, most people only consider video-based astrology services as a delivery medium. However, you can also offer astrology services through chat.

With the astrologer chat feature, the astrologers on your platform can communicate with the users through real-time chats. These types of chats are suitable for solving minor queries or getting a quick answer to astrology-related doubts.

f. E-commerce Integration

So far, we have discussed a few ways to monetise an astrology app solution. Another popular way to do so is to integrate your astrology app with an E-commerce store. You can use this store to sell numerous astrology-related items like gemstones, guides, books, etc.

Doing so can help you become a one-stop astrology solution destination for your users and even generate impressive revenue from product sales.

These were all the features that you need to develop an astrology app. Of course, not all of these features are necessary for your app. As we stated earlier, a lot depends on the type and scope of your astrology app. We recommend that you avail our astrology app consulting solutions. Our consultants, based on your requirements, will help you pick out the best features for your app.

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Now that you know about the types, business models, and features of online astrology apps, it is time we go ahead and learn about the actual app development. Doing so will help you get a grip on what it takes to build an astrology app. The coming section will shed light on the astrology app development process, so read carefully.

7-step Process for Successful Astrology App Development

complete astrology app development process

The process of building an online astrology app involves numerous technical and non-technical aspects. As a result, understanding this process can often be tricky for astrologers and astrology enthusiasts who are not familiar with the technological part of mobile app development. But worry not, as here we have simplified this process for your easy understanding.

1. Understand Your Target Market

The first and foremost stage to building a successful online astrology mobile application solution is understanding your target market. This involves understanding the user demographics, preferences, trends, etc.

One of the most important parts of market analysis is determining the OS market distribution of your target users. Simply put, this is the type of mobile phone users you wish to target.

If you want to target only Android phone users, you have to develop an Android astrology app. On the other hand, you can develop an iOS astrology app if your target market is limited to iOS phone users.

You can target either of these markets or even both of them, depending on the scope of your app. This will be the next stage of the astrology mobile app development process.

2. Define Business Scope

Based on your user demographics, you have to define the scope of your astrology app solutions. This part requires making various technical and non-technical decisions. It is worth noting that the larger your astrology business’s scope will be, the more your app’s development will cost.

We recommend that you start small and upscale your app as your online astrology business succeeds. This will safeguard your business from huge losses. Once you have decided on the scope of your app, you can go ahead and select your astrology mobile app’s type and business model.

3. Choose Astrology App Type and Business Model

By this stage, you might be clear on the latitudes and longitudes of your astrology app development plan. Based on your target market from Step 1, you need to select the type of astrology app you wish to develop.

Remember in the earlier part of this blog, we discussed a few types of astrology apps? This is where you need to use that knowledge and choose an app type. Moreover, another important part of this stage is choosing a business model for your online astrology app solution.

We cannot emphasise enough on ensuring that your app type, market demographics, and business are well-aligned with each other. This is a critical part of creating an online astrology app and can be a make-or-break factor for your business.

Another important decision here is choosing the type of mobile app you want to develop. This is in regard to the OS market you want to target. If you want to target both Android and iOS users, we recommend you go for cross-platform astrology app development. This approach is excellent for small-scale astrology businesses as it ensures optimal cost efficiency.

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4. Select Features

Based on your astrology application’s type and business model, you need to select features for your app. We recommend you go with MVP astrology app development and start with a basic version of your app. This involves developing an astrology app with only the most basic features and adding more functionalities as your app gains success.

Nonetheless, you can consult with an experienced mobile app development company like Auxano Global Services in case you need help picking the right features for your astrology app.

After selecting the features, you are all set to build an astrology app. You can now go ahead and contact an app development vendor for your custom astrology app development requirements.

5. Find an App Development Vendor

Here, you have to find a mobile app development company offering astrology app development services. Now, there are other ways to build your astrology app, like hiring an in-house development team. However, outsourcing your project to an app development company is your best bet for the highest cost efficiency and least hassle.

All you need to do is use platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms to find a mobile app development vendor. You can outsource your astrology app development project to Auxano Global Services. We offer start-to-end assistance throughout the astrology app development process for a hassle-free experience. Outsource your project to us today and let the experts handle your astrology application’s development.

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hire astrology app developers from Auxano Global Services at the best rates

6. Track Development Progress

Once you have chosen an app development vendor for your requirements, all that’s left is monitoring your app’s progress. Your selected astrology app development outsourcing vendor will work on engineering your app and will provide timely updates on the app’s development. Generally speaking, this involves designing, programming, testing, and optimising the application.

7. Launch and Scale

Once developed, your app is ready to be released in the market. You can release your app based on the chosen OS market’s store. If you have built an app for Android users, you can go ahead and release your app on the Play Store. On the other hand, if your app targets iOS users, you can release your app on the App Store.

Upon release, your app will be reviewed by the relevant store and tested for quality and safety. Once approved, your app will be available on the store for users to download. At this point, you are done with astrology and horoscope app development.

Do note that this is not the end of the app development process. Once developed and released, you have to undertake astrology app development maintenance. This involves continuously testing the app for bugs and adding new features to your astrology app. You can check with your selected astrology app development company on this part. Most vendors offer app maintenance solutions as a per of their services.

This was the simplified version of the astrology app development process. However, do note that this process is not always as simple as it looks. There are many challenges that you may face during the process of creating an astrology app.

It is important to be aware of these challenges and discuss them beforehand with your app vendor for a sleek development process. This will be our topic for the coming section.

Common Challenges in Astrology App Development + Solutions

common challenges in astrology app development with solutions

In our 10+ years of experience in building mobile apps, we can say that developing an astrology app comes with certain challenges. These challenges pose a considerable risk to your app’s success.

Therefore, you must select an experienced vendor to ensure optimal mitigation of these challenges. Let’s discuss each of these challenges and take a look at their solution.

Challenge #1: Data Accuracy

Providing accurate predictions is one of the biggest challenges in astrology apps working with the online horoscope model. This is because a horoscope reading is often more complex than a person’s date and time of birth. In this case, there is a high chance that two users might get a highly similar horoscope.

Solution: Use AI Algorithms

When going for custom astrology mobile app development, we recommend you implement AI-based algorithms and machine learning modules into your solution. These algorithms can use a large set of data to understand your users and optimise reading experiences. In the end, you will be able to provide a customised reading experience to each user.

Challenge #2: Cultural Fluctuations

The idea of horoscope reading varies from one region to another. For instance, the astrological factors in Indian astrology are different from those in Western astrology. In this case, different people from different regions might face inconsistency in horoscope reading. A prime example of this challenge is an Indian person seeking a horoscope reading with the Chinese astrology approach.

Solution: Select a Niche Carefully

When planning astrology app development, you must carefully select a niche for your solution. Doing so will ensure that your astrology application aligns with the cultural values and astrological beliefs of your target market. For example, don’t build a crystal ball gazing app for the Indian market or the Chinese market. Moreover, you can limit your app’s availability to the targeted region of your user demographics.

Challenge #3: Budget Constraints

The cost of developing an astrology app can be very high, depending on the features, development location, vendor’s experience, etc. In some cases, these costs can go as high as USD _____. Owing to this factor, many people planning to build an astrology app end up abandoning their idea.

Solution: Optimise Cost Strategically

There are numerous ways through which you can control the astrology app development cost. This includes outsourcing your app’s development to locations like India and Indonesia, building an MVP version, implementing agile development frameworks, etc. These approaches will help you develop an astrology app with less investment and without compromising on your app’s quality.

Undoubtedly, cost investment is one of the most critical factors for building an astrology app. After all, you, too, must be wondering, “How much time and capital does it take to create an online astrology app?”, right? The coming section will provide complete information on this topic to help you get the answer to this question.

Time and Cost Estimation for Astrology App Development

time and capital requirement breakdown for astrology app development

Owing to our experience in building diverse types of astrology apps, we can say that there is no single figure that justifies the cost and time it takes for custom astrology app development. There are many factors at play that can significantly influence the overall time and costs. You can consult your idea with our team to get a unique and economical quotation for your project.

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Nonetheless, we can provide you with estimates to help you get an idea of what it takes to create an astrology mobile app solution from scratch. For your ease of understanding, here we have broken down the time and cost estimations into three levels: MVP apps, full-scale apps, and advanced apps. Let’s start with MVP astrology apps.

1. MVP

An MVP app is a basic astrology app with only the most necessary features. Developing an MVP astrology app requires the least time and capital investment. This is because these apps are relatively simpler and do not contain a lot of complex functionalities.

Based on our estimations, it can take anywhere from 600 hours to 900 hours to create an online astrology app of MVP level. Based on this estimation, the cost investment can range from USD 15,000 to USD 31,500.

2. Full-scale

Full-scale astrology app solutions are products that contain all types of features that an astrology app can have. This includes the basic features of an MVP app and many other advanced features. Of course, these apps have a higher development time and cost requirement in comparison to MVP-level applications.

Developing an astrology app of this scale can take anywhere from 1,200 hours to 1,800 hours. Based on this time requirement, the development cost can range from USD 30,000 to USD 63,000. Of course, the exact figures will vary based on the individually selected features.

3. Advanced Features

Remember the good-to-have features we discussed in one of the previous sections? These features are highly complex and require utilising modern-day technologies. The idea here is to develop an astrology app with all the features, including the basic and full-scale ones, along with the advanced features. Of course, the astrology app development cost with these features is the highest of all.

The time requirement for online astrology and horoscope app development with top-notch features can range from 2,000 hours to 3,500 hours. The cost of creating an app with these features starts from USD 50,000 and can go as high as USD 122,500.

Now that you know about the investment it takes to create an astrology app, it is also essential that you learn how to regain this investment. This will require integrating your astrology app with a robust monetisation strategy. This will be our topic for the coming section.

How to Monetise an Astrology App?

monetisation strategies for astrology mobile applications

There are numerous ways to monetise an astrology app. However, what’s challenging is choosing an optimal monetisation plan for your astrology app. This plan should be compatible with your astrology app’s fundamentals and generate a fair return. Without further ado, let’s discuss some key monetisation plans for astrology mobile app solutions.

1. Service Fees

This is one of the most commonly used monetisation strategies in astrology applications. Here, you have to set a charge for the astrology apps available on your platform. The users can see these charges and pay the required amount to get a specific type of astrology service or horoscope reading.

In case you choose to go with the online astrologer marketplace model, you can also enable the listed astrologers to set these charges. This way, different astrologers can set different session/hourly rates based on their expertise and experience.

2. Paywalls

This monetisation model is used by many leading online astrology apps like Astrology Zone. Here, you have to segregate your app’s features based on their value. You can then place valuable and highly demanded features behind a paywall.

This means that while using your app will be free, users will have to pay a certain amount to use a few valuable features. The most common concept here is offering basic horoscope readings and star sign readings for free and levying a charge on features like personal reading.

3. Third-party Ads

Last but not least, you can enable third-party advertisements on your app to generate revenue. This way, you can keep your astrology app free for users and generate revenue by displaying a few advertisements every now and then.

You can utilise Google AdSense’s display ads feature to enable third-party ads. However, do note that this may hinder your app’s overall UI and degrade the user experience. We, therefore, recommend you thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of third-party ads before making any decision.

This was the end of the blog. By now, we are sure that you have all the information you need to create an astrology app.

Astrology App Development: Final Thoughts

Digital is the future of the astrology market. With more and more people preferring online horoscope reading, astrologers must adapt to the trends and consider going online. With astrology and horoscope mobile app development, you can leverage technology and nurture online horoscope reading for your clients. However, doing so requires knowing the basics of astrology mobile app solutions, like business models, app types, development process, cost, etc.

This blog provided thorough information on all of these topics, with others, to help you get all the information needed for online astrology app development. You can use this information and start developing an astrology app today. In case you need help with developing your app, Auxano Global Services has your back.

Auxano Global Services: Your Trustable Partner for Astrology App Design and Development

The road to creating a mobile application is not simple and comes with many obstacles. There are numerous technical and non-technical aspects that need to be taken care of. If you want to build a successful astrology app without having to deal with all these challenges, contact Auxano Global Services.

We are an experienced astrology app development company offering custom mobile app solutions to our clients. We hold 10+ years of experience in rendering app development services and are a trusted name for reliability, efficiency, and quality. Share your requirements with us today at and get a unique solution from our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Which astrology app business model is ideal for me?

    The ideal business model for your astrology app depends on numerous factors. This includes the type of astrology app you want to develop, your target market, business scope, etc. We recommend you consult your idea with our app experts to determine the right model for your project.

  • 2. How to generate revenue from an astrology app?

    There are numerous ways to generate revenue from an astrology app. However, some of the most popular ways are charging a service fee, using a paywall for certain features, and implementing third-party ads. These approaches can make your investment in astrology app development a profitable one.

  • 3. Is hiring an in-house development team better than outsourcing astrology app development?

    In our view, outsourcing your astrology mobile app’s development is a better option than hiring in-house app developers. This is because outsourcing outshines in-house development in numerous criteria, like cost efficiency, resource availability, app quality, etc.

    Moreover, with outsourcing models like dedicated development, you can hire mobile app developers without actually building an in-house team. This way, you can have the best of both worlds. Get in touch with us today to know more about the benefits of outsourcing your app project.

  • 4. How to reduce the cost of developing my astrology app?

    There are many ways to reduce the astrology app development cost. Some of the most popular ways are outsourcing your app project to India-based development agencies, building a basic (MVP) version of your product, and adapting agile development frameworks. These approaches will help you develop an astrology app with less capital investment and with the highest app quality.

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