“I have an amazing Idea for my new business but coming up with a name is so difficult!”

“Every name I come up with for my business venture sounds boring and common!”

We have all been there and sometimes the most simple things turn out too difficult. The name of your business is crucial since it decides the website domain name or your mobile app name.

Think of your brand name as your brand identity. Customers identify your business through its unique name. So, how do you decide on a name which is unique, original, and attractive? Read the guide below to get a clear idea!

🔰 Factors deciding your business name

1️⃣ The Industry

It is important that you identify the industry in which you are going to establish a business venture. Answer questions like what’s more common among businesses in your industry? What do customers expect and what will they understand?

2️⃣ Vision

What does your business mean to you? How do you picture yourself while running a business – today, in the next 10 years?

3️⃣ Long-term plan

You have a long-term plan or goal for your company. Your brand name should align with it. Ask yourself – Where will my business go after a few years? How will the business name grow with it? Will it match the business’ operations in the future?

Naming business after yourself?

There are certain categories where you can name a business after yourself. If you’re planning to become an author, speaker, coach, or consultant, the main sell-off here is YOU. The only thing that is going to remain constant about your business is you.

You may bring courses or write a book in the future. The books or courses will be available under your name. When you name a business after yourself, you have the liberty to launch various brands under your name.

People like Jay Shetty, Garyvee, and Neil Patel run their businesses under their name. Since most of their work requires their presence, naming the business under their names was probably the best decision.

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🔰 How to come up with a Creative business name?

✅ Take Inspiration from other Industries

You need to understand your competition. Look for creative angles in other industries. Your competitors are just there to give you an idea of what you don’t have to do. Look beyond your competitors and you might just find some out of the box names.

✅ Talk to a Blockhead

You need to start with the basics here. Try explaining a business to someone who has no idea about what you do or imagines a similar scenario and explains it the way you would do in reality. Do this multiple times and rephrase your words to get the most simple words and voila, you will have your name idea.

✅ Integrate Different Words

Mixing and Matching different words to create a brand name is one of the best ways to land on a unique and original name. For Example – Netflix is InterNET + Flix. A Digital marketing start-up brand called Inomagic got its name as INOvation + Magic. Find two words that describe your business venture best and decide your brand name.

✅ Use references from Literature or Mythology

This is one of the best ways to come up with a unique name. Research and try to find some characters or events from Mythology or Literature that your brand can relate to. For example – The brand name Nike is decided after the Greek goddess of victory which is a good fit for an athletic shoe brand.

✅ Google for a Trademark Search

You don’t want to put in efforts and make a unique name only to find out that another company in your industry is already using it. You can use your country’s Patent and Trademark Office and do a search for your business name.  This way you can avoid a lawsuit or name change in the future.

✔️ 50+ Interesting & Creative Business Name Ideas

Here is a list of 50+ unique and original names for your new business idea.

🔸 Pursuitcredible

🔹 Certifiedsmooth

🔸 Occupationcourageous

🔹 Interestingsolid

🔸 Instantpursuit

🔹 Interoperablesophisticated

🔸 Racketcultured

🔹 Judiciousspecial

🔸 Specialtycurious

🔹 Knowledgeablespectacular

🔸 Fieldreusable

🔹 Reusable

🔸 Traderipe

🔹 Ripe

🔸 Workrobust

🔹 Robust

🔸 Bagsafe

🔹 Satisfying

🔸 Callingscalable

🔹 Scalable

🔸 Careerscarce

🔹 Scarce

🔸 Caftsecure

🔹 Secure

🔸 Dodgeselective

🔹 Selective

🔸 Functionserious

🔹 Serious

🔸 Gamesilent

🔹 Sharp

🔸 Linecooperative

🔹 Silent

🔸 Racketcultured

🔹 Judiciousspecial

🔸 Specialtycurious

🔹 Knowledgeablespectacular

🔸 Vocationdecisive

🔹 Knownspotless

🔸 Connecteddeep

🔹 Large Stable

🔸 Nurturingdelightful

🔹 Leanstandard

🔸 Autonomousdeployable

🔹 Learnablesteadfast

🔸 Motivatingdescriptive

🔹 Light Steady

🔸 Happydetailed

🔹 Likablenew

🔸 Progressivemagical

🔹 Sharpdynamic

🔸 Sharecaring

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