The retail landscape is constantly advancing. Drifting consumer expectations demand every retailer to cater to their physical or online experiences simultaneously. Besides, several other factors like tough market competition and a never-ending need to stand out in the industry compel every retailer to streamline their omnichannel presence. Right here, Auxano Global Services brings immense value to retail firms with premium software solutions to build an omnichannel presence.

Retailers can now optimize business opportunities, witness projected growth, and maximize their ROI by offering higher customer experiences through next-gen digital solutions from us. Here’s what we can do for you.

Why Should You Use Our Retail Software Solutions?

Before diving deeper, let’s address a common dilemma. Being a retail business stakeholder, you might be worried about the advantages of leveraging our customized software solutions in your workflow. So, here are the topmost reasons explaining why investing in our retail offerings is a high-yielding investment.

Why Should You Use Our Retail Software Solutions?

1. Better Customer Relationship Management

As your retail business grows, you register an expanding need to manage customer relationships efficiently. From maintaining customer databases to monitoring various loyalty programs, our retail software solutions streamline many customer relationship management operations for you.

2. Enhanced Employee Management

Managing employees has become more important than maintaining a database. It involves monitoring their sales activities, the business generated, and much more. Luckily, our comprehensive retail solution caters to all employee management demands proficiently.

3. Upscaled Sales and Inventory Management

The better the sales and inventory management, the better will be your retail business. You can rely on our digital solutions to simplify your inventory management challenges and edge out your competitors with upscaled operations.

4. Seamless Payments with International Currency Support

Providing your customers with a seamless transaction experience across all channels has become a reality with our efficient digital solutions. We also upgrade your business to accept international currencies, set a currency as default, and other ground-breaking functionalities.

Our Retail Software Solutions:

Our comprehensive retail solution aligns your business with the latest trends and opens avenues of better profitability in almost no time. We understand that your business differs from the rest and demands one-of-a-kind solutions to sustain. So, our team evaluates your specific needs and offers the following cutting-edge solutions to edge your business in the industry.

Our Retail Software Solutions

1. Inventory Management

Get honed inventory management solutions from us to smoothen your sales and supply chain processes. Our standard offering lets you integrate legacy billing software within a platform to track stocks and warehouse activities closely. Besides, you can uniquely identify each commodity with SKUs and impart visibility into your inventory operations.

2. Catalog Management

Catalog management can be a headache for retailers, especially when you deal with more products. We provide your retail business with exceptional catalog management abilities through premium digital solutions. Beginning from simple CSV catalog export to bulk product editing, our solution simplifies all for you.

3. CRM Solutions

A comprehensive CRM solution is a must for eCommerce store owners. Our innovative CRM solution offers you eye-opening insights into the marketing, sales, and customer data consistently. Also, it lets you manage customer information and track individual behaviors to segregate unique upselling and cross-selling avenues from the pool.

Besides all these, our customized CRM solution brings a large extent of automation into your business. From business email templates and call support to customer engagement tracking, we manage everything on your behalf through our potential CRM software.

4. Point of Sale (POS) Solution

The competitive era demands every retailer to invest in revolutionary POS software. Auxano Global Services satiates your demand with premium POS solutions that bridge the gap between online and offline transactions. It lets your customers pay via cash and cards at your physical store, and process online transactions on your eCommerce venture. Besides successful transactions, our POS software assists you in tracking sales data with higher accuracy.

If you wish to digitize your retail business, it’s essential to partner with an experienced retail industry software solution company like Auxano Global Services. We have partnered with several firms and solved each of their omnichannel requirements single-handedly. Here’s one of our retail industry case studies.

Hire AGS to Develop Custom Software Solutions for Retail industry

Our Retail Industry Case Study:

Auxano Global Services holds high expertise in the retail segment and serves retailers with high-quality and comprehensive solutions like Shopzz. Shopzz is an online platform where customers can buy different products and vendors can sell their offerings simultaneously. The platform targets shoppers and vendors from Kuwait and establishes unique shopping experiences for everyone.

Our team assessed the customer requirements and found that they wished to manage catalog and other backend operations on their own. So, we offered them a full-fledged admin panel having all controls and administrator roles. Also, the clients wanted to integrate the KNET payment gateway for seamless transactions across Kuwait. Apart from these demands, they asked us to implement traditional features like a virtual shopping cart, customer registration, and much more.

Our dedicated offshore developers added a robust Admin panel to manage all eCommerce activities into Shopzz. Also, we integrated the required payment gateway and applied noninvasive security patches for delightful customer experiences. Our team enabled dynamic UI into the software solution to shoot shopper engagements in the blink of an eye.

Auxano Global Services also imparted vertical and horizontal scrolling capacity into Shopzz. Such an efficient scrolling functionality keeps UI glitches at bay and provides a consistent website experience to the users.

Finally, our unique retail solution was ready for delivery within the stipulated timeline. Shopzz holds an error-free shopping experience and maintains a product list effectively without causing any distortion to the UI.

It’s essential to leverage the above solutions at least if you wish to take your retail business to skyscraping heights. Team Auxano Global Services realizes that these solutions cannot solve some of your specific demands. So, we even develop custom software from scratch to best-fit your purpose and distinguish your business from the crowd.

Our years of experience, skilled workforce, and unique vision lets us develop the best solution for your retail company. Reach out to Auxano Global Services and avail of classy software that you have never imagined.

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