Video content is emerging out to be the primary mode of entertainment consumption. Numerous video streaming platforms are flocking the market with diverse and engrossing content. Among all these video networks, YouTube has evolved as the Hulk of the video streaming industry. With over 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube is a profitable machine for video creators and advertisers.

While the creators gather a network of YouTube audiences through their engaging content, the advertisers roll their ads before these audiences and divert traffic towards their businesses. YouTube turns out to be a well-functioning marketing machine for enterprises.

Do you want to set up YouTube ads for your business and register tremendous sales? Well, before curating a successful ad campaign, you should understand the entire advertisement mechanism closely. Also, identifying a resonating ad type for your business acts as a stepping stone for your marketing success.

Being the best YouTube marketing company, Auxano Global Services takes charge of enlightening you with the 3 types of YouTube ads with the highest returns for your business. In this article, we are explaining YouTube Ads workflow and their types. Let’s dig into knowing the entire YouTube advertising methodology along with the premium ad types.

What is the Importance of YouTube Ads?

What is the Importance of YouTube Ads?

YouTube ads are an integral component for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The optimized mechanism mitigates losses and increases value for these businesses. You are charged only when an audience shows interest in your advertisement on YouTube. The budget-friendly model allows even small businesses and startups to connect with YouTube and participate in ad strategies. Moreover, the benefits of YouTube advertising extends to the creators by generating massive revenues through their video content.

How Does YouTube Ads Work?

The victory of a YouTube marketing campaign relies on the proficiency of knowing the underlying operation. YouTube advertisement network entertains three primary entities viz the viewers, creators, and advertisers. Viewers use the YouTube platform for consuming vivid content. Whereas the creators publish diverse videos and capture users’ attention. The advertisers utilize the attentive audience for viewing their ads and driving leads for their businesses. Each time a viewer watches an ad for about half a minute or clicks on the ad, the advertisers pay the video creators.

In a way, YouTube advertisements are a settlement deal between creators and advertisers, generating profits for both of them. As an advertiser, you should stay abreast of the most outperforming ad types on YouTube. Without any delay, let’s find out which ads you should be running 24/7 on YouTube.

Profitable Types of YouTube Ads

Profitable Types of YouTube Ads

Among a myriad of types of advertisement on YouTube, three types are cost-effective and returning in nature. Including these types in your YouTube ads marketing strategy ensures better business against small investment even. So, let’s glance over the best YouTube ads for your brand.

1. Pre-Roll Ads

As the name implies, the pre-roll ads appear before the beginning of a video. These are Unskippable advertisements with a hyperlink embedded within. Each time a viewer clicks on the ad, you are charged by YouTube. Since these ads are independent of the number of video views, they become cost-effective for budget-constrained advertisers. Being economical, the pre-roll campaigns are often the most-compatible YouTube ads for small businesses.

2. TrueView Ads

The TrueView or In-Stream ads are YouTube advertisements and appear in-between videos. YouTube doesn’t restrict the time limit and has a pay-per-view model for these ads. If you include TrueView ads in your campaign, you will get a better opportunity of informing your audience about your business through longer ads.

However, these ads entail a skipping feature after five seconds of rolling. So, you should focus on engaging the audience and utilize nostalgic content during the first five seconds itself. TrueView ads are highly common for creative advertisers who are well-acquainted with wooing their audience base in a short span.

3. Bumper Ads

If you find TrueView ads to be a bit intimidating, you can resort towards Bumper YouTube advertising. These ads have a limited time frame of six seconds only. Unlike TrueView ads, the Bumper advertisements are non-skippable and chargeable per view. Similar to pre-roll campaigns, the Bumper ads roll before a video begins and binds the audience to view the ad mandatorily. Since Bumper ads omit to skip, they become budget-friendly and traffic-driving campaigns for the advertisers.

If you wish to step in creating YouTube ads, you should integrate the above types in your campaign. Moving ahead, let’s check out the ad publishing part.

How to Put Ads on YouTube 2021?

How to Optimize YouTube Ads?

Once you are aware of the high-yielding ad types on YouTube, you can step into publishing your ads before target customers. Leverage the best YouTube advertising strategy, create engaging ads, and follow the below steps to publish them.

Step 1:

Either set up a new Google Ads account or connect the existing one with YouTube

Step 2:

Set up your ad campaign, and define the primary goals.

Step 3:

Select the types of YouTube ads that you wish to roll.

Step 4:

Clear out your YouTube advertisement budget and establish the bidding strategy.

Step 5:

Give a touch of personalization to your advertisement further.

Step 6:

Feed-in about the target audience for rolling your advertisements efficiently.

Step 7:

Define pivotal entities like keywords, placement, and topics. 

Step 8:

Next, set a preferable bidding amount for your YouTube marketing campaign.

Step 9:

Select the advertisement video and publish it on YouTube.

Step 10:

Track the performance of your YouTube marketing campaign throughout.

With these steps, you are more than halfway through ‘how to advertise on YouTube?’. Next, it’s time to discuss a less-talked-about yet essential advertising component, that is optimizing your YouTube ads.

How to Optimize YouTube Ads?


If your YouTube ads aren’t optimized, you will not witness expected results through your campaign. After successful publishing, you should spare some time in smoothening the crinkles and maximizing your profits. Here are some YouTube ads best practices 2021 for optimizing your ad campaign on YouTube.

  • Track your metrics, and understand what they mean. If some metrics seem lagging behind the other, restructure and analyze them again.
  • Raise your bids if the desired results aren’t visible even after adhering to the best way to set up YouTube ads.
  • Keep experimenting until you find what’s working for your business.

What is the Cost of Advertising on YouTube?

What is the Cost of Advertising on YouTube?

Now, it’s time to unveil the most asked question regarding YouTube marketing campaigns. Most people interrogate about YouTube ads cost right after the slightest idea crosses their mind. Well, if you are willing to advertise on YouTube, you should keep aside capital of about $5,000 approximately. The sum includes everything from shooting to publishing charges. Depending upon the type of advertisement and marketing goals selected, you are likely to encounter varying charges accordingly.

YouTube advertisements have turned out to be game-changers for multitudes of businesses. If implemented correctly, YouTube ads yield the best outcomes for advertisers. However, taking care of multiple facets simultaneously seems overwhelming to many advertisers. In such a scenario, you can collaborate with the top YouTube marketing agency, Auxano Global Services, for streamlining your campaign professionally. Get in touch with us today!

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