Metropolis and traffic are almost interrelated, and there is no escaping, unfortunately. As more vehicles push down on the roads, managing them becomes even hectic. While exploring downtown, you will come across several vehicles parked in the wrong places. Consequently, the cases of cops and traffic police suing the owners for their unlawful deeds get frequent.

Have you wondered what’s the reason behind irresponsible cab parking? Well, the lack of parking area knowledge is the answer.

Most drivers get down on the street without knowing the parking spaces beforehand. Upon reaching the destination, they end up spending hours finding the appropriate parking spot. It gets even worse when they do not find nearby parking for their vehicles and leave them at prohibited places. Modern problems need modern technology solutions. Likewise, parking concerns require the assistance of efficient car parking apps.

Nowadays, car parking apps are trending, and you will observe a major impetus to cab parking app development in the market. Want to get your hands wet in parking app development?

Auxano Global Services, a top car parking app development company is presenting the ultimate guide to developing car parking apps in 2021 and the use of digital media to make the app visible to the whole world. This article will explain the benefits of digital media, car parking app development, top features, functionalities integration, monetization model, and car parking app development cost.

What is a Car Parking App?

Car parking apps contribute to well-managed traffic, considerably. These apps allow organized planning of your trips and refine your driving experience. The cab drivers and owners can use the parking apps to locate and book parking spots in advance. With pre-booked slots, the owners drive carefree and without spoiling their moods. Moreover, the apps guide the way out for the drivers if the parking is located far away from their locations.

Top Car Parking App Worldwide 2021:

Top Car Parking App Worldwide 2021

Why Investing in Parking App Development?

The citizens are tired of wasting their time finding parking areas for their vehicles. Also, you can expect the problem to worsen with increasing traffic every year. Parking apps have become the need of the hour. Installing an efficient parking app in the devices they carry along everywhere, saves them from monotonous city-life problems significantly.

You can gauge the necessity of parking apps by now. These apps will not see a fall in the upcoming years and will get into the mobile devices of the entire car-owning population soon. So, investing in car parking app development is popular and the most profitable business in today’s life.

Must-Have Features in Car Parking Apps

By now, you have a rough idea of the working of parking apps. Before getting down further, it’s essential to know which features to integrate into a fully-functional car parking app. Let’s glance over the must-have features in a fine car parking app.

1. User Features

User Features


Users can use your app by registering themselves with your platform.

Parking Space:

The app will detect the user’s location to display all the nearby parking and calculate their distance from the parking spot.

Book Parking Space:

The users can select appropriate parking and feed the arrival and departure time and vehicle details to book a slot in advance.

Payment Integration:

Users can pay the booking charges through the app itself via multiple payment gateways.


Much like any other service app, users can leave ratings and reviews on the parking experience.

User History:

The app will contain a panel for viewing all the previous parking history at one place.

2. Parking Owner Features

Parking Owner Features


The parking owners can integrate their spaces with your platform through the registration panel.

Add or Subtract Parking Slots:

The owner can even add or subtract available parking slots anytime using this feature.

Accept or Decline Booking:

The app sends a request to the owners whenever a user wants to book a slot in the parking region.

Set Cost:

The owners can set a pricing structure for booking a slot in their parking.

Manage Users and Bookings:

Owners can check the number of vehicles parked in their space and the upcoming bookings as well.

Check Feedbacks:

The parking app allows the owners to read the user ratings and reviews and reply accordingly.

Receive Payments:

The owners can receive booking payments from the admin after stipulated intervals.

3. Admin Features

Admin Features

User and Owner Management:

The admin can manage users and parking owners anytime through a separate panel.

Payment Management:

The admin can even manage receipts and process payments as and when needed.

Booking Management:

Admin can overview booking requests, available slots, costs, and parked vehicles in a region through this feature.


Admins can announce discounts and offer for the users and owners through the parking app.

Integrate New Parking Spaces:

Admin can expand their reach by integrating more and more parking spaces with the app.

Beyond these features, other essential features in parking apps include GPS, chatting, and pushing notifications features. Viewing a weekly or monthly rate chart at once in a multilingual app is a good-to-have feature. Moreover, you can ask to integrate other features to your liking in a custom car parking app development.

How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Parking App?

In the present scenario, SMM plays a vital role in expanding any business. In no time, any brand or venture can make a big move with effective advertising over social media platforms. Everything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, you can easily use these platforms to spread the news of your newly built app/service to every citizen sitting at any corner of the world.

Which Social Media Strategy Best For Your Brand [Organic Or Paid]

The same goes with the parking app. There would be no use of the app if people would have no knowledge about such kind of app. So to make them aware of parking apps, it is better to do an online advertisement of the parking app where folks would come to know about the app and its features. But, the question that arises here is how to do social media marketing?

No worries! Any app development company will do the honor for you. In most cases, top mobile app development companies also provide digital marketing services like Auxano Global Services.

Monetization Model of Parking Apps

monetization model of parking apps mid img

Turning your parking app into a profitable business requires adapting to an efficient monetization model. If you are thinking of developing a parking app, you should get familiar with the most popular profit-churning models in the market. Following are the common monetization models.

Subscription Model

You can charge a subscription fee for allowing the users and parking owners to use your app. Moreover, you can decide on monthly and annual plans even.

Advertisement Model

Third parties can access your parking app to post paid-advertisements for the users.

Premium Model

You can offer basic app features for free to users and parking owners. However, they can avail of extra features by upgrading to the premium app version.

Parking Owner Commission Model

When a user transacts payment to a parking owner, a fixed commission is deducted for the app owner in this monetization model.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Parking App?

You must be intrigued to know the expenses involved in developing a parking app. So, what is the cost of parking app development? Well, the charges depend on integrated features, target platforms, and the country where the app is being developed. Also, the cost varies based on the app development company’s experience. On average, if you want to obtain a parking app with basic features, you will end up spending $10,000-$15,000. Whereas an advanced parking app costs around $20,000-$40,000.

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When it comes to developing such a high-yielding app, it’s preferable to collaborate with experts like Auxano Global Services only. We house experienced professionals who integrate a combination of technology and experience to build the best parking app for you. Contact the top car parking finder mobile app development company today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What do you mean by car parking app?

    Car parking apps allow organized planning of your trips and refine your driving experience. The cab drivers and owners can use the parking apps to locate and book parking spots in advance.

  • 2. How do parking apps make money?

    Parking apps come under profitable business. The source of making money through parking apps is commission on transactions. The revenue generated is further used to market your facility to an online and mobile audience. So, it is not obvious to say that focus on overall incremental revenue, not per-transaction fee.

  • 3. What is the best car parking app?

    There are many in the queue but if we talk genuinely, then any app with amazing features and pocket-friendly cost could be best recognized as the best car parking app.

  • 4. How do car park apps work?

    The major factor in successful running of the car park app is the use of sensors which are installed in the parking space. These sensors detect the presence of the car and inform the central system, which further guides the driver about the vacant space.

  • 5. Which is the best car parking app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading mobile app development company having immense expertise in car parking app development. Our top-notch app development services include front-end, back-end development, prototyping, app UI design, app testing, and deployment. We offer cost-effective and engagement-driven solutions as per your business requirements.

  • 6. Do you provide maintenance and support after car parking app development?

    Auxano Global Services provides round clock technical and customer support. We support our customers from the beginning of the development process until long after the delivery of services.

  • 7. Where can I go for more information about parking app development?

    To know more about our car parking app development services and to hire professional app developers, contact us at or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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