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Smart Way To Order Food.

Get ready to switch with the smart way of ordering food in restaurants.

  • Time 5-6 Months
  • Team 7 Members
  • Platform Web/Mobile App
  • Industry Food & Beverages
  • Type Restaurants
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About the Project

  • About-Icon-Overview

    Project Overview

    This project aimed to provide users, a platform to automate the process of ordering the food, catering to the food by the waiters, and management of complete restaurants in an efficient way through the mobile app.

  • About-Icon-Audience

    Target Audience

    This platform is targeted at restaurants and everyone who owns a restaurant. This platform is meant to have international distribution.


Requirements by the Client

  • The client needed an offline app for the restaurant industry.

  • The client needed a menu through a QR code scanner in the app.

  • The client wanted to utilize the staff in an efficient manner.


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Key Featurelist

1. Pinpoints of Hotel/Restaurant

On selecting the pinpoint, the user can see the Hotel/Restaurant Details.

2. Search Bar

Users can search for Hotels/Restaurant.

3. Filter

Users can filter Map pinpoint screen based on the type of place, type of food, offers, and promotion, ratings.

4. Scan QR Code

User can directly scan the QR Code if he/she is inside the Hotel/Restaurant.

5. Menu Search

User/Customers can search the food item by entering the keywords in the search bar.

6. Call to Waiter

User can ‘Call to Waiter’ tab to switch table, complaint, assistance.

7. Tray

Users can view the items added in the tray.

8. Review, Rating, and Comment

User can provide the Review, Rating, and Comment for all experience in the Hotel/Restaurant.

9. Hamburger Menu

Hamburger comprises of the profile, home, order history, support, notification, setting, FAQ, reward points.

1. Orders Received

Waiter will get the list of Orders in this Order list screen.

2. Manage the Order

Waiter can see from which table the order is placed along with order status and request from customers (includes various notifications).

3. Settings

The waiter can view their profile information but cannot edit the profile information. The waiter can sign out from the app.

1. Dashboard

In the home page Restaurant, Admin will get the dashboard, which will give the complete overview of the app, users, and Hotel.

2. Manage Users (Customers)

Restaurant Admin can view the booked, vacant and reserved tables of customers.

3. Manage Waiters

Restaurant Admin can manage the waiters (Add/Edit/Delete)

4. Manage Orders

Restaurant Admin can view the orders with filter options such as date and category. Admin can transfer the orders of waiters who will be available at that time as well.

5. Manage Loyalty

Restaurant Admin can perform these actions to manage the Loyalty with filter options.

6. Manage Category

Restaurant Admin can add, edit, or delete the category.

7. Restaurant Specific content

Admin can manage restaurant specific contents (Add/Edit/Delete).

8. Manage Menu

Description of products with complete details.

9. Manage Feedback, Comments, and Ratings

Admin can view the rating and Review of order, and he/she can delete the review of any specific user.

10. Manage Report

Restaurant Admin can generate the report.

11. Manage Profile

Restaurant Admin can manage profile information

1. App-Specific Content

Super admin can only manage the app-specific contents (Add/Edit/Delete).

2. Manage CMS

Super Admin can Add/Edit/Delete the static text contents.

3. Manage Notifications

Super Admin can view and send notifications to the User/ Restaurant Admin and can send ‘Apps updates’ to the customers.

4. Manage Profile

Super Admin can manage their profile information and sign out as well.

5. Manage FAQ

Super Admin can manage FAQ (Add/Edit/Delete)

6. Manage Profile

Super Admin can generate the report.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. Location Restriction

Creating a precise Geo boundary so that a person can't order outside the restaurant after scanning. If the user gets out of this boundary after placing the order, then the order will get canceled on its own, and the restaurant will get the notification that the user has left.

2. Multilanguage Database Management

The full app needs to be multilanguage, texts, buttons, etc. We used the built-in localization feature. For the stuff stored inside the database, however, we needed a little concept. Our database design and our application needed some functionality to add new languages and set up everything correctly.

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Our Solutions

Multilanguage Database design depends on needs and favors. We went with the approach of creating a separate table for the translations of a relation. Usually, we give these tables the same name as the reference table and suffix them with _trans.

We also defined the boundary restriction to the project with precise measurements according to the connectivity to eradicate the issue of ordering outside the restaurant.

This project was different and had many challenges in the workflow; we figured out the process flow and optimized it as per the client requirements. Besides, we also proposed the solution to have a different waiter app for the restaurants to manage the flow smoothly and efficiently.

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