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Transforming the
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Food & Beverage Manufacturer Unraveling the Power of Online Presence

  • Time 2 Months
  • Team 3 Members
  • Platform Web App
  • Industry Food Ingredients
  • Type Manufacturer

About the Project

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    Project Overview

    Gujarat Food Web is one of the leading manufacturers of best-in-class ingredients in the food and beverage industry with remarkable patrons. The company didn't realize the significance of the dynamic website and came to us for their website development.

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    Target Audience

    This platform is designed to target companies that require raw quality ingredients and custom ingredient solutions. This platform is intended to have a worldwide distribution.


Requirements by the Client

  • The client required an interactive web platform through which they can reach their target audience.

  • The client also wanted a neat and clean representation relevant to their domain.


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Modified Image


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. Dynamic Representation

The client came to us with a static website that worked poorly. The site lacked in UI/UX and was not compelling. As a result, the company couldn’t retrieve the collected data and manage processes properly.

2. Global Presence

We had to analyze the client's business and detect what else should be covered. They needed a website that would help them reach a worldwide audience and can improve their relations with their clients.

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Our Solutions

Food industry websites are always refreshing and mouthwatering! The food and dining business is built on the sensations and feelings your food evokes. At Gujarat Food Web, we use elegant layouts and beautiful graphics to intrigue the visitor. We have developed a professional, custom website that is easy to navigate and highlighted the best assets of GE that potential customers are searching for.

We analyzed everything that can help our client in getting what he wanted. We found that the food and beverage sector needed a digital push, and we helped our client in going digital.

We have tried to showcase their research and development center ingredients, which was their primary requirement.

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