E-commerce has bloomed in 2024, and the growth rate that has been projected for this year is $4.11 trillion. With this growth, the demand for logistics has also splurged.

eCommerce Revenue

• The global statistical market of Logistic App was $7,541 in 2017 and is estimated to reach $12,975 by the end of 10 years from 2027.
• The size of the global logistics industry is expected to experience a CAGR of 12.4%, meaning it can grow to $82.3 billion by 2026.
• Around 67.4% of supply chain managers use Excel spreadsheets as a management tool.
• In 2020, the global total logistics costs soared to nine trillion U. S. dollars.
• The U.S. attributes up to 10% of its annual GDP to the logistics industry — roughly $2 trillion

Apps like Uber Freight have made it easier as all that a person needs to do is tap-tap-tap!

There are a lot of positivity and good prospects for building an app like Uber Freight. If you, as a business owner, are keen on developing a logistic app, then this is an informative write-up for you. We have briefed the cost of developing such an app, along with important features and factors affecting the cost.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in and find out the details about Logistic and truck app development.

Let’s first jump to the cost of the app…

The Development Cost Of The Uber Freight-Like App

The app owner might want to add a plethora of features while developing an uber-freight-like app. Implementing these features increases or decreases the production cost. On an average, it may cost between $30,000 to $200,000.

However, the cost of production can vary depending on the different factors.

Factors That Affect the Developing Cost

Factors that affect the developing cost includes:

• Number Of Developers – More the number of developers, the cost of producing will be on the higher side.
• Complexity – The app’s complexity is another factor that increases the app’s cost.
• Technology – The technological orientation of the app, like the time taken for the app to load, high-end graphics, ease of use, etc., affects the cost.
• Number Of Features – The more features you add, the cost of the app will go higher.

Features to Include in the App

Several factors contribute to the success of On-demand Mobile app development. We have discussed a few that must include making an app reach the business goal in shooter time.

Features Of A Shipper App

Features Of Shipper App

Login And Registration

It is the traditional page every app has and is common in carrier and shipper apps. If an app owner is trying to render service both for individuals and business entities, then it is recommended that they allow the sign-in via social media and emails.


Unlike cab booking services, where one can get a vehicle immediately after booking, things are different with freight apps. The Transportation app development company will implement a feature allowing users to book a truck and plan the trip.

List Of Vehicles

Depending on the location, product to be delivered, distance, and time taken, the user can choose a vehicle of their own choice. The app will suggest a vehicle list depending on the cargo information.


Like Uber for taxi booking, the fright and truck booking app also has a tracking facility. It will help see the truck’s position and how much time it will take to arrive or reach the destination.


After booking the freight, the user will be reminded about the arrival time. Their notification might save them from any kind of compromising situation, like a delay in arrival or missing out on any shipment.


Any Mobile app development company would refer to include the pay-via-app feature. With this feature, the user can make payments using the app. Choosing a payment gateway app can be easier when you ask the project manager and have a detailed discussion on whether you should implement it in the earlier stages or later.

Feedback Time

Rating the carrier is an important feature that helps future users to book a vehicle. They can refer to the rating and reviews while choosing the vehicle to avoid inconvenience. It is quite similar to the Uber cab facility app.

Features for the Carrier App

Features for Carrier App

Registration and Log-in

It is a similar page that the shipper has. It follows the traditional ways of login in and registering.

Details of Shipment

The carrier app shows the driver every possible detail of the shipment that includes the type, weight, where it is to be shipped, etc. It makes it easier for a driver to view the details and then decide whether they should accept.

Route tracking

The driver in their app can see the location they must reach to receive the shipment and the location they need to deliver the shipment. It also helps the driver to see the road conditions and avoid hurdles.


The driver has the option to cancel the shipment in case they are in the middle of a cumbersome situation.

Features of Admin Panel

Features of Admin Panel

It is another app that helps the business owner to monitor the business and logistics. It is an important aspect of building a logistic app like Uber freight and should have the following features:

Billing Administration

Keep track of the invoices that come through the app.


It helps the business admin track the order placed, delivered, canceled, and other shipment-related information.

Monitoring Vehicle

Form this app, and the admin can track the whereabouts of the vehicles.


Admin can see where the driver is, how long they are halting at a place and the reasons for late delivery.

The Development Process For Apps Like Uber Freight

Development Process

There are simple steps we follow while working on developing a logistic app.

1. Requirement Gathering

We will discuss the logistic app idea with the client and receive insights. We will analyze the market, your competitors, features to include, etc. After having a detailed conversation, we will help you to chalk out a plan to proceed further.

2. Design

After we have the insights on how you want your logistic app to be, it is time to finalize the design of the app. We will help you to curate an app that is user friendly and prioritizes the core features of a logistic app.

3. Development

After the design is complete, our team starts working on the coding and developing the app. Our competent developers who have developed apps like Uber Freight, will serve your purpose. The development is a lengthy part and will take time.

4. Testing

After the app is developed, it is time to launch it for testing. During this period the aim is to find any kind of shortcoming that needs to be rectified.

5. Deployment

When we are done with the thorough testing of the app and find that the app is good to go, we will deploy it on the server of your choice.

Technology Stack For Logistic App Development

Technology Stack for Logistic App Development

The success of an app like Uber Freight depends on the accuracy of the app. To ensure that the app is going in the right direction, it is essential to use the latest tech stack.  However, here is some tech stack that we use for logistic app development.

• Android- Kotlin and Java

• iOS- Objective C and Swift

• Payment Gateways- Stripe and Paypal

• Front End- HTML and CSS

• Back End- Python, JavaScript, and Angular

• Cloud- Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

• Push Notification- FireBase

• Real-Time Analytic- Spark, IBM, Cisco

• Map- Google map, Waze, and Apple map

Why Choose AGS?

Auxano Global Services is a reputed Logistic app development company helping business entities to attain their goal of developing a logistic app. We have a professional team with in-depth knowledge about all the factors necessary for app development. Our team is excellent at communication, and we believe in listening before delivering.

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Developing a logistic app is not walking in the park, but with the right team, it could be managed in no time. Finding a competent app developer is a boon. Check the authenticity and track record before hiring a logistic app developer. Boost your business by developing a robust and scalable uber freight like app!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Much Is The Cost Of A Logistic App?

    The development cost of a logistic app is somewhere between $30,000 to $200,000. It varies depending on the features and other factors the app owner wishes to incorporate.

  • 2. How Long Does Developing An App Like Uber Freight Take To Develop?

    The basic version of the Uber Freight app takes about four months to develop. A time frame of eight to nine months is necessary to get the fully modified and high-end version.

  • 3. What Are The Features Of A Logistic App?

    A logistic app has many important features that help it shine out in the market. However, five best features are- user-friendliness, real time tracking, multiple payment facilities, and multiple languages.

  • 4. How Does A Logistic App Work?

    The logistic app connects the drivers to the shipment facilities. The drivers receive orders on the logistic app and deliver the shipment to the desired location.

  • 5. When Was Uber Freight Launched?

    Uber Freight was launched in the year 2017.

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