Uber is a leading brand in on-demand services and when it comes to car rental apps, Uber is the most popular service provider worldwide. Uber, the car hire app is actively serving in 65 countries and 600 cities worldwide with $11.3 billion annual revenue. The instant hit of Uber cab booking services insists many entrepreneurs to create an app like Uber. 

Being a leading on-demand taxi booking app development company, we are familiar with the latest technology for Uber-like app templates, on-demand car hire apps solution, and Uber clone app cost. In this post, we are revealing important Uber features, estimated cost to make an app like Uber, and most importantly how to create an app like Uber.  

Why Creating a Taxi Booking App Like Uber is a Profitable Idea? 

Taxi booking apps changed the way traveling happened before, now people completely rely on ride-sharing apps for traveling in the big cities. No matter what your occupation, reaching the office at the time for an urgent meeting or roaming in the city, a cab booking app like Uber can help you out in any condition. 

Market Statics of Ride-Hailing & Car Booking Apps 

  • Revenue for car booking apps is expected to reach US$365,912m by 2024 
  • User penetration is 19.3% in 2020 and is expected to hit 20.6% by 2024
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to US$133.72

Revenue in the Ride-Hailing & Taxi segment amounts

As per Statista, “Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 17.5%, resulting in a market volume of US$365,912m by 2024.” The ride-hailing apps market statistics clearly show a huge profit to invest in Uber-like app development. 


You might be wondering: 

Why are cab booking services so popular?

Actually, cab booking services enrich the ride experiences completely, the user can book a cab or share a ride instantly with just tap-&-go features. The on-demand car booking services leverage from the mobile app reliability, however, travel companies and logistic service providers strive to create an app like Uber for their business requirements. 

Benefits of cab booking apps:      

  • On-demand taxi booking with ease
  • Convenient traveling experience
  • Safe & Secure ride
  • Real-time ride tracking  
  • Rate fixation & exciting coupons  

Also, on-demand cab booking apps are a better alternative to the public transport system and traffic. Therefore, cab booking apps are popular nowadays and entrepreneurs want to march with this trend by creating splendid car booking apps. 

Do you know?

Who developed the Uber App?

Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick (now resigned) and Garrett Camp in 2009 as UberCab. It came into action as a solution to San Francisco’s drastic taxi problem and became an instant hit around the globe.  

So, instead of just searching Uber-like app development cost or Uber clone app development, it must research the market trends and technology stacks for successful app development. You should hire an on-demand car rental app development company to make the best out of it. 

Why Uber is a popular brand in on-demand Services:

The core values of Uber services contain quick, convenient, and easy to use services that are replaceable as on-demand services. As we all concordant that Uber not only offers taxi-booking services but it provides a variety of on-demand services.    

Uber offers a variety of on-demand services

Uber offers a variety of on-demand services

  • Uber for Cab or taxi booking
  • Uber for Beauty & Saloon
  • UberEats for food delivery
  • Uber for car wash
  • Uber for Laundry
  • Uber for logistic 
  • Uber for housekeeping
  • Uber for repair & maintenance  

Do you know?

Uber is not just offering on-demand car booking services as public transport. It offers peer-to-peer services to enhance user experience with a variety of options such as UberPool for ride-sharing, UberPop(UberX) for cost-effective riding experience, and UberChopper for a luxury ride.   

If you’re looking to create an app like Uber, you should choose top mobile app development companies in India such as Auxano Global Services, that can offer top-notch on-demand app development services to build a winsome Uber clone app. 

How to compete with leading cab booking brand like Uber: 

First of all, Uber is not the only cab booking services provider, however, it is popular and the leader of the market. There are many regional and global on-demand car booking service providers worldwide and most importantly they are doing good in their respective areas. So, if you think it hard to attract customers for a new ride-hailing app service then believe us it’s not true. 

Top Taxi Booking Apps Worldwide:

Top Taxi Booking Apps Worldwide

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Grab Taxi
  • Easy Taxi
  • Gett


Advanced Features & Golden Ideas For A Car Rental App:

  • Taxi for kids transportation
  • Taxi for senior citizen or women 
  • Ride-share & carpool taxi
  • Taxi for emergency (compatible with medical equipment)
  • Event & Luxury taxi
  • Taxi for logistic 


Above all, you should focus on better customer support and the interactive user interface of your dream car rental app. You should choose a reputed on-demand cab booking app development company i.e. Auxano Global Services to create a successful ride-hailing app and beat the competition on every stage. 

How to Create an App Like Uber: Feature, Cost, & More 

There are plenty of questions untouched such as Uber monetize methods, important Uber clone app features, technology stacks, Uber like app templates, and above all how much does it cost to make an app like Uber? As a renowned taxi booking app development company, we are well acquainted with cost-effective solutions and a result-driven approach. 


You might be wondering: 

How does Uber Work?


As mentioned earlier, Uber set a benchmark for on-demand car booking app services, therefore, it is essential to research how Uber works to create such an application for your business. 

How does Uber Work

  • Request A Ride
  • Match A Ride
  • Start & Track Ride
  • Ride Payment
  • Rate Experience  

Things to Consider While Creating an App Like Uber

To create a winsome car booking app you must understand the Uber app features and Uber app structure. Here are some important things to consider while building an Uber clone app. 


Dashboard Design:

Ride-hailing apps like Uber contain three types of different dashboards. You have to create 3 different apps to meet your business requirements and better car booking services. 

  • Admin Panel
  • Driver Panel
  • User Panel   


Admin Panel:

  • Driver & User Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Payment Management
  • 24*7 Technical Support


Driver Panel:

  • Live chat with user
  • Quick Navigation 
  • Shift Drivers Request
  • Alert & OTP Integrate


User Panel:

  • Real-Time Cab Location
  • Easy Payment & Receipt
  • Alerts & Push Notification
  • Smooth & User-friendly UI


The dashboard is an important area of any mobile application because users spent most of their time on it. Therefore, You should craft a unique and appealing user interface for different dashboard design. 


Real-Time Tracking:

The best part of any on-demand cab booking app service is real-time tracking of the cab. A user can easily check remaining time, cab availability in preferred location by using real-time tracking features.     


Our Uber clone app developers have ample expertise to create an app like Uber and our GPS tracking app solutions can offer an easy way to integrate real-time tracking functionalities. Geolocation tracking can provide accurate direction and identify locations. 


Want to know the best part? 

At Auxano Global Services, we use the best technology stacks for real-time tracking feature integration in Uber clone app development:

  • Google Map & GPS Integration
  • Core Location Framework 
  • Google Location API Integration
  • OpenStreetMap API & MapKit 


Payment Integration:

It requires immense understanding to craft a simple and effective checkout process, otherwise, a business can lose the customers. A Uber clone app should allow users for a safe & secure payment process, it should offer multiple payment gateways options. 

For the implementation of payment gateways, there are several technology stacks available. Payment gateway integration stacks:

Payment gateway integration

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree


Push Notification & Message:

Push notification can be a marketing tool to make an app like Uber. Push notification can be used to inform cab status, estimate time, and ride details like driver info, cab number. Your Uber clone app development should focus on creative ways to send push notifications which can engage users and boost business growth.

Here are technology stacks for notification:

technology stacks for notification

  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
  • Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service)
  • Apple Push Notification Service (APN)
  • Urban Airship

Do you know?

Uber used Twilio for SMS notification services. There are several alternatives of Twilio i.e. Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo, and Snitch for SMS notification in Uber clone app development. 

Uber has launched a new feature that allows users to share a four-digit code with the driver before starting the ride. OTP (one time password) is also a necessary factor in secure ride and safe transactions.  

Important Features To Make An App Like Uber:

There are some basic and additional features available for an Uber clone app development. You should also focus on offering a better user interface and Uber app features to attract more customers. Here are some important features to make an app like Uber:

  • Schedule Ride in Advance
  • Book Ride For Third Party
  • Driver-Customer Call Via App
  • Split Fare While Ride Sharing
  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Heat Maps & Traffic Information
  • Free Ride Cancellation in 2 Min
  • Driver Info & Review Report
  • Push Notification & Coupons      

Step By Step Features To Create an App Like Uber:

Step By Step Features To Create an App Like Uber- Auxano Global Services

One should do proper market research, jot down the Uber app features list, and hire a renowned Uber clone app development company to create an app like Uber. Here are some basic and advanced features to build winsome car-hire apps.   

Account Creation

  • Easy Sign-Up Process
  • Social Media & Mail Login 
  • Pick Address From GPS
  • Password Authentication

Cab Tracking

  • Track Real-time Cab Location
  • Suggest Estimate Time Status
  • Track & Pick Nearest Driver
  • Live Route Location Sharing

Cab Booking

  • Choose Prefered Cab
  • Cab Pickup & Drop Point
  • Tap-&-Book The Ride
  • Free Cab Cancellation

Payment Methods

  • In-App Payment Method
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Allow Cash On Delivery
  • Safe & Secure Payment

Review & Ratings

  • Allow Review & Rate Ride 
  • Reward Driver As Per Reviews
  • Promote High Rating Drivers 
  • Beneath Low Rating Drivers

Seamless Customer Support

  • AI Chatbots For Fast Response
  • Insist Customers For Feedback 
  • Instant Solution For Users
  • Dedicated 24*7 Customer Support

Other Features Integration

  • Cab Booking & Payment History
  • Share Driver Info With User
  • Personalize User Coupons
  • Heatmap & Traffic Detail
  • Book Ride For Another Person
  • Schedule Ride For Advance 


How Does An App Like Uber Make Money?

The revenue model must be a concern for you because having a bloated car booking app is worthless without a proper monetize plan. So, it is good to research the Uber revenue model to get a better ROI. 


You might be thinking: 

What revenue model does Uber use? 

Actually, Uber follows a very simple revenue model to generate business outcomes. Here explaining monetize model of Uber:

  • Fares From Users
  • Fares From Drivers
  • In-App Advertisement 

Fares From Users:

The user payment structure depends on the cab size, distance, and booking time. 

  • Base fare
  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per minute
  • Safe rides fee

Fares From Drivers:

Uber earned some base percentage of the amount on each ride from drivers. A fixed amount on each ride transferred to Uber. The charges vary on the working area, order frequency, and time on each ride. You should take the least fares from drivers to attract more cab drivers and cab services, partners.  

In-App Advertisement:

In-app advertisements contain sponsored content and different kinds of ads (text, carousel, video). Also, car hire apps use referral methods to attract more users.  

Want to know the best part?

Uber world’s top on-demand cab booking service provider, owns no vehicle (not a single one). Uber works as a mediator platform between cab owners and customers. Cool isn’t it?   

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Uber: 

As we all concordant, calculating the exact Uber app development cost is tough without having actual app requirements. Uber clone app development cost depends on various factors such as features integration, native app platforms, technical stacks, frontend, backend, and web development.    

Uber app development cost estimate depends on:

Uber app development cost estimate depends -Auxano Global Services

  • Features Integration
  • Development Cost
  • Design Cost
  • Native app development (iOS/Android)
  • Web Development (Admin Panel)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Documentation
  • Overall Development Time

As a leading Uber clone app development company, it’s our duty to briefly explain factors that affect Uber clone app development cost. Mainly, different types of features integration such as cab tracking, book a cab in advance, and other features influence Uber app development cost.


Important Factors That Affect Taxi App Development Cost:   

Native App Platform:

The app platform iOS/Android decides how much it cost to make an app like Uber. The Uber app price estimate relies on different kinds of app development methods such as Native app development and cross-platform app development.

You might be wondering:

Which app platform to choose?

It’s all up to you, the iOS app platform cost higher but is popular nowadays but Android still has most users. We recommend you to create your dream car hire app on both app platforms with MVP specification. Our cost-effective cross-platform app development solutions can help you out.           

Features Integration:

The cab booking app development cost ranges from basic features to advanced features. You can develop an Uber clone app with advanced and futuristic features but it takes more time to develop and more cost. 

Features That Influence Uber Clone App Development Cost:

  • Geolocation & Tracking Features
  • Registration Process
  • Payment Integration & Cost Estimate
  • Ride Scheduling & Split Fares

Being a reputed mobile app development company, our app developers have a bag of tricks to reduce the development cost by using our cost-effective solution. We recommend you to develop MVP (minimum value product) of your dream Uber clone app and later on add additional features as an update. 

Technology Stacks:

Server, database, and geolocation is the most required technical field while creating an app like Uber. Parallelly, the car booking app development cost also depends on the main technology stacks. Here are some basic and advanced technologies used for cab booking app development.

Technology Stacks Uber- Auxano Global Services

Above mentioned technologies list is estimated for your dream car booking app development, but it may be different depending on your business requirements, app features, and platforms. Hire the best car rental app development company i.e. Auxano, to make the best out of these technologies.   

The rough estimation of Uber clone app development cost:

uber cost -Auxano Global Services

Also, the web development process for admin panel creation costs around $15k, this is an add-on development cost. If you need an accurate cab booking app development cost, then feel free to contact our experts. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution then choose top mobile app development companies such as Auxano Global Services. Our developers have expertise in cross-platform app development which can reduce the overall Uber clone app development cost. 


While wrapping up, one thing is pretty much clear that creating an app like Uber is a sustainable and profitable idea. Your dream cab booking app should have an easy and stunning user interface, UI UX design always plays a major role in attracting audiences.    

In this piece of content, we discussed every flavor of how to create an app like Uber, Uber clone templates, features, market shares of ride-hailing apps, and Uber app price estimates. In concise, you should need app requirements and a cab booking app development partner to craft a winsome app.

If you’re looking for Uber clone app development, then we are the best source. Auxano Global Services is a leading on-demand cab booking app development company having an experienced team of developers. We develop responsive, scalable, and next-gen applications using an agile approach for cab booking app development and car rental app services. Let’s Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does Uber cab booking fare calculate?

    The Uber cab booking fare calculates as per base fare, cost per mile, cost per minute, safe ride fee. The user payment structure depends on the cab size, distance, and booking time. Uber mainly offers to differ cab size as per user requirement i.e. UberX, UberPool, UberBasic, UberBlack, and UberLux. 

  • 2. How does Uber work?

    An on-demand car rental app like Uber should work on simple phenomena, so users can get easy access. The user app works similar to the below steps:    

    • Request A Ride
    • Match A Ride
    • Start & Track Ride
    • Ride Payment
    • Rate The Experience  
  • 3. How much does it cost to make an app like Uber in India?

    It’s tough to estimate the actual Uber app development costs. The app development cost depends on many factors such as development time, number of resources, design cost, QA, and features integration. Approx, it will cost $141,000-$194,000 to make a cab booking app. 

  • 4. How long does it take to make an app like Uber?

    It takes around 4-6 months to complete Uber app development. The overall time depends on many factors such as complexity, developer’s expertise, and functionality integration. At Auxano Global Services, our readymade Uber clone solution and immense experience can reduce the overall cab booking app development time.

  • 5. Why choose Auxano for cab booking app development?

    Auxano Global Services is a renowned on-demand car rental app development company in the USA. Our cost-effective and result-driven solutions are perfect for any business requirement. We offer a flexible hiring process to hire dedicated app developers from our team. Also, we provide post-delivery support and maintenance for your dream car-hire apps.   


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