Instagram! Whatsapp! Facebook! and a lot more…

There is a long list of social media platforms that we use in this era. Every new developer is excited to launch something unique and interesting for users, which can also generate revenue for him. The above listed are a few of the examples that have made the world crazy with its usage.

Amidst using such digital platforms, individuals are looking for something creative and more interactive form of social media. So, what’s more, can be offered to valuable users?

A Clubhouse app!

Yes, you heard it right. The Clubhouse app is a new trend in the social network that is audio-based. Many of you might be unaware of this idea.

Don’t worry!

Auxano Global Services, a top social media app development company will come upon with all its ins and outs in this article. We will discuss what is a clubhouse, its benefits, how to join clubhouse apps, features, clubhouse-like app development cost, and things to consider while creating clubhouse clone app development.

But before that, have a look at some amazing statistics of Clubhouse, which has driven the world insanely.

After going through all the information about this app, if you find that it can be good to invest in building such an app, then you can call us anytime to build an app like Clubhouse as we are best known as a Clubhouse app development company.

What is Clubhouse?

In simple language, Clubhouse is best defined as the social media platform where you can easily exchange audio clips instead of videos, text, or images. With these audio clips, you can more clearly share your thoughts and can express your feelings.

Rohan Seth and Paul Davison are the masterminds behind this emerging application which is available only for iPhone users.

Clubhouse app Facts & Statistics infographics


What are the features of Clubhouse?


1. Well, its audio-based feature could prove to be highly useful for users to have discussions/conversations with family or friends, interviews with employers and employees, to carry out urgent discussions over a company’s projects, and so on.

2. Clubhouse enables every user to create several rooms serving different purposes such as party planning, chit-chat with friends, meeting strangers, taking part in debates and discussions, etc.

3. Each room is carefully supervised and content is filtered. Moreover, there is no recording of audio clips and conversations are end-to-end encrypted thereby, making the app more secure for users.

4. Unlike other social media platforms, where the success is counted on the number of active users, the Clubhouse has moved one step further by focusing more on quality than quantity. All in all, the Clubhouse is a successful Silicon Valley’s social hotspot.

5. Even many renowned celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Kanye West are a few of the active users of clubhouse apps. This further means that if the user may join this app, then he/she can get a chance to talk to their favourite celebs.

Why Clubhouse could be the next major social media platform?

There are many reasons for the Clubhouse’s success in the coming future. Let’s have a look at all those below:

  • You get the opportunity to interact with people or business owners outside your niche.
  • The Clubhouse offers spontaneous rooms with a real-time conversation on a wide range of topics.
  • Clubhouse focuses on high-value conversations rather than produced content.
  • The users of the Clubhouse app are loyal, protective, and selective about who they are inviting to join the app.

How To Join The Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse profile and login

The clubhouse app is still in the private beta phase, available only for iPhone or iPod users. Therefore, to be a part of this app, there are only ways which are described below:

1. Personal invitation

When you join Clubhouse, you get one invitation which you can send to anyone using your phone number. The person could be your friend, relative, or stranger. Upon using Clubhouse for a while, you might earn more invites to send to more people.

2. Exclusive side-door

This is done through Clubhouse’s official website. When you visit the website, you see the option to download the app from the App Store. Upon downloading, you can reserve your username and your friends who are already using Clubhouse get notification about your username. In this way, they come to know that you have downloaded the app. Now, they can wave you even if they don’t have an official invitation to send.


Clubhouse App Club Membership

There are four types of memberships within the Clubhouse club.


The owner of the club. A founder has full right to edit the club’s description and rules. He can also invite members to join the club without requesting or waiting for approval.


An admin is appointed by the founder or other admins. He has the right to approve or remove members and to open private or public rooms.


A member is an approved participant within the club. He can create only private rooms for the club. No public rooms! However, they can participate in both private and public rooms and can nominate other Clubhouse members to join the club.


He is not an official member of the club. A follower has no right to create rooms for the club but can follow public club activities.

Clubhouse App Listener

Do you have any idea about Clubhouse app listeners? No problem! Auxano global services can lend you a helping hand. When anyone joins the Clubhouse room for the first time, then you are entered as a listener which means you don’t have access to the microphone, you cannot utter a word, but can only listen to the conversation quietly. This ensures that you get the right feel for the room by listening before taking part in the conversation.

When you are listening, you can tap on any of the speakers or other audience members. While you are in the audience, you can tap on the All Rooms option to go back to the hallway to see what other rooms have started, without leaving the conversation.

The amazing feature of the Clubhouse app is that you can minimize the app without leaving the chatroom to move to another app for checking any email or DMs on a different channel. The clubhouse makes sure that you may not miss a single word of the conversation and this feature makes it stand out from all other platforms.

Clubhouse App Speaker

You have got to know about listeners, now let’s know about the Clubhouse app speaker. After Clubhouse app listeners, you move one step ahead as a speaker. At this stage, you become eligible to mute and unmute your microphone. Most of the time, speakers keep their microphones muted to avoid background noise when the other person is speaking.

Also, remember one thing…When you are speaking and about to finish off with it, wait for one or two seconds before muting your microphone because sometimes you can accidentally cut yourself off at the end before completing.

Now that you have got to know that every Clubhouse room runs differently depending on the topics and the way the moderators want to run it.

In larger rooms, moderators bring a limited number of people and ask them to limit their questions or insights to a few minutes whereas, in smaller rooms, you come across an interview where moderators invite everyone onto the stage at the same time to share in an open format.

Things To Know About Clubhouse App Moderator

Who can be the moderator?

A person who opens a new room or a speaker who gets promoted to a moderator by the previous moderator.

What can a moderator do?

Being a moderator, you get the right to perform the following actions in the room.

  • Turn on/off the ability for audience members to raise their hands.
  • Invite people from the audience up to speak.
  • Accept requests from the audience to speak.
  • Send other speakers back to the audience.
  • Promote other speakers to moderate.
  • Mute other speakers.

How should a moderator act?

  • By whatever means you have become the moderator, you need to set the tone and conversation within the room effectively. You must leave a strong influence and energy within the conversation and room.
  • Other than that, you need to be active within the room till the room is open. And, when you notice that the conversation is slowing down, invite more questions and encourage others to share. 
  • If you find that the conversation is getting disorganized or confusing, bring back some order to make sure you don’t lose anyone in the audience.

How Much Does An App Like Facebook Clone Cost?

How To Create An App Like Clubhouse?

Creating an app like Clubhouse is not a cup of tea for everyone. One needs to have a wider horizon to think beyond the imagination. Gone are the days, when we used to send texts, images, etc to our near and dear ones. The clubhouse has given us a new way of interacting with relatives, friends, and even strangers. Who knows, you might get a chance to interact with celebrities as well.

Things To Consider While Creating A Social Media App

Things To Consider While Creating A Social Media App

Mobile Operating System:

Before creating an app like Clubhouse, you need to choose the right mobile operating system. Basically, you may have 2 options- Android and iOS. Android Operating System has a wider user range as compared to iOS. On the other hand, iOS offers better features and app integration to its users.

Research & Market Analysis:

Research and analysing the market prior development is the most crucial step. Every developer or development company must follow quick and thorough research before starting out with the app development. This will help you to analyze the latest market trends and technology. Think about the targeted audience, attractive features, competitors, and future of the app.

Know the competitors:

As already said, researching before developing could prove to be fruitful. So, knowing your competitors ahead of building an app will give you a clear idea about how your app should like and what you can add to make it more attractive and appealing to users.

Technology to use:

To create an app like clubhouse, have a list of technology which you can use to build the app. Consider using different programming languages, CDN, Hosting platform, Database management, and so on.

Must Have Features in The App Like Clubhouse

Must Have Features in The App Like Clubhouse

While creating an app like Clubhouse, you must consider some of the features to include into the app for a better experience.

Push Notifications

This is a great way to tell users to join any new room or to become a member of the ongoing conversation in any room, mere with a notification.

Seamless Switching

Isn’t amazing if you get the chance to switch to any other app, just by minimizing the Clubhouse app without leaving the conversation. This is the must-have feature in an app like Clubhouse.

Real-time Voice Messages

It could be great if the app allows us to send real-time voice notes. This makes the app feel more real.

Dashboard Design

Every app must have a dashboard to get all the relevant information about the app like admin panel, streamer panel, etc.

So, if you find Clubhouse (an audio app only) to be the most demanding platform in the coming future, then make way for yourself by creating a similar app. You will definitely bear rich fruits nearby. As far as the process of creating such an app is concerned, just leave that to the software or app development companies. They can do the work for you in no time.


Instagram app development cost

How Much Does It Cost To Build an App Like Clubhouse?

As far as the cost of the feature-rich app like Clubhouse matters, it may cost anywhere between $15,000 to $230,000. In addition to this, the price of building an app may vary from company to company and as per the operating system.

For iOS, app development may cost you higher as compared to Android app development. So, you may choose any one of the OS as per your business requirements, your budget, and targeted audience. In a few cases, business owners would like to have the app in both Operating Systems. In such circumstances, the cost will probably go higher.

Top factors that affect Clubhouse clone app development are

In conclusion, estimating the exact clubhouse clone app development cost is quite tough, because the cost depends on various factors. If you want to find the exact clubhouse app development cost, then contact our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is ClubHouse?

    Clubhouse is a kind of social media platform where you can easily exchange audio clips instead of videos, text, or images. With these audio clips, you can more clearly share your thoughts and can express your feelings.

  • 2. What are the features of Clubhouse?

    Clubhouse enables every user to create several rooms serving different purposes. Each room is carefully supervised and content is filtered. Its audio-based feature could prove to be highly useful for users to have discussions/conversations with family or friends.

  • 3. How does Clubhouse app speaker work?

    When you are speaking and about to finish off with it, wait for one or two seconds before muting your microphone because sometimes you can accidentally cut yourself off at the end before completing.

  • 4. How much does it cost to create a social media app like clubhouse?

    As far as the cost of the feature-rich app like Clubhouse matters, it may cost anywhere between $15,000 to $230,000. In addition to this, the price of building a social media app depends on several factors such as features, app platform, development time, and others.

  • 5. Which is the best clubhouse app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading social media app development company having immense expertise in creating an audio-based app like Clubhouse. Our dedicated app developers are always curious to offer futuristic and cost-effective app solutions. We always revere a client’s requirements in order to create something beyond expectations.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about Clubhouse app development?

    To know more about clubhouse app development or our social media app development services and to hire dedicated app developers, contact us at or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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