Who knew that a smartphone and gaming habit could earn you money! Well, it has become a reality with an efficient multi-gaming platform like the Hago Play. The interactive multi-gaming platforms are growing tremendously and yet to attract an even massive audience. With more people, especially the youth, connecting to smartphones, such gaming industries are outshining and perceived as a revenue-generating machine.

These days, the stars of the gaming industry are on the brighter side. Consequently, multiple gaming platforms are flocking the stores and capturing interests. However, a populated industry like gaming platforms leads to fierce competition. So, the industrialists and entrepreneurs who are interested in devising attractive gaming platforms need to abide by a strategic blueprint for skyrocketing their venture.

Here we are at Auxano Global Services, a top game development company integrating irresistible features into your gaming app and developing the best Hago Play clone app for you. Before diving deep into the gaming industry, you might be intrigued to know about the budget allocation for developing an app like Hago Play. Below you will find everything that you should know about the cost of such app development.

How Does Hago Play Works?

Have a Good One, aka Hago, is a Chinese gaming platform with a simple yet interesting working model. Upon joining the platform for the first time, Hago credits your account with 500 cash-coins. Interestingly, you can use these coins for purchasing many gifts and incentives. There are about 80 mini-games on the Hago play, which you can play, either solo or with your friends.

Hago app allows you to befriend new people and matches you with a stranger gamer for playing together on the app. Moreover, it rewards you with engrossing perks for utilizing and playing games on the Hago Play app. Each time you win a game, you will earn money from the platform.

The Must-Have Features on a Multi-Gaming App

The set of features in a multi-gaming app like Hago Play is the most attractive asset of the platform. Before developing a social gaming app, you need to glance over the must-have and good-to-have features which are essential for your app to get mainstream attention from gamers. So, here are the most-wanted functionalities in a multi-gaming app.

1. Design Layout

The multi-gaming platforms are all about creating a visual impact on the users. When it comes to the visible entities, the UI/UX of your multi-gaming app will also influence and attract a massive audience. So, you need to keep aside a heavy budget for designing your app interface.

2. Payment Integration

Apart from gaming motives, the users will engage with your platform for making money. So, your app should have the feature of withdrawing rewards easily. A small and safe payment process will capture more audience for your platform. Integrate a global payment feature or regional gateways for easy transactions on your app.

3. Cash-Coin System

A simple cash-coin system in your gaming app will reflect the platform’s genuineness. As a result, you will register more interaction with the app. Keep the coin collection, and withdrawal mechanism crisp and understandable for the users.

4. Connection with Friends

Gaming is all about friends, fun, and entertainment. So, allow your users to connect with their family members and friends for playing several games on your app. Moreover, connect them with stranger gamers on your app for building a friendly community within. Friends will add spark and interest among the players in your platform.

5. Text and Video Interaction

Your app should provide a text and video chatting feature for the players to interact among themselves through the app. Apart from gaming, real-time communication will drive more followers to your app.

6. Games and Rules

Since your app will see both noob and pro players, the gaming rules should be simple and easy-to-understand for all. Moreover, integrated games should be interesting with lucrative rewards.

Which Games Should be there in Your App?

After all, your multi-gaming platform is all about games. If your app fails to deliver interactive games to the users, it will end up losing followers rapidly. That’s not your motive at all, right? So, make your app rich in attractive games for the user-base. Any multi-gaming app should entail the following games, to say the least.

Apart from these game apps, you can integrate some fantasy sports like baseball, football, kabaddi, and tennis even, depending on your budget. Furthermore, integrations like quizzes, puzzles, fantasy hockey, and shooting games will increase your app buzz among the gamers. Remember that the more games you integrate, the more will be the budget for developing your gaming app.

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Multi-Gaming App Monetization Model

After so much investment, you would want your multi-gaming app to generate a large ROI for you. So, you will have to follow a fool-proof business model that can churn large profits in a short period. Following are some common monetization models for popular gaming apps. You can choose anyone among them and witness expected conversions quickly.

  • For playing games on your app, the users will have to pay and buy coins for competing among themselves. The cash spending will convert into your revenue directly.
  • You can allow third parties to post their ads in your gaming app. Every time a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser will pay you on a pay-per-click basis.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Hago Play?

The cost of developing a Hago Play like app depends on the platform compatibility and features integrated. You might have to spend more on connecting more games on your platform. Also, a large game pool will attract more audiences. So, you will end up churning a large revenue.

All in all, your investment will never go into vain, and you will see positive impacts in terms of app success. From a broad perspective, you will have to allocate a budget in the range of $15,000 – $30,000 for developing an efficient gaming app like Hago Play.

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