In today’s digital age, there is a growing demand for mobile apps among customers of different industries. Whether it’s retail, banking, travel, or any other industry, mobile apps have become integral to the customer experience.

As more businesses are investing in developing their custom-made applications to stay ahead of the competition, cross-platform app development services have emerged as a popular option for companies looking to maximize their reach with minimal resources.

Cross-platform development gives an edge to businesses regarding cost, time, and customization—allowing the same app to be used for multiple devices and operating systems. It reduces development time and costs by avoiding creating separate apps for different platforms.

How Does The Mobile App Market Look In Recent Times?

According to reports, the mobile app market will generate a revenue of approximately $935 billion by the end of 2023. Moreover, there are around 1.96 million apps on the Apple App Store and 2.87 million apps on the Google Play Store available for download.

Around 21% of millennials open their preferred app 50+ times per day, and 49% of mobile phone users open an app 11+ times every day. Furthermore, around 70% of all the US digital media screen time comes from mobile apps.

It’s the right time for enterprises to capitalize on the potential of cross-platform application development and enhance the user experience of their customers. But how much does it cost? Let’s figure out the numbers and break them down to understand the entire development process.

How Much Does Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Cost?

Developing a full-fledged cross-platform mobile app costs around $20,000+ for a simple app, around $20,000 to $45,000 for a moderate app and $45,000 to $75,000 for advanced apps.

Cross platform app development cost factors

Several factors can influence the cost of developing a cross-platform app. Let’s explore some key aspects that inflate mobile app development prices.

Type Of Business Model:

The complexity of the app’s features and functions will depend on the type of business model. For example, a mobile application with a combination of e-commerce, booking, and delivery services can cost more than an app with basic features. On the other hand, a simple app with limited features, such as sharing content and comments, will cost less.

It’s essential to jot down your key business requirements and look for a development partner that can provide custom solutions according to your budget. The app should cater to all the user needs while providing a robust and secure platform.

Cross-Platform App Developers:

The type of cross-platform mobile app developers team you are hiring also plays a crucial role in determining the cost. If you are planning to outsource the task, then it’s essential to check the reputation of the developers, experience, and expertise. It’s advised to opt for an experienced developer with a good track record of developing high-quality apps at affordable prices.

Moreover, the cost of hiring developers will also vary based on the location and their expertise in developing cross-platform applications. For example, a developer based out of the USA might cost more than a developer from Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe. Thus, based on the availability of resources and budget, one can hire developers accordingly.


Designing is a crucial aspect of the hybrid app development process, taking up to 25-30% of the total development time for a project. The cost of designing can vary depending on the complexity and features of the app. An experienced designer can help you create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that caters to the needs of your target audience.

If your app involves multiple screens, custom animations, and complex features, then it’s crucial to hire a designer that can work on intricate details. Moreover, the design should be updated regularly to provide an enhanced user experience.

Security Integrations:

Security is of paramount importance while developing a cross-platform app. Enterprises need to invest in robust security measures and encryptions to protect their data from cyber threats. Moreover, the cost of security integrations will also vary based on the complexity and features of the app.

The cost of cross-platform app development will go up if you incorporate features such as two-factor authentication, biometric security, and other advanced measures. Moreover, enterprises can protect their confidential data from cyberattacks by involving technologies like blockchain and AI. However, the cost of implementing these technologies in the app will also increase.

App Features Testing:

Testing is an essential part of developing a cross-platform mobile app. The cost of testing will also depend on the number and complexity of features you plan to incorporate into the app. It’s essential to test the app on different devices, platforms, and operating systems.

App testing involves a series of tests, including unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, and system testing. Developers should be aware of the different types of QA tests to ensure that the app is bug-free and ready for launch. Businesses should take their time with testing and invest in quality assurance for a successful app launch.

App Updates And Future Maintenance:

Cross-platform mobile development is complete with app updates and maintenance. Enterprises should invest in timely upgrades and bug fixes to ensure that the app is running smoothly. The cost of app maintenance will vary depending on the number of users, the complexity of features, and development time.

Maintenance activities include updating the app to the latest versions, resolving bugs and performance issues, adding new features, etc. Moreover, regular updates are also necessary to stay ahead of the competition and deliver a better user experience.

Architecture Scalability:

If your app has a high user base, then it’s vital to ensure that the architecture is scalable. A scalable architecture can help you handle large volumes of data without any lags or performance issues. Scalability also enables you to add new features and functionalities easily while accommodating more users.

However, the cost of scalability will depend on the number of users, features, and updates. Enterprises should invest in scalability to ensure that the app can handle large amounts of data without any issues.

It’s vital to hire an experienced cross-platform mobile app development company like Auxano Global Services to ensure that your app is cost-effective and future-proof. With the help of a reliable development partner, you can ensure that all aspects of the business goals are met.

Why Hire Auxano Global Services For Cross-Platform App Solutions?

Auxano Global Services is a leading cross-platform application development company with a team of experienced professionals. We understand the ever-changing market trends and build apps that cater to the needs of our clients. Our team is equipped with the latest technologies and tools to ensure that your app stands out from the competition.

We offer high-quality, cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our cross-platform Outsource mobile app development services include design, development, testing, maintenance, and future upgrades. We also offer real-time analytics solutions, AI integration, and blockchain development services to protect your app from cyber threats.

If you are looking for a reliable development partner to build your cross-platform app, then Auxano Global Services is the right choice. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

Wrapping up!

Mobile app development is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. The cost of developing the app will depend on various factors like the complexity of features, testing, scalability, and maintenance. It’s essential to hire an experienced app development company like Auxano Global Services for a successful launch.

In 2023 and beyond, the mobile app industry will continue to evolve, and businesses should be prepared for the future. The right development partner can help enterprises leverage cross-platform app solutions while staying ahead of the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Much Does Cross-Platform App Development Cost?

    The cost of developing a cross-platform app depends on various factors such as the complexity of features, developers’ location, number of screens, and maintenance. Generally, the cost can range from $10,000 to $50,000. Moreover, you should also factor in the cost of maintenance and scalability.

  • 2. Is Cross-Platform App Development Worth It?

    Yes, cross-platform app development is an effective solution for businesses of all sizes. It helps enterprises reach a wider audience and save costs in the long run. Moreover, cross-platform apps are also future-proof and can help you stay ahead of your competition.

  • 3. What Is The Actual Difference Between Cross-Platform And Native App?

    Cross-platform apps are built using a single codebase, while native apps are developed separately for each platform. Native apps offer slightly better performance, but they cost more and take longer to develop. Cross-platform apps are more affordable, easier to build and support multiple platforms.

  • 4. Which Industries Benefit The Most From Cross-Platform App Development?

    Cross-platform apps are suitable for almost any industry. However, they are especially beneficial for businesses that want to reach a wider audience and save costs. Industries such as healthcare, education, e-commerce, banking & finance, retail, and travel.

  • 5. What Is The Future Of Cross-Platform App Development?

    Cross-platform apps are becoming increasingly popular, and the future looks bright. With more powerful tools and technologies available, developers will be able to create highly customized and interactive apps. As the mobile app industry continues to evolve, cross-platform apps will become even more popular.

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