The mobile apps witness tremendous turbulence in terms of advancements and innovations. The much-appreciated parameters in your app might become obsolete in a matter of a blink. So, constant up-gradation, changes, integrations, and error removal are necessary to let your app survive amidst the neck-to-neck competition.

The developer’s role is not over right after the app comes out in the market. There are so many underlying monitoring, tracking, updating, and maintenance involved even after the release of the app. In short, you can consider mobile app development as a long-term commitment.

The mobile app maintenance phase comes right after the app development and release. At Auxano Global Services, the best mobile app development company, we think of maintenance as crucial as the app development part. Most clients think of app release as the last phase of the app development journey and remain unaware of the maintenance phase and its importance. But investing in mobile app maintenance provides many perks and is critical for keeping your app among the top-performers.

If you are new to the concept of maintenance or intrigued to know about our mobile app maintenance cost in 2021, then you’re in the right place. Follow along with the article to find all the details about our mobile app maintenance plan.

Why Invest in Mobile App Maintenance?

By now, you must have realized that mobile app maintenance is crucial for your app to remain in the competition for a longer span. Investing in professional app maintenance lets you ace the app game like a pro. Want to know how? Well, below you will find all the benefits that mobile app maintenance unlocks for your business.

1. Downloads Retention

App downloads are the most promising factors for gauging the success of your mobile app. If your app includes hazardous bugs and malicious files, then the users will stop using your application. This will also increase the number of uninstalls and bad reviews about your app in the app stores.

Moreover, your app might seem flawless in the beginning, but as the algorithms upgrade it may consume too much phone memory, entail poor user-experience, and tend to crash a lot. Such faulty app behaviour will compel the users to give up on your app.

Thanks to app maintenance plans which keep checking the app for top-notch technical features and fixes all the bugs from time-to-time. So, investing in app maintenance can be a lifesaver in retaining the size of the user base for your app.

2. Align with the Competition

Multiple apps are released into the market every day. Some of them are even from your business domain. As apps continue to saturate the pool each day, the competition hikes. If your app doesn’t contain the latest features, the newer apps will replace your app in terms of delivering better structure, user-experience, and the latest algorithms. So, to remain in the heat of the competition, it’s essential to invest in app maintenance that keeps your app aligned with the current trends in the app industry.

3. Brand Image Effect

App maintenance provides a positive brand image throughout the life of the app. If you keep your app unattended for long, you risk a rusty negative impact on your brand image. Investing in app maintenance assures that the developers update your application and remove the faulty features continuously. Such commitment convinces the users that you think about their betterment.

4. Financial Gain

Your app might gain errors suddenly. If left unchecked, the app risks accumulating further errors in due course. Such delayed maintenance of the technical faults might cost you a lot. But regular maintenance and checking to solve the bugs regularly keeps the fixing cost as low as possible.

Now you know the long-term perks of investing in mobile app maintenance. So, it’s time to resort to knowing the different types of app maintenance and their costs.

What are the Types of Mobile App Maintenance?

Mobile app maintenance is the ultimate weapon that provides a competitive edge to your mobile app. The long-term performance of your app is proportional to the frequency of maintenance. The higher the frequency, the better is the reputation of your app in the market. And as the reputation improves, you get to churn more return on investment. Indeed, mobile app maintenance is crucial. But do you know about the types of app maintenance?

Based on the principal driving idea, you can classify app maintenance into different types. Let’s look at each of them.

1. Preventive Maintenance

Resolving the bugs in your app, and streamlining the backend as per the latest algorithms saves a lot of unplanned expenses and unexpected downtime. Thus, the regular maintenance of your app is referred to as Preventive App Maintenance.

2. Emergency Maintenance

At times, your app can give off severe errors that demand immediate attention. Such immediate checking and bug-fixing come under the category of Emergency Maintenance.

3. Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance smoothens the technical flaws and imperfections in the backend and layout of your application.

4. Perfective Maintenance

Based on the user feedback that your app receives, the efforts to perfect your app in terms of user-experience and current trends come under Perfective Maintenance.

5. Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptations according to the latest trends in the OS, software, and hardware ends of your app comes under the umbrella of Adaptive Maintenance.

Since you have an idea of the different types of app maintenance, it seems the right time to direct the steering towards knowing the app maintenance cost in India.

How Much Does Maintenance Cost for an App?

Before knowing the app maintenance cost, it’s essential to understand the mobile app development cost estimate in India. A fully-functional mobile app costs anyway between $15k-50k. The cost varies as per the frameworks, platform, and many other parameters in app development.

Now comes the most awaited part of this article – the app maintenance cost estimation. Generally, the rate of maintenance goes 15-20% of the app development cost in India. Are you wondering about the determining factors of app maintenance cost? Here you go with the critical factors that influence the app maintenance charges.

  • Development and updating of your app are mandatory for edging out the competitors. Fixing the bugs, improving the user experience, and integrating new features. So, the development maintenance determines the cost of the app maintenance plan. 
  • Your app must not look outdated anytime. For ensuring that your app looks and feels new, design maintenance is carried out.
  • As the breaches and invasions are getting powerful, the security algorithms are advancing. So, security maintenance scales up your app according to the latest security algorithms.
  • Tracking the performance of your app helps to chalk out the plans for the betterment of your business. Thus, App Analytics is essential and determines the cost of maintenance for your app as well.
  • With the increasing popularity of your app, more users will download it, and register themselves with your app. It means the maintenance of user-profiles is necessary as the app performs better. So, customer support services drive a major part of the entire app maintenance cost.
  • Also, the hosting server cost for mobile app makes up a large chunk of the total app maintenance cost.

So, now you have a complete idea of what is the importance of app maintenance, what are the factors that influence the maintenance cost, and how much you require to pay for app maintenance. You must be wondering which application takes the highest maintenance cost? Well, the native apps demand multiple developers for each platform. On the other hand, hybrid apps need a single developer to maintain everything. So, broadly speaking native apps cost a bit more than hybrid apps.

Maintenance is a necessity for all technical products. How can we leave the mobile apps! Mobile apps also require extensive maintenance to beat the heat of competition and advancing trends in the industry. When it comes to such a crucial aspect as app development and maintenance, hire mobile app developers from the top-most app development names like Auxano Global Services. So, what makes you wait? Contact us now!