A trending name with a massive fan base, FreeFire was a revolution in the gaming world. When it was expanding and growing its community, it faced a ban from the Indian government a few days ago. FreeFire gamers are looking for similar experiences and waiting for companies to develop a game like Garena FreeFire.

It’s the best time for developers and investors to create a game like Garena FreeFire from scratch to fill the void and attract a significant user base. Many game developers have already started developing FreeFire-like platforms to convert the actively-seeking customers for their businesses.

So, are you planning to develop a trending game like FreeFire? Your primary concern will be creating an exact development budget. Without knowing the cost to develop a game like FreeFire from scratch, you cannot step into the journey. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Auxano Global Services is the leading game development company having proficiency in building numerous FreeFire-like experiences. Below you will find the required cost to make a game app like FreeFire. Also, we will walk you through various aspects of FreeFire and things to consider when building a relevant gaming application.

So, are you ready for the ride? Stay tuned to know more!

Overview of Garena FreeFire game

Overview of Garena FreeFire game

The FreeFire game doesn’t require an introduction. Indeed, it’s one of the highest record-setting royal battle games of history. Surprisingly, it overtook gaming giants like PUBG and Call of Duty (COD) in almost no time.

A renowned game development agency, 111 Dots Studio, built FreeFire in 2017. However, Garena, the giant game publisher, rolled out the product before royal battles were popular among gamers.

As the genre became popular, FreeFire grew as one of the most significant royal battles of the era. It uses the Unity 3D game engine to create versatile features for the users and offer a compelling experience to them. It has achieved several milestones that no other gaming giant could ever achieve till now.

Let’s explore some of the unique statistics regarding the FreeFire game before it got banned in India. It will help you make better investment decisions. Take a look below!

  • The FreeFire game registered over 500 million Play Store downloads &  had more than 60 million reviews from users.
  • It generated more likes on BlueStacks than PUBG, Call of Duty, and other royal battles.
  • FreeFire generated a revenue of over $1 billion worldwide by 2019.
  • It generated a record count of 150 million daily active users in August 2021.
  • FreeFire had 450 million registered players by March 2020.
  • The FreeFire Youtube video has nearly 100 billion views on the platform.
  • Around 270,000 people attended the FreeFire World Cup in 2019.
  • The relevant FreeFire YouTube video registered around 27 million online views on the streaming platform.

These are fuming statistics. Aren’t they?

Now, let’s discuss the working model of FreeFire for more clarity on the game.

FreeFire was one of the greatest games of all time. It was originally launched as a royal battle video game for Android and iOS. However, the developers expanded its utility and included several modes to make the game more thrilling for gamers. Classic, Clash Squad, Rush Hour, Kill Secured, and Big Head are the top game modes in FreeFire.

Since FreeFire is a third-person shooter game, its most attractive feature is the gaming characters. All their avatars have engaging life stories that compel audiences to play more and live their lives through the game.

Do you know? FreeFire has several map integrations like Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory to make game sessions more exciting and realistic. They launched seasons where players were matched to compete against each other. As they improved their performances, FreeFire mapped them with better players. Ultimately, all players can win bragging prizes at the seasons’ end.

We have already introduced you to the concept of FreeFire. Now, you might be thinking about how FreeFire stakeholders make money. Or, more precisely, what’s their monetization model?

Here’s a monetization overview for you right below!

The FreeFire Monetization model

FreeFire has a high-end monetization model. It uses several methods to attract users to play more and spend on the game. You can replicate the premium FreeFire monetization model for similar games launched online.

Before investing in FreeFire-like game development, consider the following monetization models to estimate your returns. Have a look!

The FreeFire Monetization model

1. Season pass

FreeFire has a unique method to attract more gamers to the platform. It offers several reward points to each player during the game sessions. Users can play more and earn more points for themselves. Furthermore, gamers can unlock better advantages by collecting these reward points.

However, they could pay FreeFire to get an elite pass. It had significantly higher points than non-paid ones. So, gamers can unlock many advantages by owning a FreeFire elite pass.

2. Gem store

FreeFire introduces a revolutionizing concept of “gems”. These gems are powers that a player can use to buy skins. How to get these gems? You can exchange real currency with the company to buy gems. Furthermore, a player can use these gems to buy skins.

So, you can replicate the gems concept in your game to monetize it. You can encourage players to spend money to own these gems and exchange them to buy skins.

3. Weekly events

Apart from the continuous monetization schemes, you can introduce unique events for your audiences. FreeFire hosts weekly events to create a constant buzz among gamers. Besides retaining the existing players, these events help FreeFire encourage them to spend their money and buy various advantages.

You can set the frequency of these events according to your convenience. It can be weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly. It depends on you and the preference of your gaming audiences.

4. Casino feature

Another striking monetization scheme in FreeFire is the casino feature. It allows users to play lucky draws and wins exciting store items. In Luck Royale, FreeFire offers several slot machine-like boxes, having “mega luck” written over them in fluorescent color.

Users can consider several currencies to perform lucky draws. They can use tickets, diamonds, or even game money to get their chances to withdraw from slot machines. You can use a similar concept for your game.

5. Buying characters

A light RPG system is the most attractive monetization feature in FreeFire. Overall, the game has 20 base characters for users to choose from. Users can choose to play more to unlock ten of them using in-game gold. However, they can buy other characters using real money and speed up the process of unlocking the remaining avatars.

You can develop a FreeFire-like game and include a character unlocking facility for enhanced profitability. Indeed, it’s a worth-considering monetization model.

6. Acquire equipment

Who doesn’t wish to get more equipment in an online game! FreeFire fulfills their wish and monetizes the opportunities pretty well. The platform allows users to buy various in-game accessories like gun refiling bonfires, maps, etc., to help them play well and increase their success rates. Players can purchase these using real money, elite passes, tickets, and whatnot.

Overall, you can ensure higher revenues and profitability by leveraging such monetization schemes in your FreeFire-like game.

As you saw, FreeFire has a robust monetization model. You can replicate all or some of these methods in your online game for the highest profitability. However, new experiences release better revenue models. You can get inspired by such strategies and incorporate them into your game to attract more audiences and profits simultaneously.

Moving on, let’s discuss the benefits of developing a FreeFire-like game before talking about Garena FreeFire making cost.

Benefits to developing a FreeFire-like game

FreeFire exceeded all benchmarks in the royal battle gaming world. It has created a massive void in the gaming community after getting banned by the Indian government.

So, many investors have become interested in developing FreeFire-like games to attract players who loved spending time on the original platform.

However, you might be thinking about various benefits that FreeFire-like games offer to the developers and investors. It becomes necessary for you to learn about them before spending money on building such a platform from scratch.

So, here are some of the premium benefits you can access by investing in developing a FreeFire-like game.

Benefits to developing game like freefire


1. Achieve the milestones

You already know that FreeFire has created several milestones that other games could not establish even after years. Although new platforms strive hard, they cannot replicate FreeFire’s success.

Luckily, you can develop a game like FreeFire and achieve the benchmarks that the original game has created.

2. Attract a massive user base

FreeFire had a dominant user base. The platform maintained significant daily users before getting banned from India. These audiences are waiting for companies to launch similar experiences for them.

It’s the best time to create a game like FreeFire and attract users to generate massive revenue.

3. Become an overnight sensation

FreeFire was a buzzworthy game in the industry. It has already set user expectations and compelled them to wait for similar games to get launched in the market.

As you release a FreeFire-like game in the industry, users will respond to it better than other platforms. So, your venture will become an overnight sensation without difficulties.

4. Get maximum returns

You already know about various monetization models that FreeFire uses. It guarantees optimum returns to the investors in all ways.

You can leverage those monetization schemes and follow their strategy to achieve heights of success in the industry. A FreeFire-like game ensures the highest revenues and makes you a gaming giant in a short span.

5. Continuous profitability

The best part about FreeFire is that the model never stops generating returns for the investors. Players love the platform and keep interacting with it for years.

So, you can ensure such continuous profitability by replicating the renowned FreeFire model and leveraging its sure-shot strategies for your gaming audiences.

All these benefits compel investors and developers to play their cards in the industry. After the product ban, companies have become eager to develop unique FreeFire-like games and access advantages that no other gaming model could ever give. So, it’s a wise decision to invest in building a game like FreeFire.

Now, let’s explore the opportunities you can get by developing a platform like FreeFire right below.

Looking for Bespoke Game development Solutions

How to make a game like FreeFire?

You are the investor. So, getting doubts regarding FreeFire like game development is common. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Here is a brief overview of developing a game like FreeFire from scratch.

Are you ready to explore the development process? Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride of ‘how to develop FreeFire like a game?’.

How to make a game like FreeFire?

1. Research the audience

The first step in game development is having sound knowledge of the gaming audience.

How likely is it that people will download your game?

Are they going to be played by anyone?

Who will spend their money on your FreeFire-like game?

You should understand the answers to these questions before developing the platform.

Once you understand the audience profile, you can decide on better features and impress them without difficulties.

2. Choose platforms

The next checkpoint in your game development journey is deciding the platforms the game will serve. You can build native games that support either Android or iOS. It will be an inexpensive investment for you.

However, you can build cross-platform games that support all platforms without difficulties. These are usually more expensive than the native ones.

3. Get the tech stacks

Once you know what you want, you can begin thinking technologically. It’s time to get the best tech stacks for your project. You can refer to the FreeFire technology stack to choose the perfect ones for your application.

Furthermore, you can extend the technology toolkit to add features of your choice in the FreeFire-like game.

4. Collaborate with a bespoke game development company

You might face severe difficulties developing a FreeFire-like game, especially if you are new in the domain. So, you can benefit from hiring a custom game development company to assemble the things on your behalf.

The leading game development agencies can help you create better versions of FreeFire that generate higher industry performance than the parent app against the lowest cost to hire a game development company.

5. Hire game developers

You can extend your game development team and build a FreeFire-like app in-house. The best way to do it is by hiring FreeFire-like game developers from reputed companies.

Top game development companies have numerous convenient engagement models and let you hire premium developers for your FreeFire-like project at the lowest cost to hire game developers.

How to Hire Game Developers

6. Product improvement

After a wait of around 3-5 months, the first draft of your FreeFire-like game becomes ready. The company and developers remain in close contact with you throughout the process.

Once they develop your product, you can play the game, test all its features, and suggest improvements. The developers will take some more time to implement your changes and bring the final game to the table.

7. Product release

Once the product becomes fully developed and gets a green signal from you, it becomes ready to get published on application stores and downloaded by the players.

Furthermore, you can create marketing campaigns to spread the word and attract more users to your platform in the blink of an eye.

These steps will ensure the development of a top-rated FreeFire-like game. Since you will collaborate with a bespoke unity game development company, you can add custom functionalities to your game to make it stand out from the crowd.

Did we say functionalities? Yes! So, our next checkpoint is discussing various essential and advanced features that your FreeFire-like game should have. Let’s dive in!

Get The Perfect Game Development Team For Your Project.

Features of a FreeFire-like game

What’s the most attractive aspect of the FreeFire game? Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly!

It’s the features offered by the game.

Also, the addition of more features will affect the game like FreeFire development cost. So, you must know all the functionalities that a standard FreeFire-like game should have. Have a look below!

Features of a FreeFire-like game

1. Optimized Graphics and Audio Effects

Better graphics and audio are essential to building a successful royal battle game. You can invest in these features to impress gamers and compel them to spend more time and money on your robust gaming platform.

2. Clash Squad

You can develop games that allow users to play in squads and defeat others using robust weapons. It gives a sense of a realistic battlefield and creates an experience that your users cannot forget.

3. In-app purchase

A significant part of your game’s monetization model is in-app purchases. You can create various in-game store items and features that players will love to purchase using currency, passes, and tickets.

4. Realistic characters

Gaming characters impart life into a FreeFire-like game. So, you can strategically create avatars with engaging narratives that attract players to choose them and play the game from their point of view.

5. Numerous weapons

Weapons are an integral aspect of Royal battle games like FreeFire. You can offer various weapons to users having several features and use cases to the players to drive them to play the game.

6. Survival shooting modes

FreeFire has several survival shooting modes. It is one of the most loved features among gamers. So, you can integrate various shooting modes in your game to attract more audiences in a short span.

All these features are a must-have in your FreeFire-like game. Furthermore, you can add several less-discussed functionalities to your game to make it the best.

Below is a brief discussion on a few extra features you can consider for your FreeFire-like game.

Must-have advanced features

Yes, FreeFire has many unique features that gamers love. However, what sets your FreeFire-like game apart from the parent platform? You can integrate a few additional features in your FreeFire game to attract more audiences to the platform.

Here are the advanced features you can consider for your unique FreeFire-like game. Have a look below!

Must-have advanced features

1. Custom characters

You can allow users to select one among numerous life stories and specialties. Yes, it’s a part of bespoke game development solutions. The game will create a relevant character almost immediately.

2. Analytics dashboard

Adding an analytics dashboard will help investors and admins understand the performance of the FreeFire-like game. Although it might increase the cost of creating a game app like FreeFire, it can help them understand various parameters seeking attention to help the game exceed its potential.

3. Custom weapons

Like characters, you can let gamers choose desired features and build virtual weapons from scratch.

Adding a few advanced features to your FreeFire-like game will make it more exciting for gamers. So, consider the above three functionalities to develop games that your audiences won’t forget even after an eternity.

Moving on, let’s analyze various tech stacks required to create a FreeFire-like game from scratch. Look down below!

Technology stack required to develop a game like FreeFire

Here are the most relevant technologies for your FreeFire-like game development. Keep reading!

Technology stack required to develop a game like FreeFire

Cost to developing a game app like FreeFire

A standard royal battle game like FreeFire will require spending somewhere between $50,000 to $1,00,000. Your exact price will depend on the features, designs, technologies, and platforms chosen.

Also, you can expect a variation in your game development charges according to the developers’ location and the agency’s industry experience. The cost of bespoke game developers for hire will affect your expenses.

After knowing the FreeFire-like game development cost, you might be intrigued to know about an agency to help you build such an app.

Good news for you! Have a look below to find the one-stop answer to your question right below.

How can Auxano Global Services help you?

Auxano Global Services is the top game development company.

Our team has the best answer to ‘how to make a game like FreeFire from scratch?’. We can become your perfect technology partner due to many features like the following:

  • We have numerous skilled game developers to create proficient games for you. You can hire the best game developers from us and ask them to build games according to your convenience.
  • Our company has years of experience in the game development industry and offers the best bespoke game development services. We know what works in the industry and the features that FreeFire audiences would love.
  • We can develop premium FreeFire-like games with minimal investment and optimum features. Also, our team ensures reducing the time to market by delivering the game before expected due dates.

Wrapping Up!

Are you planning to develop a FreeFire-like app? Auxano Global Services is the best game development agency for you. Hire the best game developers from us and leave an everlasting impact on users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a game like FreeFire?

    FreeFire is a royal battle and third-person shooter game that set records in the industry. Recently, the Indian government banned FreeFire, making millions of players crave new games having the same look and feel of FreeFire.

  • 2. What are the benefits of FreeFire-like game development?

    Developing a game like FreeFire can help you set records like the parent platform. You can attract millions of users to your game who felt a void after FreeFire got banned in India. All these factors help you generate maximum returns on your investment. So, creating a game like FreeFire can bring numerous benefits to your doorsteps.

  • 3. What are the top features of a FreeFire-like game?

    Enhanced graphics and audio, enhanced weapons, realistic characters, and multiple survival modes are the top features for a FreeFire-like game.

  • 4. How much does FreeFire-like game development cost?

    You will require spending somewhere between $50,000 to $1,00,000 to develop a game like FreeFire. However, your exact expenses will vary depending on developers’ locations, preferred features, etc.

  • 5. Which is the best FreeFire-like game development company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best FreeFire-like game development company. Our experts can help you curate the perfect and highly successful FreeFire-like games offering an adventurous experience to the gamers. Also, our game developers have immense industry knowledge in making your games feature-rich and designing a highly appealing user interface. All these measures bring higher ROI, better brand reputation, and more user engagements to your doorstep. Do you want us to develop premium FreeFire-like games? Contact us now!

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